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Post Oscar show with Charles Shaughnessy & Valerie Azlynn on Here's A Thought 2.26.15

***PLEASE NOTE****  Our Post Oscar wrap up show is NOT a LIVE show on Thursday.  We had to pre-tape it due to previous obligations, so don't try and call in!   It will still air at 3 pm PT, Thursday February 26th on, so turn on your computers and come join the fun.  

I was so pleased that Valerie Azlynn was able to join us for our POST Oscar wrap up show on +TradioV LA.  We had so much fun discussing everything about the Academy Awards.  I have a few announcements at the beginning of the show, then we spend the rest of the time dishing!  We were able to answer all of your twitter & FB & e-mail questions, so thanks SO MUCH for sending those in early!  

Thanks for another fabulous cartoon Janne Nordvang!  The Hills were DEFINITELY Alive on +2015 Oscars- 87th Academy Awards!

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Cheers~ Charlie


  1. Looking forward to seeing the show! I just love the cartoon, especially with Valerie holding the heart balloon with the "boo-boo" on it!! Janelle makes a great Maria!

  2. thanks for letting us know have a great weekend hope to see u guys next week looking forward to feb 26 how times sure flies by i'm 61 month ago today i still think i'm 31 your still 60 i was told to tell u your still a kid hope cool is that thanks again .

  3. Looking forward to seeing the show! Love the cartoon with Valerie and Janelle as Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews! Lady Gaga singing The Sound of Music was just amazing plus Julie Andrews coming out at the end was "AWESOME!"

  4. Looking forward to the show! Should be a lot of fun with lots to talk about. I have a feeling my favorite actress, a.k.a. Julie Andrews, will be mentioned a few times along with Lady Gaga! Whoever thought we would say those names in the same breath!

  5. Really fun show as always. It is always fun with Valerie! I have to agree with mostly everything that was said about the Oscar Show. I enjoyed the show as a whole, and thought Neil Patrick Harris was fine. He wasn't terrific but he wasn't terrible either! It was fairly predictable with the only mini surprise being Birdman beating out Boyhood for Best Picture. I don't quite agree with Valerie, over Lady Gaga's performance. I thought she was amazing and showed a side of her we don't often see, though if you have seen her with Tony Bennett, as Janelle mentioned, then it wasn't a total surprise. Julie Andrews was her usual wonderful self, and looked really moved by Gaga's performance.The standing ovation for Julie was terrific. She is much loved by a great many people.
    For me, that was the best moment of the show!
    Great show and I think taking the show on the road, so to speak, for one or two episodes is a super idea. Charlie can really have fun with that!
    Looking forward to next week's show!

  6. What a fun show!!! Valerie is just darling, I hope she can return often. I don't watch the Oscars live, so I missed most of NPH's routines, but he is perfect for the Tonys and Emmys. I always loved Billy Crystal as the host. I did see all of the "highlights" on the internet. I do have to agree with Valerie, the FIRST time I watched Lady Gaga's number, I was waiting for snakes to come out of her dress or something, and was wondering if that was her real hair color. Then I watched again, and loved her performance. And Julie Andrews, sigh. She can do no wrong in my book.
    It will surprise no one that the "hot potato question" was mine. More for conversation's sake, I really do see both sides of the situation. There are taxes generated from the swag bags, the companies get marketing if the celebs like/use the products, it makes jobs for waitstaff and hotel workers in the area. I wasn't meaning to "judge" the people, I know many of them are very generous and philanthropic. It's the "big picture" of the Limousine Liberal, who uses any venue to slam politicians for not providing programs for the needy, yet they fly in a specially made piece of red carpet for the stars to walk on? The glitz and glamour are part of the game, and we love to watch it. But there is a BIT of excess that could be toned down, IMHO.
    Using the podium as a platform for political rants...not so much. It is one thing to honor victims of ALS or Alzheimer's, or to talk about the horrific way Alan Turing was treated....yet another to make personal political statements. When I went to check for post-Oscar articles online, a comment I saw over and over was "A woman holding a gold statue and carrying a $160000 swag bag just lectured us on income inequality". Yes, it "fit" with her character's position in the movie, but a good part of the country rolled their eyes and said "oh, here we go". Thankfully, it did not set the tone for the rest of the evening, and it was enjoyable to watch. Until the end...what on earth was Sean Penn thinking?! He was "making joke with a friend"? I get that, but in today's PC world, with an #OscarsTooWhite hashtag already causing issues? Yikes!
    Looking forward to more HaT before you head to my neck of the woods.

  7. i heard no mention of another broadcast date mentioned for #HAT! I heard the show will be on Hiatus for a couple of months while Charlie is doing Ever After and then followed by My Fair Lady in the NE area.He said he would try to do a remote show in between theatre performances and give it a go.But nothing definite was confirmed or so I did not pick up on anything in the translation.Janelle could you help with some information on that note,please! Charlie or Janelle?!

  8. We have a new show every Thursday at 3 pm pt unless we post otherwise. Charlie doesn't leave until April so we will certainly post closer to that time when he is leaving. I think he mentioned at some point during the show that he wasn't leaving until April. Janelle

    1. Thank-you,Janelle.I didn't remember hearing Charlie mention that.I was disrupted on my end for a brief moment.Sorry! Looking forward to trying to call in for the next show.

  9. I already wrote one thing up and when I tried to submit it, wifi kicked me out, so if it did submit, I'll delete it. To err is human, but to really foul things up, you need a computer. On the chance that it didn't here goes: I really enjoyed the show, even though I still haven't seen most the movies involved in the awards this year. I also enjoyed the discussion and some of the things that were said. One thing in particularthat really stood out to me from the dicussion of how the unscripted and unplanned moment are what make life memorable. I couldn't agree more. When the unrehearsed and unscripted parts of life happen, they stand out because tey are different and make things more memorable, and often give people something more to connect over. Charlie, you mentioned how your wife can get emberrassed over some of the goofy little things that can happen in a simple setting like a game night, but that those are the kinds of things that can make moments like that so much fun and so memorable. As a reassurrance to her, I can guarantee that that if those kinds of things are the most emberrassing things that ever happen, she really has nothing to worry about. As one whose entire life is basically just one gigantic emberrassing moment- a list of examples could fill pages and grows constantly- I can say with full confidence that those are the moments when we actually find new ways for us to bond and connect as human beings because they provide us with unscripted and out of the ordinary experiences that make the memories and make the whole experience worth while. It's all a part of the shared experiences that we have in life, but it's better because it's different enough to stand out. And I definitely believe that holds true for all aspects of life, be it something as trivial as the Academy Awards or something as serious as a family game night, it really is the wacky and the out of the ordinary that bring more value and enhance the experience more than the mundane and predictable.

  10. Finally got a chance to listen to the show, and it was great! My main issue with Patricia Arquette's speech is that it would have been much more powerful if Congress hadn't already passed a law providing for equal pay for men and women while JFK was president (Equal Pay Act of 1963). There are reasons why there is income inequality, and it relates more to women taking time off for children, etc. than to employers deliberately paying women less than men. Perhaps her comment was also a dig against the Hollywood establishment paying actors more than actresses for roles, especially if the man is in a supporting role and the woman is in a leading role. I wonder how many criticize President Obama and Hillary Clinton for paying men who work for them more than than they do women.

    Meanwhile, my favorite award speeches were J.K.Simmons (I didn't call my mother, but I did go to the other room to talk to her) and Graham Moore's speech. I would much rather hear those types of speeches (and those advocating more research for ALS and Alzheimer's) than hearing someone spout off on income equality after getting a $160,000 swag bag, even if she has to pay taxes on it.

    One final note--I really don't care what the people are wearing. They could wear feed sacks for all I care. I watch the show to find out who wins the awards and to watch the various musical performances (along with the In Memoriam segment, even if it left out Polly Bergen).


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