Monday, July 28, 2014

KICKSTARTER campaign for HERE'S A THOUGHT with Charles Shaughnessy on TradioV!

Fingers crossed that I reach my goal on Kickstarter!!

As many of you know, I can't stop myself sounding off on any number of subjects!! Those who have followed me on Hollywood Journal, Soul of the Biz, my blogs here, or my own website at have been infuriated or happily encouraged by what I have said. Well, now I am taking it to another exciting level as I realize a dream that I have had for a long time: hosting a call-in Radio Talk Show on TradioV! I am truly excited and, yes, a bit nervous about the whole adventure. My show will air live from 3:00 – 4:00 pm PST every Thursday. 
Doing Promo in front of Green Screen

I have been hard at work figuring out formats, learning the logistics and working on topics. My start date of August 7th is fast approaching and all is looking good. TradioV are very generously providing me with studio space and a wonderful team of engineers and “in house” staff, but there is so much more to putting on a successful show. My costs are minimal, but they exist. I want to be able to hire a basic staff for research, publicity, marketing and logistics support. Until I can build an audience base ( and hence sponsorship,) I will have no revenues.  While I can handle some of this myself, I have decided to throw myself on the generosity of my friends, family and fans to raise the rest. Hence my Kickstarter Campaign!!!

I love the idea that this will be "our" show. I want you all to feel as much a sense of being a part of this as I do.  By interacting with me during shows and with your  generous donations, you can say that YOU were in on this new adventure into broadcast journalism as a “Thoughter” from the beginning!
Be an Original "Thoughter"

As you can see from my Kickstarter page, any donation is more than welcome. Even just $1.00 from everyone I know or who know me would more than cover my goal of $10,000! Your donations will allow me to hire my staff and cover day-to-day running costs. Of course, I would be over the moon if you decide to back me at a bigger amount. I have some very cool “give-aways” that you will see on my Kickstarter page AND you will have the satisfaction of knowing that “Here’s A Thought” would not be “on the air” without your direct support! IMPORTANT: If you decide to back me, your cards won’t be charged unless (or until,) I reach my $10,000 goal in 30 days. If I don’t reach the goal of $10,000, then no-one is charged and I don’t get my funding :-(

So PLEASE….watch the video and hear what I have in mind for my show, go to my page, read the descriptions and donate what you can, pick a gift level, and become an original “Thoughter.” 
I will be ever so grateful!  Cheers!  Charlie

PS If you don't know how to sign up for Kickstarter to back a project, here is a great tutorial!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here's a Thought . . . with Charles Shaughnessy


                                  with Charles Shaughnessy

Yup, I’m “that guy from The Nanny.” Born and raised in England, I was destined for more serious work after graduating Cambridge with a law degree. But it didn’t last long. At Drama School I met the lovely Susan Fallender (from Studio City, CA!) with whom I moved to the U.S. I would say my role of husband and father has been my most successful one yet! We’re just picked up for our 32nd. season!!! 
You might recognize me from any number of characters I have played in my very enjoyable career: Shane Donovan on "Days of Our Lives", Maxwell Sheffield in "The Nanny", the vampire from Disney’s “ Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire” or even St. John Powell on “Mad Men.” My latest movie, " Audrey," is in theaters now and my SciFi film adventure, "Moontrap:Target Earth," can be seen in early 2015. 
For years I have been writing blogs on all kinds of topics and now, I am turning my attention to TV/Radio with my new show: “ Here’s A Thought....with Charles Shaughnessy," on where you will be able to see me and interact with me.  
My show will start in August, 2014 and we will be posting news and information on my Facebook Page, on my Twitter account and here on the blog.  
I hope you will come along on this new adventure with me and make it OUR show!  You can start by following TradioV on Facebook  where you will be able to watch my show LIVE or archived and following all the shows on TradioV on Twitter!  If you watch live, you can call in or tweet in.  More on that later!

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