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Here's A Thought . . . Jack Maxwell and Susan Shaughnessy

Thursday March 26th, 2015
3 pm PDT - 4 pm PDT on your computers, LIVE at

Our special guest will be Charlie's friend, the very charming, Jack Maxwell.  Jack is the Host of the extremely entertaining, funny and successful show on The Travel Channel, The Booze Traveler!  We are thrilled to have Jack on the show to talk to us all about his new TV show. He just finished his first season of the show and has been picked up for a second season!

Jack travels the globe to not only get a taste of a country’s alcohol, but to quench his curiosity about what people drink, why they drink it and the stories they tell when they do. At each stop, he connects with locals, immerses himself in regional activities, learns about the country’s unique relationship with liquor and sometimes even participates in the alcohol-making process. If you haven't seen the show, you must check it out the website for #BoozeTraveler or watch some of the episodes online or on The Travel Channel. Check your local listings. Even Janne gets Jack's show in Norway and did this great cartoon drawing!   

Click on this video on demand link to watch the show with Jack Maxwell!

Follow Jack on Twitter: @SouthieJack
Follow Jack on Google + +Travel Channel  +Booze Traveler 
Follow the show at The Travel Channel online

Thursday, March 19th, 2015 
3 pm PDT - 4 pm PDT  on your computers, LIVE at

Our special guest will be Susan Shaughnessy!
Susan is an actress, writer, mother and Charlie's beautiful wife! 

Click on the link to watch the Video On Demand of this interview and see what it takes to be married and in love 32 years later in Hollywood, see what Charlie and Susan had to say!

And another really cute cartoon from Janne Nordvang of The whole Shaughnessy Clan!

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  1. I am so looking forward to your shows-coming up before you go on your travels.Having your wife,Susan,on is long over due.Looking forward to hearing what she has to share,and secrets she can tell.Your show with Jack,I'm sure will be loads of fun and sharing a drink,too.Finally a 2 hour show with you and Corey Jenkins--> HURRAY! We have been wanting a 2 hour show with you and Corey,forever! Thank-you both,so much! All of us can never get enough of you or Corey and finally at last,we now can! Thank-you,both! Looking forward to everything.Love you!

  2. I`ve never been a happier thoughter than I am right now. So,so ,SO excited about the next three shows and the guests! I`ve been traveling all over the world, (in my pajamas,with my butt glued to the couch) with a guide my hubby refers to as he "drunk hunk"! I LOVE The Booze Traveler! It`s impossible to pick a favourite episode, but there are several favourite scenes.
    The rather pathetic "OUCH" followed by a huge bandage on the nose after fighting vikings in Island.
    Sumo wrestling in "adult diapers" against men twice his size in Japan and walking the streets of Nepal, high on marijuana milkshake.
    So here is a question for #Jack: If you could choose a place from the first season to revisit without a camera team, where would you go and why?
    I`m also very excited that Mrs. Shaughnessy will be the next guest on HaT! A Baron, his Baronesse and a princess producer on the same show...I might have to wear a crown Thursday night!
    Looking forward to the next three weeks,and ending it with a two hour finale before the long break is just icing on the cake...which reminds me...better sign off and plan my midnight HaT-snack menu ;)

    1. I agree Janne! The next three shows will be great, joining a line of great shows! While you are having your midnight snack, watching HAT, I will be compiling tests for the class and hoping no student comes back having forgotten something!! But, despite being on opposite sides of the world, we will be enjoying the show together! How great is that!

    2. I agree with every word you wrote Janne!
      Will only add that the pic of Susan posted here is really a great one!
      Won't probably be able to watch the show tomorrow (cf my last message posted on my facebook profil) but "Cheers" to the upcoming shows!
      Catch you later! :-D

  3. #Susan What an interesting bunch of shows coming up! A really good send off! It is going to be really hard for all of us, your loyal "thoughters", to survive without Here's A Thought till the end of summer!
    It will be such a treat having the lovely Susan Fallender Shaughnessy on this week! I am looking forward to hearing her take on things.
    My question for Susan is:- Did you make a conscious decision to be at home with the girls when they were small?
    I wish you all the best in Ever After and My Fair Lady, Charlie! I am so happy that you are getting the opportunity to do them, but we will miss you on Here's A Thought!

  4. Charlie can't tell you how much I'm looking forward for the next three shows especially the first one with Susan I sent a message to you a few weeks ago that it would be great to have Susan on the show and wow I'm getting my wish also Charlie wishing you every success in the shows that you are doing but you really don't need that because you succeed in everything you do

  5. charlie ! I 'm so happy to hear this that susan is coming love to hear more about her we know all about you but not to much about susan and all the other stuff that's coming before you go love you both so much keep doing what your doing and i will follow u always lately its been a bit boring with out u guys

  6. i'm so happy to hear this good news

  7. I agree with you Christine and Janet!!! =) It will be amazing this interview!!! I love Here's A Thought and I try to listen the program every Thursday here in Brazil. If I can't listen on Thursday, I try to listen next day. I would like to download the interviews to listen again and again. I like a lot. I wish a huge success to you.
    Your fan

  8. Sounds like three wonderful shows!! I'm afraid that I don't watch much television, but Janne's description of Jack and his program tells me that next week's show should be quite hysterical! And of course, I'm excited to see an interview with Susan and learning more about HER life.

    #Susan (really for you and Charlie). Do you find that social media has created an environment for celebrities, where fans think they "know" you and that they are interacting with you on a regular basis? How do you keep the boundary lines in place?

  9. I absolutely love Here's a Thought and make every attempt to watch it on Thursdays! If I miss it, there's always the archive! I'm so pleased you will be sharing your HaT with your beloved! My question is for both of you: Being a hardworking mother and hardworking (pay-the-bills-type) father, who had the harder job? :<)

  10. I, too, am looking forward to the coming shows. They promise to be interesting, fun and insightful. Hopefully responsibility won't rear it's ugly head and I'll be able to listen live.

    #Susan This is for both you and Charlie: What would you say are the biggest keys that you have found in maintaining the love and friendship within your marriage the years? Also for Susan, what are your career plans moving forward?

    #Jack Well, I don't drink alcohol and I don't have cable, so I admit, I'm completely in the dark when it comes to your show. I'll just trust you to have a drink on my behalf and tell me how much I enjoyed it.

    #Corey Um. . .That's still a few weeks away. Give me time, I'll think of something.

  11. Jack, I LOVE your show!

    I want to know if you really eat all the weird foods that are native to the countries you go to or do you just PRETEND to eat them so you don't offend anyone?

    How long does it take to film each one hour show? How long are you in each location?

    Do you have any input into the locations you go to or do you do any of the research?

    How often do you get legit drunk?

    1. i like what jack is asking charles i wonder myself ?

  12. sound like another great show can't wait thanks for sharing

  13. #Susan: Do you ever get concerned when Charlie is performing away from home and is mobbed by adoring fans?

    #Jack: What was your favorite place to travel, and why?

    #Corey: What kind of relationships do you think are most important: family, friends, or spouses?

  14. Charlie so excited about your next 3 shows & of course I will miss HAT all summer long. It really makes my Thursday. I am happy though that I will get to see you in one of the plays you are doing. My question for you & Susan is how you keep your marriage & love for each other so fresh after 31+ years in an environment where there are so many distractions. Kudos to both of you. My hubby & I just made 35 last September & we attribute it to being friends first. Look forward to seeing you this summer.

  15. I'm so excited that Susan will be a guest on today's show! My question is: How does Susan feel about the state of our politics and voter turnout?
    I'm also happy that Jack and Corey will both be on the upcoming shows and will post a comment and questions for them at a later date.
    Janne has done three great cartoons! It's getting harder to pick a favorite because they are all so awesome!!!

  16. I'm pumped for the next three shows.

    #Susan These questions are for both you and Susan. How have you managed to raise your girls with the work schedules? How have you been able to stay together and keep your marriage and love fresh after 31 years? What would you say is the most memorable family trip you've took?

    #Jack What is your favorite aspect of filming at different locations for the show? Is there a particular place you enjoyed while filming?

    #Corey Who would you say is your favorite influential speaker and why?

  17. I'm so pumped about the next three shows. Good luck on your summer ventures! :)

    #Susan These few questions are for both you and Susan. How do you manage to stay together and keep your love for one another after 31 years? Was it easy raising your daughters with the work schedules? What was the most memorable family trip you took?

    #Jack What do you like most about traveling new places, and if you could go back to one place, where would it be and why?

    #Corey Who is your favorite influential speaker and why?

  18. Charlie and Susan: Was so great to have you as Charlie's guest Susan. Was a treat to get to meet the woman who makes him so happy along with your daughters. I was so happy I got my phone call in and was able to speak to both of you. Will look forward to the next two shows. Unfortunately I am not familiar with your next guest but I will be tuning in to learn more about him and of course to see double Charlie and Corey on the 2nd of April. Thanks for bringing me so much happiness. <3

  19. The first show of the trifecta is in the books and it was terrific! So much fun seeing Susan with Charlie and they were perfect. Thanks Charlie for sharing your lovely wife with us for an hour. It was a special show!
    Looking forward to next week with Jack!

    1. As always very well put Sharon. Charlie certainly did share Susan with us and we got to learn some fun facts about them as a couple. Your shows never miss, and your guests are great but I love the ones with David and Susan the best so far.

  20. Echoing the others, what a delightful show today! It was so cute to see how excited you were to be able to share the love of your life with all of us! The love you share is palpable.

  21. Hi Susan and Charlie!
    I just saw the podcast of yesterday's show! Very nice to "meet" Susan! Interesting discussions and pleasant phone calls! :-)

  22. wow a lot more coming then i realize about cory and charlie coming in april 2 know that something to scream about looking forward to that love the fun work on the posters great job once again great show yesterday i agree someone need to come up with new ideas to find a way to get water or rain out your way i use to always say this if they can put man in space why can't they find ways to get rain in cailf susan take charges of cailf governor , i'm hoping to see you and charlie in jacksonville fla in aug or sept love to meet u both w/ roxanan william & my sister to thanks again .

  23. I live in Australians first in land city called Goulburn with a population of 24000 thousand people and a years ago now we had 12 months water in storage so what did we do our local government came up with building the pipeline we now have it but we the people of our beautiful city still safe on the usage of water I still buy drinking water take shorter showers don't water the lawns and all this works

  24. About the water problem in CA you were talking about, we -in France- have the impression that most of Americans still want to live in opulence.
    Maybe I am wrong and the majority of US citizens doesn' t think like that anymore but these are the infos we get here about America's way of life... Please correct me if I'm wrong :-)

    Is it for example really necessary to have a private pool in the garden?
    Also I personally don't take bath anymore since more than 20 years.
    A short shower 1 time a day is enough to be both clean AND a bit more respectful about the preciosity of water right?
    But many people want to refresh themselves from the heat by taking several showers.

    Same sort of questioning with the need to use so much power for big cars or air conditioning...
    I really try not to live like that anymore.

    1. I actually think that particular impression comes from the generality of what the media shows. I know that, at least for my self and my husband, we don't simply want the biggest and best of everything. And we often look at things from a practical stand point. At this point, we are happy living in a small apartment, and saving up to buy a modest sized house. I know a lot of people who fit the same general description and who really don't want the things that so much of the media tries to tell us that we want or need to feel like we are successful in life. As for the cars we drive, well, I picked my car because it gets good gas mileage and because it fit my needs. I really don't want anything more because I don't need anything more. I bought it used. My husband drives a 22 year old vehicle he has owned since about about ten years before we got married. I do a lot of the repairs and general maintenance (at least the ones I know how to do. . .yes I'm a girl who changes the oil on my own car) myself because it means keeping them functioning longer and therefore keeps us from having to shell out more money on something newer. I wouldn't necessarily call our lifestyle living in opulence. As I said, I also know a lot of people who fit that same general description; who really only want to be able to make ends meet, and who don't feel the drive to have so much more than is necessary. For my husband and I, that feeling comes from the fact that we really don't want the hassle that comes with all of those frivolous and unnecessary things (I really don't want to have to maintain a pool when I can just go to the community pool much in the same way that I don't want to have to try and maintain a big expensive car when we have vehicles that get us to and from where we need to go). I admit that we could be the exception rather than the rule. I also recognize that, even though according to the American standard of living, we are kind of the lower middle class end of the spectrum, but compared to what many other people throughout the world have, it would seem like we are living large and have many completely unnecessary or frivolous comforts. Based on my experiences when I was in Bolivia for a year and a half, I can definitely say that what we have makes us look materialistic and like we are living high on the hog. Combine those experiences and the fact that what the media shows in movies and TV shows, and I think that's why many people throughout the world have the impression that all American's want to live in ridiculous and unnecessary amounts of wealth, with the opulent things surrounding our every move. Of course, I also know some people who do want that and who are willing to spend what I would consider unreasonable amounts of money on the car that makes them look rich, the biggest house they can, a swimming pool, a boat and every possible expensive looking toy possible. An interesting thing, though, that I have found with a fair number of people who often make reference to the idea that they want more money or how it would be nice to have that boat or whatever other material good you can find, once they get it, they don't want to have to do all the maintenance on it, or they didn't realize how much hassle it was to have. And, speaking from a perspective of interacting, in my second job, with people who have so much money that they seemingly don't have to worry about anything, they are the minority compared to everyone else. I hear quite frequently that the service we offer could be considered frivolous, something that someone can do themselves or just plain too expensive. However, when what you see in the tabloids, in movies and TV is that everyone drives big, overly expensive cars, lives in a huge house and owns all of the things that they don't need on the off chance that they could use it at some point in time, I can understand how that can make it look like that's what all Americans desire.

    2. Wow, Becky, you saved me a lot of typing!!! I totally agree...the media(and the executives on Madison Avenue) give the impression that having 'the best" means 'the biggest". And unfortunately, that translates into other nations believing that we ALL drive Range Rovers, having inground pools, central air conditioning, and a McMansion. Plus, it's just fashionable today to 'blame America first'.
      I do wonder about California though. It's a DESERT with very limited natural water resources. I suspect it just can't handle the large number of homes, businesses, and people! And of course, pools are common, because it is so hot for so many months of the year! Here, having an inground pool is not common, because it only gets used for 10 weeks per year(though people do have them, and more have an above ground temporary pool). Instead, we are the ones with the bigger 4 wheel-drive vehicles, because of the winter weather. In New Jersey, most people have a long commute(due to the cost of living, everyone lives west of where they work), and it is full of hills. It's hard to go up and down icy/snowy hills 4 months out of the year, without a good vehicle. Many people would LOVE to have a small car that gets great gas mileage, but they can't drive in the snow and ice with it.
      I'm sure that there are many things we believe about the French that aren't true either!!

    3. "I'm sure that there are many things we believe about the French that aren't true either!!" OH YES! TRUE! LOL!

    4. Yes Becky, I was going to say the same thing! The television and movies make it look that we all live "the High Life" here which is not the case. Here in California, a lot of people have pools and it is definitely a weather thing. In recent times, due to the drought, less pools are being built. I also know that a middle or lower middle class family here still have it better than a lot of people in the same position in other countries. I also don't think a lot of people in other countries realize how hard they work for what they have.

    5. JoAnn, I'm glad my long-windedness came in handy for something. :-) Where I live, we get both extremes, harsh winters (this year is a bad example of that, though) and super hot summers. We have to find a balance and figure out what is necessary for the area that we are in. That balance is key, but, as we have said, the media really doesn't do justice to the many Americans who simply want to meet the need and don't want all the extra bells and whistles or frivolous additions that can use limited resources for unnecessary things.

      Nadia, are you saying that all French people don't live in wine country, wear berets and carry baguettes around??? ;-) There really are stereotypes that are perpetuated about every country and every culture.

  25. how about away to purify the ocean water for rain and water just like u use a hoes for watering your yard or garden so if i can think of this some can use this idea to get rain to cailf if they can put man in space someone can find a way to do coming till the man up stairs brings rain .

  26. The drought here in California is serious and I just don't think the seriousness of it is stressed enough! More restrictions need to be put on people and fines need to be high for people who do not comply. The only way to make people do something is to make sure it is going to cost them money if they don't!! They tried asking and it didn't work that well!
    We also need to start thinking of a way to get water from North of us. We have an aqueduct that brings water from Colorado. Maybe its time to get one that would bring water from Oregon!
    I heard someone comment that the snow from his parents back yard in Boston alone would ease the drought here! If we can build oil pipelines from Canada, why not water pipelines from other states! It's a thought!

    1. great idea w/ the pipeline is the way to go glad someone is thinking we had so much rain here in south fla wish i could send it out there and all along the east coast has so much rain wish we could find a way to get this rain out there and it FREE !

  27. Finally got the chance to watch the show--and it was great seeing you and Susan interact. About the water situation--too bad they can't figure out a way to remove snow from areas like Boston and transfer it to California and other areas that need it (yes, I know it would melt on the cross-country trip--but that's the point). Certainly the 100+ inches (which would be roughly equivalent to getting 8" of rain) could be stored in a tank for future usage. Meanwhile, is it better to live in an area that has a water shortage or in an area that has a damaged water table because of fracking? We have plenty of water where I live, but no way would I want to drink it--and I have to check for methane before taking a shower (there's nothing like seeing the water coming out of the spigot catch fire).

    Perhaps desalinization plants would help, but that would create a different issue--what do we do when the Pacific Ocean runs dry?

  28. Susan definitely hit on something when she mentioned the complacency that so many Americans seem to have with regards to situations like the water crisis in L.A. It's like we get into a mind set that, because things have been good and our needs met for so long, the situation is not going to change. There is also something to say about the fact that so many Americans tend to think that the bad things just won't happen to us. In other words, we could just keep using up the resources and the catastrophe will somehow jump past us. While I don't know that it's just an American mentality to think that the bad thing won't happen to us, it's definitely one that many Americans tend spend a lot time using as a shield. And when someone tries to do something about it, we become the paranoid alarmists in the group that many people just brush aside saying that things will be fine. Sadly, however, it almost seems as though we frequently need a reality check to keep us aware of the fact that we are not immune to the consequences of our own actions. And if we don't want to listen to the reality check that nature is giving us (which happens quite frequently), then we have to impose fines and make it cost more money simply because that's the only way that many people will pay attention and take action to prevent the larger scale disaster.
    As for desalinization of ocean water, I think it's a good idea, though its expense may deter many people. I also would be concerned that mass desalinization could potentially change PH levels in certain bays and harbors and that those areas would not be able to sustain the sea life that depends on certain concentrations for survival.

  29. Well Jack, I hope they are paying you the "big bucks", because you deserve it for drinking "frog in a blender!" I am pretty sure that there is nothing that could persuade me to drink that!!
    Thanks Charlie, for having such an entertaining guest on HAT! It was such a fun show and Jack was also very interesting, which is why his show is so popular!
    Hard to believe we have only one show left before the break! Looking forward to the show with Corey next week, and it will be Spring Break so I can finally watch from home!

  30. thanks again for another great show i love jack i heard that he's a big red sox and patriots and from Boston i believe he's said ... from their nice to hear that the best bars are in Boston hope you two will do another show and this time bring the boozes and have a few for me but i pass on drinking frog's looking forward to next week with corey with u then it over for a while I will miss the show TradioV with you hope to catch u somewhere down the road late summer to fall in jacksonville fla !

  31. Jack I have to confess I was turning green at the mention of some of the items you drink and eat. It was a great show though and I learned a lot. I love your attitude though because it shows that you really are in it to meet the people in the different places and share their culture. Charlie has a great show so I am glad you chose that venue to appear on and I could see why you guys would be friends. Both charming and fun.

  32. Just watched the archive for Jack's episode, how fun was THAT? It was obvious you were all really enjoying yourselves. Jack is utterly charming, I can see why his show is a success. I have to admit, nothing short of a gun to my head would get me to drink a frog in a blender. I couldn't even watch the process! And I wear latex gloves, a face mask, and scrubs to deal with peoples' saliva, I sure as hell ain't DRINKING it! Hepatitis, anyone? LOL. I guess the alcohol kills the germs, but still.
    Loved the show and REALLY loved seeing Janelle back on with you!

  33. That was definitely a very fun show with Jack. I loved how he talked about the fact that a) the people in places he has visted have been so different from any preconcieved notion of the people and the places that he may have started out with and b) that it's all about breaking down barriers, showing respect and connecting with the people in each location. What wonderful insights! Thanks so much for such a great show!

    #Corey For me, much of the value of the awareness that you talk about comes in our ability to apply that awareness and therefore use it to progress and avoid feeling stagnant. But there are times when there are no immediately recognizeable points in which to apply it. When this happens, I have to file it away until I can see the practicality of that particular realization or awareness. So my question is: Do you believe that it's even possible to gain an awareness of something that is not applicable to our immediate lives? If so, what do you do with an awareness or realization for which you can't find immediate application? If not, and every realization and awareness only comes when our lives need it and have a pertinent application, but it's not readily apparent how, does that mean it would be calling for serious evaluation to determine where and how we can apply it?

  34. #Corey I believe that there are different levels of intimacy in life. For example we have a certain level of intimacy that we share with our friends that is different than the level that we share with our family. Also there is a different level that we share with our spouse. My question is do you how do you think that there are different types or levels of intimacy? Also some say that intimacy and sex are the same. Do you find that to be true?


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