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'Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy' for March 5th and 12th, 2015

Sorry we won't be having a "live" show for the next two weeks, but it is for good reason. I'm shooting a very fun Pilot for a new  +Nickelodeon show called "Future Shock." Won't know if it's "picked up" to series for a few months, but it is a lot of fun. 

We will be airing my show with my brother David on the 5th and my show with Fran Drescher on the 12th. They were both fun shows and I thought people might want to re-visit them, so put your computers on at 3 pm PST and listen on +TradioV 

Meanwhile food for thought this our local Los Angeles elections yesterday for representatives in City govt., school boards etc. we had the embarrassing voter turnout of 8.6% !!!!!! Not sure how anyone can talk about Democracy and Freedom in a society that cares so little about those very words! :-(



  1. this sound wonderful i hope it works so we can all see it i the the one with your brother that was really fun to see that's my favorite you guys make me laugh u should have david back again when u do come back let more fans call in so we can talk more about govt stuff and the world to did u see where isis are throwing gays of buildings hope u are watching that so hope to catch you the 19th anyways happy st patrick's day to you and yours let us know when your new show comes and others movie u did remember ? thanks again

  2. Hopefully the show will be picked up!
    Meanwhile it's a disgrace how our voter turnouts have gone down hill more and more each year! The sad thing is it's not just in one area but across the United States and in both party lines. It's also sad that people seem to not want to be bothered with voting, yet want to complain about their politicians and local governments. I think there should be consequences for not voting for everyone, especially if you are receiving government assistance than you should be required to vote. I think every state should have mail in ballots that everyone has to fill out and send back in. Plus our children need to be taught at home and in our schools the importance of voting. It's only when we all vote that we can all make a difference!

  3. Wow, how exciting for you! Three plays(2 of which revolve around you!), a radio show, your local performances, and now a pilot! Almost an embarrassment of riches, but very well deserved. Before you know it, you'll be here in New Jersey, and hopefully the winter will be over by then LOL. Better bring a shovel just in case.
    As for the election turnout, I'm not sure the younger generation even understands that the local and state elections are the most important and can affect the most change! Somehow, we have given the impression that the POTUS election is like some weird combination of the Super Bowl and American Idol. Then the Senate comes "lower" than them, and the Representatives are lower still. And the Supreme Court is now called "unelected"! People expect(demand!) that the President run the show, and like the Geico ads..'that's not how any of this works'. Then we add in the corruption and lobbyists, and the Senate isn't representing their states, the House isn't representing the people, and it's all one big mess of money. I think both of those reasons come into play with low turnouts...people who have no idea that it's important because it's "not the President"(Civics 101), and people who are so disgusted with the state of politics that they've just given up.
    Enjoy filming your pilot, and I do hope that Susan is recovering well!

  4. Wonderful news about the pilot! Crossing fingers that it will be picked up. That would be awesome for you!
    I was watching the coverage of the local elections here in LA and its heartbreaking to see such a low voter turnout. I know it always is low for local elections, but this was worse than normal! People who are unhappy with things here now have no right to complain, since the vast majority couldn't be bothered to vote!
    I agree with Tracy, in as much as the importance of voting, and the privilege of being able to vote, needs to be stressed to children so they can take up that responsibility when they are adults.
    It's true! How can we say we care about democracy and want all nations to have democracy when we don't practice it ourselves!

  5. Charlie,I wish you the best of luck that the pilot does get picked up and becomes a series for all involved!...On the other note,about the political election that just happened in your apologies that the people of your area that didn't go out and vote-should have! 8.6% voted is a DISGRACE to your area and I'm sure those who didn't vote ought to be ashamed of themselves.After all it is our God given right to exercise our freedom to let our voices be heard and that is when we have the oppotunity to cast our ballots,absentine or in person.Otherwise,if you don't vote -you really have nothing to say about the out come at the point,am I right?!

    1. well i hope the future shock will be out of your system when u return so we can picked up were we left off and all the movies u did will come out one day soon and before you leave us again for the eastside so we can have a send a good send off just chating with you again that would be nice .what can i say about the voting if we can find the person were one can trust and to believe in again maybe the people will vote maybe this could be someone like you then we can wave the America flag again !

  6. If it makes you feel better, 8.6% is probably higher than the turnout for our local elections, which often only have one person running for each position. Some of the college students have even been elected to local school boards because of the apathy, which has led to some rather interesting changes in the local districts.

    I like Tracy's suggestion about the mail-in ballots, but with one caveat--absentee voting in Pennsylvania is done by mail ballot, but the voter has to affix postage for it to be mailed and counted. Postage paid ballots would be a lot better, as the cost of the stamp can be considered to be a violation of the 24th amendment.

  7. The show sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully it does get picked up. Here's hoping and sending positivity so that it will be.
    Looking at the poor voter turnout, it's an absolute emberrassment that we don't have better participation in elections. In the U.S., we are at a point where we need to make voting madatory. The problem that we will have should we try to make voting madatory is that many Americans will feel that it is somehow taking away some of our freedoms. But that's not to say that I agree with that in any way, shape or form. When it comes down to it, we are required to show up to jury duty, unless we have a really good reason for not doing so, if our number comes up and we accept it because it is our civic duty. If we don't, then we face serious consequences. When we talk about voting, we are also talking about a civic duty, and we often even refer to it as such. Given that, we should also be considering making voting a requirement, and then providing the means for every citizen to do so, as well as establishing consequences for when people don't vote. No matter how much we say that we need to vote because it's the right thing to do, it's obvious that people don't do it. So if we won't do something that needs to happen out of our own free will, then we need to consider making it a requirement, with some kind of a consequence for not doing so.
    We also need to provide more education about the value of each vote in a system that struggles to get the voters to participate. Though there are a variety of excuses people will use to justify not voting, one of the biggest reasons people who don't vote is that they really don't believe that their single vote makes a difference, be it in national elections or local ones. The only way to overcome that misconception would be to educate people on how each vote counts and can affect the outcome in every election, be it large or small. Being realistic, though, the only way I see to get people to vote is to require it.

    1. Becky, I think making voting a requirement is a good idea, with consequences if you don't. Not sure it will ever happen though!

    2. I totally agree, Sharon. As much as I am an advocate for making voting mandatory, I don't know that it will ever happen. Too many people in the US. Would feel that it would violate their rights, mostly the right to not care enough to do a civic duty. Of course, if it was ever put on a ballot, then it would have a decent chance of passing simply because very few people would actually see it and cast a vote on it. So we'd only have to convince the small number of people who do vote to go along with it. But there again, I'd imagine that a measure like that would have difficulty getting representative backing as well because any politician who would support something like that would have to openly recognize that the voters could collectively voice an opinion that ousts them in favor of someone from another part of the political spectrum. For me, that brings it back to the party before policy problem because, if it could even potentially threaten either side's influence in a particular geographical area, I sincerely believe that the majority of politicians would choose the path that would protect the party, not what would provide for the best possible outcome for the country. I also recognize that this view is influenced by my jaded view of politicians because of many of the interactions I've had with politicians in the past. Of course, as we have seen with the health care system, it's not beyond our capabilities to change thongs so thst it could require the American people to do something. The trick is getting the support needed to recognize what is best for the country.

    3. Once again, we are in agreement Becky! I am sure the majority of politicians put their party,(and themselves) ahead of policy. If it suited them politically, then they would support mandatory voting, but then the other half would not support it. There are only 11 countries in the world that have mandatory voting and enforce it. Australia, Argentina and Brazil are among them. It certainly seems to work in Australia!

  8. Busy, busy will be listening to your show!

  9. Charlie you picked two good episodes to re broadcast.Love seeing and hearing you live but I am so happy for you to be in this new pilot and I will keep faith that this pilot will be picked up and us fans will be able to see "Our Charlie" in a new series. So happy for you.

  10. Another great cartoon by Janne! She really out does her self with each one! Janne has immense talent! I absolutely love her work! 💖💖

  11. so this the march 15 my fathers birthday just two days before march 17 a true irish man he was 101 he would of been on this day 101 yrs ago i would not be here if not for bill ,wonder if TradioV with charlie & janelle will return on the 19th well till then i will have a great st patrick's day hope everyone else will do the same Erie to u.

  12. Do you know if your pilot got picked up with Nickelodeon?


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