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DATE CHANGE: Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy for Thursday October 8, 2015

Hey there Thoughters!  

Well, the 25 mile virtual ride for RFK Children's Action Corp in the Rodman Ride for kids is over, but the fund raising is not! November 16th, 2015 is the final day to help out, so for those of you who have asked, there is still time.  

Marianne added another $50 dollar donation to Charlie's fund raising page and as a thank you from Charlie, Janne, our brilliant cartoonist, made Marianne a special, personal cartoon of that time she met Charlie & Susan Shaughnessy at HARVEY!

For a $50 dollar donation to Charlie's fund raising page, you too can get a cartoon of your own choice. Above is an example of PART of the cartoon and the photo it was taken from! 

To see photo and media coverage of the ride check out the event page on Facebook, that is constantly getting updated! To watch Charlie's ride and the 1 hour event video, you can see that here at this link.

Charlie will be sharing photos and videos from both his ride and the riders in Boston on Here's a Thought this Thursday, October 1 at 3 pm/PT on

The rest of the #HAT show will be covering current topics that are in the news.  If you have comments or questions for Charlie, either about the ride or what's going on in the news in the world, please post them in the comments section here on the blog.  

Charlie also has a great "WHAT IF?" question that he will be 'thoughting about' and posing to all of you, so be sure and watch the show LIVE on or the video on demand after the show.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday, October 8th at 3 pm/pt.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CHANGED THE DATE FOR THIS EPISODE OF HERE'S A THOUGHT!


  1. How precious is that cartoon?! Janne is so talented(my cyber-BFF) and I've loved getting to know Marianne. Even got to meet her for lunch in Jacksonville! What a unique souvenir of her time at "Harvey".
    No real questions about the current news, as our local news is NYC and it's been Pope-mania and Yogi Berra. Looking forward to hearing the "What if?" question, when I'm able to listen to the archives. It was fun watching Saturday's show, you really crammed a lot in to such a short time. The video about the RFK kids was just beautiful.

  2. It is really a great cartoon. Janne does them so well and so quickly! Lucky she is on Autumn break, something I would love to introduce to my school district!
    So enjoyed watching the virtual ride on Saturday! Great fun! Showed the video to my class and they got a huge kick out of it. Thanks again, Janelle, for mentioning them. It was so good for them to see the video about the RFK Kids At Risk too!
    Looking forward, as usual, to the show, and the Blog to follow!

  3. thank for sharing your bolg with me love all that you do charlie and all your friends so much to catch up with i left fla to Las veges here so i'm for long while i have much to catch up with love all of janne art work she did for charlie looking forward to see more so catch u guys thursday 3pm PST i have to remember the right time to catch up with ya;ll !

  4. Thanks JoAnn. It was so much fun having lunch with you and Holli while in Jacksonville. Janne is such a talented artist (thank you Janne) and I will treasure the cartoon as I will treasure that I got to meet Charlie and Susan while they performed in Harvey. I am more than honored to help you, Charlie, raise funds for such a good cause.

    I'm repeating what JoAnn said, but I agree that the show was fun to watch as you pedaled the 25 miles. Great job! The video was the "icing on the cake". It was very emotional as we watched the stories of the children. What a wonderful inspiration you must be to them.

    Can't wait to see what the big "What If?" question is. Looking forward to Thursday's show.

  5. Janne, great cartoon of three awesome people! Marianne, that was so generous of you, and you as well, Janne, for taking the time to donate one of your coveted drawings! What a wonderful incentive. Congratulations to everyone who helped make the Rodman Ride such a tremendous success!

  6. Yeah, there's not a whole lot that's new in the news right now. It's been mostly about the Papal visit, Planned Parenthood, all members of Congress refusing to get along with each other while they focus on attacking whatever side opposes their point of view. It could be the complete nerd in me, but I do think that the fact that scientists have found evidence of flowing water on Mars pretty intriguing, though there's not too much available for discussion there.
    I won't be able to tune into the live show this week because of work, but I will catch the archive. Charlie, you get big props for finding a way to participate in the ride. The marvels of technology and I admit that I was a little jealous of whatever TARDIS you had that was warping you instantaneously back and forth between Boston and L.A. However, I think the biggest applause goes to your ability to ride throughout Boston backwards- that was beyond impressive.
    I'm sure that the big "What if" will be thought provoking and intriguing. "What if" is kind of a loaded question around our house because it usually leads into realms like a zombie apocalypse or life being like a video game, so I'm sure that no matter what Charlie has prepared will be more in depth and intellectually stimulating.

  7. I never imagined myself working with teenagers, yet here I am counseling and teaching kids as they are about to take their first step into adulthood. It`s not a 9-5 job, my students- “my kids” are always in my thoughts, when I leave school in the afternoon, during the weekend, holidays and sometimes even long after they graduate. Still, I can honestly say it is the most satisfying job I`ve ever had. Watching a kid get their first A, overcome fears of speaking in public, getting out of their comfort zone to achieve a higher grade or to make friends and working hard to be the best they possibly can is worth more than any paycheck.
    This is why I first “fell in love” with the RFK Children`s Action Corps, and the work you do for them Mr.S! Education is the key to just about everything.
    It was a pleasure watching the show on Saturday. It was a good mixture of fun and seriousness and an eye opener to our kids who never had to experience what it is like not having a proper support system at home or at school. Thank you for introducing us to this cause, ad thank you for all the work you do. I hope more people will help out over the next few weeks.
    As always we are looking forward to this weeks` show. At midnight hubby and I will be in our pajamas, curled up under a blanket on the couch and tuned in to TradioV.
    Xoxo Janne

    1. What a perfect way of describing the joy of working with kids, Janne. I also never would have thought of myself working with kids. After I was in Bolivia for a year and a half, I came home and kind of fell into a job as an aide at a junior high. I then spent 13 years basically being told "you're a teacher, you just don't know it yet", I accepted it was where I wanted to be and wanted to do. Many of my kids have been at risk and have had to deal with a hard world at a very early age. For some, I was one of the only safe adults in their life. That's why I fully support programs like RFK Children's Action Corps. I may not be able to offer a ton of financial support, but I will always offer my emotional and moral support to the programs designed to help kids of any demographic and risk factor not only feel but see the possibilities in their future. Sometimes, programs like RFK are the only thing in their life that shows kids that they even have a future. I teach in a middle school with students that range from pretty privileged to those who don't have an adult around at home for hours each day after school. I support RFK and programs like it because they offer kids like my students a safe place to develop needed social skills and to see that the whole world isn't as cold and hard as they view it from home. My husband and I don't have children of our own, but my students often make me as proud as if I were their parent when I see my kids succeed. Nothing compares to the pride of seeing them figure out how to apply the skills they need to be successful. Programs like RFK can often provide them with those needed skills when they can't find them elsewhere. I'm glad Charlie has been able to offer support and promotion to this kind of program.

    2. You are so right Janne and Becky! Teaching is not a 9 to 5 job. Your 'kids' are on your mind the whole time. Since being here in the US, I have been at a school where the students are from a high Socio Economic group, but even there, we do have children who are At Risk. Having money does not always mean you have a happy home! We deal with many children from broken homes, or children who are brought up by others, who may not always have the skills needed to be 'parents'!
      In Africa, I dealt with many children of all ages, who were definitely at risk! Ranging from children who did not have enough to eat, children who had no home or parents to children who were emotionally scarred by war. That is why I always support the RFK Children's Action Corp and other organizations like it. They all do such a wonderful job. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a troubled young person grow and blossom after receiving the help, which will enable them to move on with their life, and become a contributing part of our society.

  8. Indeed thank you Janne for your generosity! I was so pleased to receive your creations, my 2 pics of Daphne and Jeremy beautifully scrapbooked and framed as you did! So happy to help and make a donation to the RFK Children's AC then...but also now again during the ride :-)

    Bravo to Charlie! It was fun catching up the archives and see you having such a fun, Janelle, Langdon and co :-D

    As you said, Janne, education is the key to everything and helping kids is investing in our future...
    when I was managing institutions for kids it was our first and only goal : helping -sometimes teaching- children to be happy and make others happy, whatever their situation was...

    Looking forward to the "what if" questions from next week! :-)


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