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Showing posts from November 2, 2014

On the eve of the election . . . HERE'S A THOUGHT from Charles Shaughnessy

The Democrats are doing it again! Not so much shooting themselves in the foot as blowing their own brains out! 
Despite a self-described “obstructionist” Congress and a relentlessly personal and vicious campaign of vitriolic hate, this President has not only saved the country’s economy from utter disaster (it had already fallen off the cliff in 2007) but actually managed to substantially lower the deficit, claim a string of Stock Market records, lower joblessness to almost record lows, place millions of new Americans under HealthCare (whilst lowering it’s overall costs) lifted immoral restrictions on women and Gays from serving their country in the Armed Forces, fought for (and won)  Equality in Marriage for millions of Americans, exhibited cool and effective leadership abroad where he oversaw the elimination of Public Enemy number One, nudged Libya into removing a tyrant and navigated the most troubling and dangerous complexities of a wild-fire in the relentless, inter-nicine violen…