Monday, September 14, 2015

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy SEASON TWO!!

 "Here's A thought with Charles Shaughnessy" begins season two, LIVE online on September 17th at 3 pm PST from the studios of TradioV

 TradioV? That's RADIO in TV!! 

I'm very excited about this opportunity to interact with all of you 'Thoughters' again and hope to have a whole lot of new people also joining in on the fun this season. This is the next obvious step in broadcast journalism, so come along on this season two adventure with me! We are hoping to have some fantastic guests this season so stay tuned for those exciting announcements that will be coming up. 

cartoon from our resident artist Janne

I will be talking about what I have been up to the last six months, what's coming up, my virtual ride for Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corp and how you can watch it live and donate to help me raise the rest of my pledge, and if there is time, what is in the news right now, on Thursday's first show.  

If you have thoughts to share, please post them here on the blog in the comments section.

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Best, Charlie


  1. So glad Here's A Thought is back for a second season. I can't believe how much I missed it and commenting with others on this Blog after the show.
    Welcome home Charlie! You were away from California for such a long time! I'm sure it's great to be in your own house again. I had the good fortune of seeing all three shows and it was so great catching up with you after the shows. You are always so gracious with your time and I so appreciate it! It was wonderful meeting up with Susan again too! It must have been fun having her with you in Jacksonville.
    I am looking forward to the virtual ride next week, and so hope you reach your goal!
    Wishing you a successful second season on the show. Can't wait!

  2. I hit publish before I asked my question! Sorry! I am interested to know your thoughts on Donald Trump and if you think he will be able to sustain his popularity? I personally feel that media give him way too much coverage, and are partially to blame for his high numbers.
    Have a great show!

  3. Carn't wait for season two Charlie and so pleased that the three plays you did were so successful

  4. I'm also very glad that the show is coming back. I love things that can get the thought wheels turning and allow me to explore and develop my own thoughts on a variety of issues. I also appreciate a forum where I can express thoughts and ideas without feeling like I am picking an argument or that I will be attacked for my personal thoughts and beliefs as happens inevitably on social media where the trend is to combat hatred and disagreement with more hatred and disagreement. That brings me to my question: with the state of politics where it is at in the country today, is it possible for any candidate who actively seeks to reach across the isle and try to find middle ground and get the support needed to make headway in an election or is party before policy so overwhelmingly prevalent that anyone who can't identify completely with either side of the spectrum is left feeling alienated and unrepresented by extremists? Could this political polarization be a part of why so few people actually vote, since it makes it feel like they can't identify with any candidate in particular? Is it completely impossible for a truly moderate candidate to make any headway in a high profile election?

    1. I think it IS truly impossible for a moderate candidate to make any headway. To stay in the run, they usually have to move one way or the other to keep their funding and the support of the party. The polarization of the parties is so extreme right now, I just don't see how we are going to come back from that. To some extent, it is the reason Trump is doing well. He can say whatever he wants because he doesn't need funding and the party is scared of him, for the most part!

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  5. So looking forward to this! I will not be able to watch the show live(except for the RFK Bike Ride), but am really going to enjoy the archives and these blogs. This political season should make for some interesting discussions, it's hard not to look at the line-up and say "seriously?! This is the best we've got?". It's looking more and more likely that I will be voting 3rd party for the very first time.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us this summer, I'm still giddy over "Ever After" being at *my* Paper Mill Playhouse, and "Harvey" was wonderful. It was lovely to visit with Susan again, while you met the devoted followers in the queue. I hope she will join us on the blogs this year!

  6. YAY charlie has return hope u will still show the bike from Mass at RFK looking forward to the next season with the both of you janelle & charlie and hope to see jack and many new guest so glad your back thanks again to call !

  7. YAY charlie has return hope u will still show the bike from Mass at RFK looking forward to the next season with the both of you janelle & charlie and hope to see jack and many new guest so glad your back thanks again to call !

  8. I am so glad that Here's A Thought is coming back for a second season. I came in late on season one and did not get in on the discussions. I looked at the old archives and was impressed at the discussions that took place. So many have so much to say! What a great venue to voice one's opinions without being judged and humiliated (most of the time anyway). I'm looking forward to this.

    Charlie, I was lucky enough to meet you and Susan when you performed in "Harvey" in Jacksonville. You were delightful, Susan was delightful, and the play was wonderful. Thank you for being so generous of your time for your fans.

    1. So glad you made it here!! Love having new voices on the blogs. xoxox


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