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I'm Charles Shaughnessy & Here's A thought for September 4, 2014 with Lilly Melgar & Martha Madison

Today we discussed a range of topics from Disrupt Economy to Crowd Funding to Uber to Air B&B to naked photos to the 'Cloud' to Connecting with each other!

My guests were the fun, energetic, outspoken & always authentic Lilly Melgar and Martha Madison from Soap Box on TradioV

If you missed this show LIVE, you will not want to miss it on the video archives.  Work should always be this much fun!
Watch the show in it's entirety here:

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Thanks for watching Here's A Thought on! And check out my blog on my musical guests Strange Native!
Cheers, Charlie
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Strange Native - Music featured on "Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" 9.4.2014

The band that I featured on my show, #HERESATHOUGHT today September 4, 2014,  is called Strange Native. If you liked their sound, support them on social media and spread the word!  Here is the music video I featured today, PAPER CROWN:






Lilly Melgar & Martha Madison from Soapbox on TradioV join Charles Shaughnessy on Here's A Thought 9.4.2014