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Topic for Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy for Thursday, Dec 11th

As his follow-up "Return of Here's A Thought" show, Charles will segue from the current debate on Race and Policing in America to:....Democrat or Republican? it a matter of Nature or Nurture? Is political affiliation a genetic or environmental choice? Something he has been talking about for a long time! For those of you who are new, Charlie has been blogging for years now.  To get an idea of what he has on his thoughts about this, read his blog from April of 2003 when we called it Charles Shaughnessy's Soapbox & what the comments were from the people who were following him all the way back then!  Here are a couple of other articles to get YOUR thoughts on this subject flowing!  Op Ed from the LA Times September 24, 2014 Similarities between Democrats, Republicans Make them so different Republican Brains Differ From Democrats' In New FMRI Study from Feb, 2013 from So it will be just Charlie and YOU again for the whole

Join in on the discussion with Charles Shaughnessy & other Thoughters on Ferguson, NYPD & race relations in America!

Hey There Thoughters!! Because of the discussion going on here on the blog, I'm updating this blog from my  December 4th at 3 pm PST Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on TradioV . It was a commentary and exchange on Ferguson and The NYPD & race relations & some other 'topical' issues!  I want to know what YOU think!!   To watch the archived show from December 4th, click on this link: I also talked a little bit about the play I am doing at the Mark Taper Forum , " What The Butler Saw" and a few other things that have been happening, as time allows. I really appreciate all of you that send your questions and comments to me or Janelle and especially who discuss with each other here on the blog.   Keep it coming! And remember Only Connect! Charlie 2 new additional comments by Charles Shaughnessy charles shaughnessy 06 December, 2014 12:41 and charles shaughnessy 06 December, 2014 11:1