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I'm Charles Shaughnessy and Here's A Thought for Thursday, October 16, 2014

As you all know by now, I am starting rehearsals for "What the Butler Saw" at the Mark Taper Forum here in Los Angeles. We work a full, six day week so I will not be able to record "Here's A Thought" for the next few weeks. I will miss you all and will feel very frustrated at not being able to bring the show to you "live" during this critical election cycle, but, as they say, "that's showbiz!" 

In the meantime, I hope that you will read my blog on ABSENTEE MAIL-IN VOTING...HOW TO DO IT for your state in the United States.  Don't let 'time' or 'lack of knowledge' be your excuse! KNOWLEDGE is POWER and POWER is VOTING!

We will, instead, be streaming re-runs of our shows so far, beginning with the premier show when Martha Madison was my guest at the same time, Thursday from 3-4 pm pst on Tradiov.com/la  The topic I picked for that show was: "Has the conversation become very dumb in our culture or are there people who are really wanting to talk?" 

The shows cover so much ground each week that they with a second viewing, I hope you will learn something new!  In the meantime, I will do my best, as time allows, to keep up here on the Blogs with your questions and comments and keep you all up to date with rehearsals and how the play is going. Once we are "up and running" ( late November ) I will be able to return to my live shows at 3:00- 4:00 PT on Thursdays on TradioV.com on my way to the theatre!! 

In the meantime, all of you that sent in pledges to my Kickstarter, expect your rewards in the mail by the end of November!  I hope you will all be patient with me and that I will be able to connect with you all again then. Until then, stay engaged, think critically, connect the dots and stay a Thoughter!!   :-)    

All the best, Charlie.

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Absentee 'mail-in' voting. How to do it!

Absentee Ballot Deadlines | Long Distance Voter - The Absentee Ballot Experts

PLEASE vote in the November 4, 2014 General Mid-Term elections!  Here are the deadlines for 'mail-in' absentee ballots and how to get your ballot.

Did you see my show on TradioV on Thursday?  
This is part of what I was discussing.  Watch it now by clicking on Janne's cartoon!

N O    E X C U S E S!!

In the United States, an absentee ballot is a ballot that the voter records and casts at a location other than the designated polling station on Election Day. Typically these ballots are mailed, though some states provide provisions for emailing ballots, faxing ballots, or delivering them in person to a designated location.[citation needed] Typically a voter must request an absentee ballot at least a week before the election occurs. Each State's Secretary of State or Director of Elections is in charge of the election process, including voter registration and absentee ballot requests. Balloting materials may be sent via the United States Postal Service without prepayment of postage for members of the Armed Forces, members of the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. citizens residing outside the territorial limits of the United States and the District of Columbia and their spouses.[23]
Absentee voting by mail is allowed with no excuse in 28 states, and with an excuse in 22. No-excuse permanent absentee voting is allowed in 4 states. Early voting in person is allowed with no excuse required in 31 U.S. states, with an excuse in 3, and not at all in 16. The District of Columbia requires an excuse for both early voting and absentee voting.[24]
Voters (usually) mark their ballots, which may be an optically read ballot marked with a pen or pencil, or may be a punched card ballot. They then mail the ballot to the state, or may bring the ballot in person to a designated location.
Each state has different laws regulating when absentee ballots must be counted, and who does the counting. Most states count absentee ballots on Election Day which can continue for several days after. The latest deadline is 10 days after Election day (for Washington, D.C., and for overseas absentee ballots sent to Florida.)
American citizens who are overseas, including active members of the military, are covered by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act that, among other things, provides for a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot which may be used in place of absentee ballots provided under state laws. The Federal Voting Assistance Program is a government program that assists such voters and exercises other authority under this act. This has been supplemented by the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What the Butler Saw at the Mark Taper Forum November 12, 2014 through December 21, 2014

Paxton Whitehead, Charles Shaughnessy, Frances Barber and More Will See What the Butler Saw at the Mark Taper Forum

By Carey Purcell Playbill
09 Oct 2014 
Charles Shaughnessy

Casting has been announced for the upcoming production of Joe Orton's What the Butler Saw, the comedic farce of seduction and blackmail, at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

Previews begin Nov. 12 prior to an official opening Nov. 23. Performances continue through Dec. 21.

Joining previously announced cast member Paxton Whitehead (The Importance of Being EarnestMy Fair Lady) are Frances Barber (Hamlet, Camille), Sarah Manton (One Man, Two Guvnors), Angus McEwan ("The Duchess"), Rod McLachlan (Holiday, Our Town) and Charles Shaughnessy ("The Nanny," "Mad Men").

John Tillinger, who previously directed the Orton plays Loot and Entertaining Mr. Sloane in repertory at the Taper in 1987, will direct.

"Set in the consulting room of a private psychiatric clinic, the action begins when the very proper Dr. Prentice (played by Shaughnessy) is interrupted by his wife (Barber) just as he is about to seduce a beautiful, young woman who is applying for a job as a secretary (Manton)," press notes state. "As his botched efforts to conceal his actions spiral outrageously out of control, Orton ferociously skewers psychiatry, religion, marriage, morality, government and definitions of gender."

The production will feature set design by James Noone, costume design by Laurie Churba Kohn, lighting design by Ken Billington and John McKernon and sound design by John Gromada. Wigs and hair are by Carol F. Doran; casting is by Mark B. Simon, CSA; and the production stage manager is David S. Franklin.

Visit CenterTheatreGroup.org for more information.


WHAT THE BUTLER SAW “Weaves together strands of Wildean paradox, Jacobean plot twists and a Euripidean climax.”

 —The New York Times
Don’t you love farce? It’s your typical boy-meets-girl story. Only the boy is a wily psychoanalyst married to a nymphomaniac. And the girl is his secretary…once she passes a not-so-routine physical. Mix in a little blackmail, a lot of sexual innuendo, a government inspector, a lusty bellboy and voilĂ !
This classic comic masterpiece has all the ingredients of a thoroughly enjoyable romp: manic action, twisting plotlines, mistaken identities, slamming doors, disappearing clothes, and, above all, Orton’s subversive wit, breakneck dialogue and outrageous lack of appropriateness.

“I’m not mad. It only looks that way.”

 —Dr. Prentice in What the Butler Saw
Decried as scandalous in 1969 for its character’s raging libidos and rampant mockery of morality, What the Butler Saw is a timeless tale of sex and repression in a culture gone mad (it takes place in a mental hospital, after all), never slowing down long enough to let you catch your breath from laughter.
  • Paxton Whitehead
  • Charles Shaughnessy
  • Frances Barber
  • Sarah Manton
  • Angus McEwan
  • Rod McLachlan

  • Play Written By
    Joe Orton
  • Directed by
    John Tillinger
  • Set Design by
    James Noone
  • Costume Design by
    Laurie Churba Kohn
  • Lighting Design by
    Ken Billington and John McKernon
  • Sound Design by
    John Gromada
  • Wigs and Hair by
    Carol F. Doran

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Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy for Thursday 9 October, 2014 with my guest Valerie Azlynn!

Join me at 3 pm pst this Thursday, October 9th on Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on TradioV, when my special guest will be the delightful and talented Valerie Azlynn

Valerie was born in New London, Connecticut and was raised there.  She had open-heart surgery to repair an atrial septal defect at age 13.  She attended The Williams School and Waterford High School.  She moved to New York City at age 17 to pursue a career as an actress, building her resume by performing in the theater and singing with an opera copany in Manhattan, New York.  She later moved to Los Angeles.   

Valerie with her co-stars on Sullivan & Son

We will be discussing the changing movie business and ELECTION, WHAT ELECTION!?!

I say "Don't you dare wave the flag in my face and babble on about Freedom and Democracy if you aren't going to get out of bed to vote!!"

During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested; along with 38 state and territorial governorships, 46 state legislatures (except LouisianaMississippiNew Jersey and Virginia),[1] four territorial legislatures and numerous state and local races.

Comments?  Questions?  Post in the comment section below and we may use yours on the show.

Thanks Thoughters . . .


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