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Here's a Thought for Thursday September 24th, 2015 with Helen Slater & Rob Watzke

IF YOU MISSED THE LIVE BROADCAST OF GUESTS Helen Slater and Rob Watzke on the show Thursday, September 24th HERE is the link to the Video so you can watch it ON DEMAND!

Cartoon by Janne Nordvang

Rob & Helen Watzke
Helen Slater

Helen Slater is an actress, singer, musician who has done film, theatre, tv, improv and was the original Supergirl!  She will be appearing in the new CBS series Supergirl with Melissa Benoist as Kara's foster mother, Eliza Danvers and will also be talking about her newest musical projects. 

Robert Watzke has built a creative career as an improviser, editor, writer, director, and teacher. He is the leader of the newly formed Turbine Arts Collective.  Rob organizes and performs in the Sunday night improvisational jam, SHPLOTZ!,  
Rob Watzke

We will talk to this Hollywood Super Couple about their family life, careers, and how much money they have raised for charity!

If you have questions for either Rob or Helen, please post them here on the blog in the comments section.  Looking forward to seeing you all on, it's Radio . . .  in TV! at 3 pm PT tomorrow!



  1. I have had the pleasure of attending their Shplotz Sunday evening performances and they are great. Rob is amazing, as is Helen, They bring together a wonderful group of performers with loads of special guests, who are all so good at improvisation. It is always such a fun evening! I am looking forward to watching them on HAT on Thursday!

  2. i can always look for something new and a lot of fun because of you charlie i will listen looking forward for tomorrow thank u .

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  4. What a delightful show! Thank you Janelle, for putting it up immediately. I get home about 15 mins after the show ends, and it's so nice to be have the archives available! Helen and Rob were very sweet, Helen reminded me very much of Susan Shaughnessy in her mannerisms and gentle voice. I hope that we will so more of them. Like Ronny, even my husband wanted to take a see Supergirl again LOL. SMH.
    I was so pleased to hear you mention the Papal Visit, Charlie. You know how I love a good religious discussion(wink). I think this Pope is absolutely wonderful, and hopefully is setting some things in motion that will heal the broken and hurting parts of the American Catholic Church. He seems so humble and genuinely caring. It seems like he is a little uncomfortable with all of the security, pomp, and circumstance surrounding him. I love that he wanted to eat at a soup kitchen instead of a fancy lunch in the Congressional Dining Room. I'm sure our Catholic friends know much more than me, but I've read that he doesn't live in the traditional papal quarters but is in a small apartment, and that he had gotten rid of extraneous staff at the Vatican. I know there are also 4 families living in the Vatican(which is great, they can not be expected to take in large #s of the homeless, as they are not a big institution). Has that always been true, or is he the one to have initiated it?
    That said, I do have an "issue" with him speaking to Congress. I know he's the head of a sovereign state, so that does muddy the waters a little, but I wish he had devoted all of his time to speaking with/admonishing/encouraging the American Catholics. Considering all of the discussions taking place in the US about separation of church and state, and not allowing religion to be an influence in our politics....people sure changed their tune this week!! Perhaps I'm overly sensitive to the issue, because I belong to a faith that is CONSTANTLY accused of trying to get involved in politics, and left the Republican Party because even I could see it happening. Just because a religious leader says what you want to hear(or hopefully will 'smack down' the other side), doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea to have a religious leader talking to us about what 'our country' should do. IMHO, his own domain is in a huge mess, and that is where he should be. Yes, he has spent the majority of his time with his flock...but I still wish it had been 100%. His speeches still could have been televised and everyone who wanted to could listen in and glean things from it...but not Congress.

    1. Although it may have been the first time that a religious leader has addressed Congress, he was also a addressing them as a political dignitary. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that he was invited to address Congress is really not that big of a deal and is not really a breech in the separation of Church and state based on the fact that nothing in his address indicated, or even insinuated, the idea that Catholic ideology should be imposed within American government. It was more as though he was simply trying to encourage the members of Congress to do the right things and to try to keep the country moving. If he had been advocating anything specific within the religion as a point of governance for the country, then it would have crossed the line between church and state. It's not the first time that religious leaders have met with governmental representatives to discuss the issues and concerns of the American people, and I doubt it will be the last. I definitely don't believe it happens in an attempt to control the religious beliefs of any of the American people. To me it just seemed like he was simply to speak to American leadership in the name of thinking about the right thing and acting in a way that is for the good of the people of the country as well as for the world. To me, the Pope's message was more about encouraging our leaders to keep the overall good for the American people and country in mind as they work together to govern one of the most powerful nations in the world. And yes, his own domain might be in a huge mess, but the same could be said about our country, and yet we still keep trying to worry about and get involved in the problems and issues within other countries. He wasn't trying to convince the country to follow Catholicism, and I don't think that the invitation to address Congress came with that intention, either. Maybe that's just me.

    2. I agree with you Becky. The Pope was invited to address Congress and I don't believe he was pushing any religious agenda at all. He was encouraging the members to keep the good of the people in mind.

    3. Becky, I totally agree with you that the Pope did not address Congress with the intent of converting everyone to Catholicism, and that the US should clean up our own mess before telling other nations what to do(I assume most citizens feel that way, but the politicians don't listen, and the military-industrial complex has $$$ to be made in perpetual conflicts...ugh). I hope it was clear that I didn't think that the Pope was"pushing Catholicism". is also treading on dangerous ground, IMHO. For many, there is a direct line from The Pope to God...and his words are being construed as "God said.....". The media coverage of his visit was NOT like any other "head of state" who has come to visit. It was quite clear, even if unintentional, that this man was "extra-special", and that gives the impression that what he has to say is also "extra-special". And I know for Catholics...he is extra-special, and his words are also. Those words are also being used as a political weapon(by both sides).
      I'm seeing a lot of discussion about the Pope's view on not be afraid of the numbers. Well, that's just fine, and the Vatican houses 4(?) families. Only four(the Vatican is not a large area), because that's all they can fit in and still keep the integrity of the Vatican as a museum, church, business, etc. Those four families were screened to the nth degree, to ensure they were legit, did not have evil intentions, did not carry communicable diseases, etc. They are surrounded by a big wall and lots of security! Does that not sound just like what a lot of American citizens want? A secure border, armed guards, a screening process, and a realistic analysis of the numbers of people we can handle? And yet...the Pope "told" Congress to welcome immigrants and not be afraid of the numbers!!!
      I know it's just my opinion, and I know that many share it, and many do not. I still think it was a mistake, the Pope's 'job' is to shepherd the Catholic Church, teach them the doctrine, tell them how to live their lives. And he DID do that, for the majority of his visit. But I still feel it was not his place to tell American politicians what they need to do.
      It's also rather amusing to see people that I know to be agnostics/atheists who do not want religion having any part in government, suddenly ALL ferklempt about this wonderful man and all the the wonderful things he has to say, and how we need to listen to him! They do realize, don't they, that the Pope is still Catholic LOL? That this man we need to listen to and implement his pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and family, and is the head of an organization that has not had a woman in any kind of power position for, oh....2000 yrs? One of his objectives in meeting with the other priests, was to figure out what to do with the CHILDREN who are raised in same-sex households and should they be able to get the sacraments...not the gay couple, but the children. That sounds like their worst nightmare!!! But in all seriousness, I do hope that this visit was a blessing to all of my Catholic friends and that the Pope has motivated people to return to his fold, get involved, and start practicing what he preaches. He is a great example for them, and I really do love him.

  5. Thanks for a wonderfu show. Both Helen and Rob were delightful and interesting. Having met them briefly, I know what very nice people they are. As usual, the hour flew past.
    I , like Jo, am glad you brought up the Pope's visit. I too, think he is an extremely good Pope, who is trying hard to bring the church into the 21st century. His reception here has been wonderful and has been a welcome change of pace. His being here, has knocked a certain presidential candidate off the headlines! I agree with what Helen said about him giving people a feeling of hope.
    He was the first religious figure to be invited to address Congress, which was a little unusual, but I personally don't really have a problem with that. I may be wrong, but I have not heard much opposition to the address.
    Looking forward to your next show, and good luck with the ride tomorrow!


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