Thursday, November 20, 2014

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy for Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey there my fellow Thoughters!!

As you know, I am in the play WHAT THE BUTLER SAW at The Mark Taper Forum here in Los Angeles.  The play officially opens on Sunday, November 23, 2014.  

Because of the play and the holiday schedule for TradioV, our return with a live show will be on December 4th.  

The entire schedule for the rest of 2014 will be as follows:  

We will be having LIVE shows for HERE'S A THOUGHT on:
Thursday, December 4th, 
Thursday December 11th and 
Thursday December 18th
all at 3 pm PT.

Not sure what the topics are yet or who the guests will be, but follow and subscribe to this blog and you will be the first to know!  

Thanks for all the support during this time! Thanks to Janne Nordvang for another great cartoon drawing!  Looking forward to some exciting topics and shows in December and the coming year!  

all my best,


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thoughters are from all over the world!!

Hey everyone!  As you know, Charlie is hard at work in rehearsals of his play WHAT THE BUTLER SAW at the Mark Taper Forum here in Los Angeles.  The show goes into previews November 12 and runs through December 21, 2014. Click here for ticket information. 

I wanted to give you an update on our Kickstarter campaign.  

We haven't heard back from everyone that we sent surveys and messages to after the campaign finished.  If you are one of those people, especially if your name is not on here and you wanted us to use it, or you should be getting something from us and we haven't heard from you, PLEASE check your messages on your Kickstarter account or search your emails for "Kickstarter" as we may still need some information from you! Rewards will be sent out the end of this month. You can also leave a message in the comments section here.  

If you have a Twitter account/handle, and you donated and would like a "shout out on Twitter as being an original Thoughter, leave that in a message here in the comments section and we will also make your name a direct link here in the blog to your Twitter account.  Some of them already are! If people already gave us that info as part of their donation, we have linked you already so you can all follow all the other "Original Thoughters" and interact with Charlie & Me, and the rest of the people on Twitter before, during and after our shows!  

A special thanks to our cartoonist extraordinaire Janne Nordvang for all her amazing drawings!  She is pretty remarkable, don't you think?

Thanks to all of you who thoughtful people that support us in every way that you do! 

Twitter: @janelleglickman

We had donations come in from . . .
all over The United States
The United Kingdom
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We want to personally thank and give a HUGE shout out to the following Thoughters!

Karin Adelman
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Monday, November 3, 2014

On the eve of the election . . . HERE'S A THOUGHT from Charles Shaughnessy

The Democrats are doing it again! Not so much shooting themselves in the foot as blowing their own brains out! 

Despite a self-described “obstructionist” Congress and a relentlessly personal and vicious campaign of vitriolic hate, this President has not only saved the country’s economy from utter disaster (it had already fallen off the cliff in 2007) but actually managed to substantially lower the deficit, claim a string of Stock Market records, lower joblessness to almost record lows, place millions of new Americans under HealthCare (whilst lowering it’s overall costs) lifted immoral restrictions on women and Gays from serving their country in the Armed Forces, fought for (and won)  Equality in Marriage for millions of Americans, exhibited cool and effective leadership abroad where he oversaw the elimination of Public Enemy number One, nudged Libya into removing a tyrant and navigated the most troubling and dangerous complexities of a wild-fire in the relentless, inter-nicine violence of the Middle East. All of this accomplished in the face of a steady fusillade of opposition and derision. It is significant that “Obamacare,” the avowed “wedge issue” for this election has been totally ignored by the GOP – remember Death Panels, bankrupt doctors, shuttered ERs ????

So what do the slate of Democratic candidates do in this vital Mid-Term cycle? Proudly stand by the man, the ideals and the toughness that has made the country healthier, richer, more secure, more “fair” than it was under eight years of GOP bungling?  No! Instead, they buy into the GOP generated culture of resentment, hate, greed and racism and distance themselves from the one man they should be lionizing as one of the most resilient and effective Presidents in decades.

By distancing themselves from President Obama, these pusillanimous, apologists have not only played into the GOP “worst President in History” myth, but opened the door to a legislature that has declared itself “honor-bound” to obstruct anything and everything on the President’s agenda. No more judges seated, no more meaningful legislation, no more federal budgets etc. etc. 

I shed no tears that we will see no Senator Grimes unseat Mitch McConnell, but it is a tragedy that she and her ilk have chosen to roll over and usher in what may be the darkest two years for this country.

I urge you to vote . . . It is the ONLY way to make a difference!

Those are my thoughts on this mid-term election.  What are yours?

Additional comments by Charlie: 

charles shaughnessy03 November, 2014 18:10 
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