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The Oscar picks Academy Awards show with Charles Shaughnessy & Valerie Azlynn on #HeresAThought 1.29.2015

We had the best time with Valerie Azlynn yesterday on our Academy Awards Oscar picks show on #HeresAThought with Charles Shaughnessy!  The show is now in the archives and you can listen to it by clicking on this link:
Here's A Thought - 1-29-15 - Valerie Azlyn - TradioV Los Angeles | TradioV Los Angeles

If you have comments about the show or the oscars or this adorable musical cartoon that Janne Nordvang made, put them in the comments here.

There will be more added to this later, including the links to all of Valerie's wonderful charity!


  1. Great show! Janne's cartoon is awesome! She is so talented! She definitely needs to do a book of her cartoons. I would definitely buy one!

  2. looks good to me all the movies the imitation the sniper so far looks good to me anyways it was a good show looking forward to the next shows thanks again

  3. COMMENT FROM SHARON HALLETT 29 January, 2015 17:28
    Everything was awesome on Here's A Thought today! It was very interesting to hear Charlie and Valerie's takes on the nominated movies and performances! I totally agree with Valerie that The Lego Movie should have garnered a nomination in the animated category.
    Fun show guys and definitely a break from the serious topics we have had recently!

  4. COMMENT FROM MISS JOANN 30 January, 2015 08:26
    What a delightful show! It was a joy to watch. Valerie is absolutely darling, and I loved her take on "The Lego Movie" and her support for the USO and "American Sniper". And fun to watch Charlie play 'beat the clock' as he speed-read through the nominees.
    The commentary from the 3 of you has me looking forward to seeing these movies soon. Well, except for "Still Alice" because SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS gave away the ending ;-) (teasing, I'll see it anyway). I had as much fun "tweeting" with Eileen-Rita as I did watching the show, she's a hoot.
    Hope you enjoyed making the show as much as I enjoyed watching it.

    1. COMMENT FROM BECKY STARR 31 January, 2015 19:27
      Are you calling Charlie Voldemort??? I mean I know he forgot to mention the spoiler alert, but that might be a little harsh. . . ;-)

  5. I had to google Voldemort(and all of you geeks just swallowed your tongues LOL). The spoiler alert was actually funny, it started a great twitter chat! Eileen-Rita said that Janelle should throw a piece of popcorn at Charlie every time he mentioned a spoiler! It was our fault for watching a show about all of the Oscar movies, well duh, of course there will be spoilers!

    1. Don't worry, I forgive you. And I admit, as much as I try to keep it under control, there are times I end up waving the geek flag high and proud in a fantastic spectacle of random movie, zombie apocalypse, video game or random T.V. show references (seriously, in almost seven years of marriage, I think the only days I can think of where my husband and I don't, at some point, reference Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Simpsons, Dungeons and Dragons or whatever nerdiness we can in regular conversation have been when one of us is ill- we may have a problem).
      It was definitely a very fun show, I have to agree. Even though I didn't get to see too many of the nominated movies from last year, I still thought it was great. I had to split the way that I listened, part live and part through the archives because I had to pretend like I was responsible at my second job, but it was really good to have a discussion that was a break from the heavier subjects that have been in the forefront over the last couple of weeks.

    2. Becky, there is nothing wrong with waving your geek flag! I will stand along with mine! Mystery Science Theater 3000 was just an AWESOME show and (I'm sorry...well not really) but I always had the best time playing D&D! I'm just sad that know one we know, plays it anymore.

    3. Tracy, I totally understand. There are a lot of MST3K episodes where the movies are so horrible that even making fun of everything about it can't save it. Then ther are other movies that we like to call SO BiG, So Bad It's Good. Meaning that they are so bad, you can't help but remember them, even though you can only really sit through them while making fun of everything about them from beginning to end. But I know it's not everyone's cup of tea to enjoy watching SO BiG movies as well as really good movies. As for the D&D, I know there are some online communities where people play. I guess, for whatever reason, in Utah, it's not that hard to find groups. Could be one of the reasons we were ranked as the geekiest state in the nation at one point last year. . .I go back and forth as to whether or not that is something to be proud of.

  6. Thanks for moving our comments from the previous blog! I just ADORE Janne's cartoons, I feel like I'm always saying 'this one is my favorite!' , until I see the next week's offering, then THAT one is my favorite! I love the little Lego guy on Valerie's shoulder! I've had "Everything is Awesome" stuck in my head since Thursday.

    1. I agree Miss JoAnn! If I was forced to pick just one favorite of Jannes cartoons , I would never be able to choose! They are all GREAT!

  7. I really enjoyed this show. Time flew so fast--and it was clear everyone was enjoying it. Now I have to put "The Lego Movie" in my Netflix queue to watch...

  8. Great job, as always, Janne! The show was great. It's good to have a break from super seriousness from time to time and just talk about things that are fun. I think it's something that we all need in our lives to maintain sanity. I also loved the fact that part of the discussion was how some movies are just movies and are not trying to push an agenda on the viewers.

  9. Charlie,I actually had to go back and relisten to the Oscar preview show you did with Valerie on your picks and loved it.Can you do another show with Valerie soon because an hour show just was not enough.I would love to see you both do a post Oscar wrap show on the winners and discuss your reactions to the winners.Could you please consider that with Janelle?!

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