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Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy October 15, 2015 on

Hey there thoughters!  My Thursday, October 15th show is going to be a continuation of our thoughts from last week's show and your comments on the blog, "I'm mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore!" and some more current topics.

Join us at 3 pm/pt on for our LIVE show.  If you aren't able to join at that time, you can always watch the show in the Here's a Thought VOD archives afterwards.  

We won't have a guest this week, so I do plan on taking YOUR phone calls this time as I know you all have a lot to say!  

Once the show starts  the number to call in is: 855 878-4652

We also will be announcing a contest, like the ones I used to have, where you will write about a topic that I will announce tomorrow on the LIVE show, then I will read all your entries and the winner will be getting a very cool prize!  I will announce all the details on the show tomorrow.  For all you new fans,  you can check out my PREVIOUS WEBSITE CONTESTS to see what I'm talking about.

cartoon by Janne
Another great cartoon by Janne depicting the contest!  How cool is that?  And there IS a clue in the toon as to what the contest is about!

See you tomorrow!  


  1. looks like a lot of fun can't wait till then i got you number now shell I call in !

  2. hello I m apele Katy I am in France to tell you that I never misses issuance from you piece of theater and movie series super awesome thank you to you to make us live it touts

  3. How fun! Josie and I will try to do our best if we have something to say about the announced topic. Can she write in french? Charlie will understand right? Or...

  4. Great news! I used to enjoy the write in competition! Always fun. Looking forward to the show tomorrow, which should be interesting, considering all the different opinions. It is great we can all express our different opinions and agree to disagree.
    Nadia, I am sure it will be fine to write in French! For those of us whose French is not up to par, there is always the Google translator!

  5. ok will be listing and waiting to hear all about the contest hope someone win !

  6. Traveling made tuning in live impossible today, but I'll catch the archives as soon as we are somewhere with consistent enough signal. Great conversation to continue. As with Sharon, I appreciate a forum where I don't feel ostracized if I disagree with anyone's position.

  7. Alleluia! I finally got the time to listen to the last 2 shows this morning! Yay!
    Very stimulating as usual!

    Loved to "meet" your lovely mother : a beautiful and classy lady! Great surprise!
    For the future, I hope we will have another pleasant surprise as you announced it recently with the venue of Fran Drescher for HaT season 2! Will be super great, I really can't wait! :-D

    About the Writing Contest : I will pass the information to Josiane who was asking :-)
    Indeed it was a naive question, we both should have thought about it before asking LOL : of course we have to write in english so the others can understand! Sorry!
    I will translate Josie's text, and also the ones other french fans would like to submit... Maybe some of them want to participate and I will be happy to help!
    I will write a message to them in french at the end of my post, who knows? ;-)

    I would like to add something else about yesterday's show : 2 points that will feed the debate I think :-)

    1-) Jacques Attali is french not french canadian :-)
    I found 2 links in english who will shortly present him to you all and resume his position about economy and what the world needs to change/do right now!
    Hey yes, exactly our topic here!
    I believe it will contribute to the discussion --and the subject of the contest too!
    I am PRETTY SURE that Charlie will be very interested by what Attali has to say.
    Please let me know :-)

    I don't always 100% agree with his propositions usualy but they are always thought-provoking, and this present report his VERY interesting :
    A few pages of the document :
    His background :

    (for the french-speaking persons here :

    2-) Hubert Reeves is french canadian indeed! An astrophysicist and a great personality!
    I like him VERY much!
    One of his famous quote "we are all made of stardust" resume his will to show connection between the cosmos and humanity. Another topic you both will be interested in I believe...

    His books and speeches always mix scientific AND philosophical reflexions.
    Dear thoughters here, PLEASE take 5 minutes to read this link in english about him ; what a wise man!
    Hope you'll enjoy to discover his thoughts :-)

    Si vous êtes français et souhaitez participer au concours d'écriture proposé par Janelle et Charlie, n'hésitez pas à me demander de traduire votre texte en anglais ; je ne pourrai pas faire face à des écrits trop ardus car je ne suis pas bilingue mais cela vous permettra de participer si cela vous tente!
    Maxi : 150 mots. Clôture du concours : le 1ier janvier.
    Sujet : de quoi le monde a t il besoin aujourd'hui?
    Charlie et Janelle proposent de très sympathiques lots à gagner pour celui ou celle qui sera élu(e). Ils liront tous les textes avant de se prononcer après le 1ier janvier 2016.

    1. Just to add what Nadia said, if anyone needs help translating French to English for the competition, I have a French son in law here and two daughters who speak French fluently, so I will be happy to help as well.

    2. That's wonderful Sharon! I will probably ask you 'cos I have proposed that in order to help but it's very time-consuming and your girls/son in law will go faster! Great! :-D

    3. Nadia, forget about Jacques and Hubert. I just read that Jean-Claude Van Damme can save the world. He has a plan. It involves the world leaders and animals and nature. I'm sure at some point we'll be singing 'Circle of Life' but I'm getting ahead of myself. Well, since he's got that in hand, that's certainly a load off my mind. Time for a café au lait ;)

    4. Backwarddragon, if Nadia isn't willing to include Jean-claude Van Damme, I will. I still haven't gotten my Super 6 completed so I still have an opening.

    5. OMG ! JCVD ! Good choice! We need to laugh a bit too! Loooool :-p

    6. Hey, if we are going to include Jean-Claude Van Damme, we might want to consider the obvious here. I'm pretty sure we could include Chuck Norris as well. Simply to have some good muscle in the pack.

  8. I finally got a chance to listen to yesterday's show. Thanks to whoever makes the shows available so quickly in the archives.
    As I have mentioned before, I have long felt like a political outsider similar to what Jo was expressing. I don't claim membership of any third party in particular because, as Charlie aptly pointed out, so much of their focus is niche based, to the point of exclusion of many other important issues. I am a registered independent and I've been told by Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians that I obviously don't think for myself because I don't think exactly like they do. When forming my opinions, I try to look at each issue based on the current situation, and based on which candidate and course of action will push toward the best possible outcomes on all sides. That means my vote varies wildly across party lines. In Charlie's DNA scenario, I guess you could say I have always felt like a genetic mutatuion who's not comfortable in either camp. I refuse to believe that any either end of the political spectrum doesn't care about the country or seeks it's demise. But oddly, I often find that it's my lack of willingness to identify solely with a single political side that causes the feeling of ostracism.
    That being said, I will say that, so far, the Democratic political candidates are out-classing the Republican candidates by sticking to the issues and actualy trying to have a political discussion rather than a name calling match. I may not agree with everything that each candidate says, but at this point, the other side is not gving much to compare with and therefore making it difficult for someone like myself to feel like we have a good way to make an informed decision. It just doesn't help to not have an opposing view point to which to compare any policy or thought.
    But, keeping with the spirit offered here for the contest, I may have French background, but I'd be very glad to help translate if anyone needed to write in Spanish. Don't let the blond hair, blue eyes and pasty white skin fool you- I am fluent. Prometo que puedo ayudar a traducir si lo nesecite alguien.
    I have some thoughts of what I could write, myself, now to find the time and guts to do so.

  9. Let me first say, thank you Charlie for clarifying what you meant on last week's show. We all say things in the heat of the moment that comes out misunderstood. But, on the same note, I don't think we heard "only what we wanted to hear", as was stated this week in reference mental health. It is abundantly clear that it is a very, very personal issue with some of the bloggers that live with it every day of their lives, as some admitted here, either through their work (like I have), or through a family member, or themselves. No matter what anyone can say, there is a "stigma" that goes along with mental health - will they be accepted if someone knows; will they be treated differently; will they be thought of as "crazy" or "not normal" or a "misfit" in life. It is not fair for them to be listed on a data base for all the world to see! Oh yes, violent offenders, domestic violence offenders, rapists, child molesters, etc. should be, and are, on a national data base and SHOULD be denied ANY access to weapons. But to lump everyone together is unethical and THAT is why there is HIPPA.

    On the political view - what I haven't heard from the candidates, or the moderators haven't asked them, is what are they going to do about our $18 trillion National Debt that this country is facing and is expected to climb? What are they going to do about our homeless vets? One in 4 homeless men on the streets served our country. What about our high unemployment figures? What are they going to do about having more products made in America, instead of having so much imported. Go into a department store and look for clothing made in America; you will find it in very short supply. Why? Because designers/companies pay pennies to have their items made overseas versus made in America. We are in such a sad state of affairs. I am very proud to say that I worked for the Electrician's Union in NY for over 20 years. I started right out of college (I wasn't an electrician) and worked in the office, but we received all the same union benefits the electricians did. It afforded us a wonderful salary and benefits and pensions. And to think that I cannot even find items made in America readily is so very sad. THIS is what I want to hear from all the politicians. I don't care if you are a man or woman, handsome or pretty, Democrat or Republican. What are you going to do for the American people? Don't tell us what you think we want to hear just to get elected. We are too smart for that rhetoric. We are looking for answers to get this wonderful country of ours back to where it should be. These are such emotional issues for everyone and we need to know the direction they will take to make us strong again. This is what we want to hear from them! I would like to say that I am confident that the American people will make the right decision, but I just don't know.

    1. Oh Marianne, that's a great reply!! I wish I'd seen it(I wrote and sent my reply while these new ones were being posted) before I commented. I so agree with your list of things we're NOT hearing about. And if it was asked, they are so skillful at talking in a circle, saying nothing specific, and somehow making everyone hear "their side" mentioned! It's all such smoke and mirrors.

    2. I agree with you Marianne! We all do say things in the heat of the moment that comes out misunderstood. I also don't think we heard "only what we wanted to hear." Mental illness is a very personal and often kept private because of the "stigma" that goes with having a mental illness. It the same "stigma" that keeps people (like myself) from usually sharing that we have a mental illness. It's the same "stigma" that causes us to wonder if I tell someone will they accept me for me or will I be treated differently, will I be thought of as "crazy, not normal, or even as a psychopath." The "stigma" is also the reason why most people don't seek professional help. I would love to see the "stigma" go away, but I have a feeling that it never will, until people can become more open minded to the fact that not all mentally ill people are dangerous. I know I want no part of a database that would list me along with violent offenders, just because I have a mental illness. That's not fair or even right. I think more people need to educate themselves about mental illness. National Alliance of Mental Illness has a lot of information to offer.
      One of the scariest things I have ever done was to openly admit in last weeks blog that I have a mental illness. As I stated before I don't usually discuss it with anyone but a very few friends, family members and my doctors. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am, to those who contacted me with encouragement after reading my post last week! You know who you are and from the bottom of my heart I thank you!

      Now for the election! I personally have been having a hard time even identifying with my current political party, but I also have the same problem with the other party. I have often said that even in the primary election the ballots should have all the candidates from both parties listed so we can vote for whomever we want and not just a democrat or republican ballot. It would also open up the primary voting for the people like Jo to be able to vote. I also think it would give the little guy a chance who might actually do this country some good. I also want to know; how do they plan on doing about our debt, what can they do to help our veterans especially the homeless ones how do they plan on keep jobs here and creating jobs, how do the plan on reforming taxes so the real working man isn't the only one paying, and how do they plan on reforming the earned income credit to stop the EIC fraud? I really don't care if they are Democrat or Republican, I want to know what you're going to do to make our country better.

    3. Tracy, I know many people with mental illnesses who have felt the same as you. I don't deal with a mental illness myself, but I know and love many who face the struggle of the stigma everyday. A really good friend once told me that it feels like people look at her like she'll go psychotic on them at any moment and act like she is somehow going to infect everyone around around her. Neither of which are true, but both of which cause her to shy away from telling anyone about her struggles. Too many people confuse a mental illness with a mental disability, thinking that both make it completely impossible to function on the same level as anyone who doesn't have any mental issues. As for me, I admire your willingness to share your experience and thoughts. You are doing great and are inspiring in doing so. You are not alone in this, not mattering whether or not others have mental illnesses. Many who don't have the issues want to and really do try to understand. Your willingness to discuss them is one of the things that can help us do so.

    4. Tracy, I applaud you for being so brave. I'm sure it was not easy for you at all. I have a second cousin who has a severe mental illness so I know how hard it was for his family to live with the stigma of having a family member with this kind of illness. He has a serious condition, but unlike having a disease like cancer, where people rush to support and help the family, it does not happen with a mental illness. You are absolutely right when you say people need to educate themselves about mental illness. Unfortunately, as with most things, they don't unless it affects them in some way.
      I think that you have inspired many to look into it more. Thank you for being so open.

  10. Replies
    1. Maybe you are right Nadia! Jean- Claude Van Damme is from Belgium right? Just saying!

    2. Yes he is... and a very weird person too LOL
      He can speak english so I suppose that he had express his thoughts in english too! Have a look on Youtube bwahahaha :-p

    3. I have asked her and no it isn't Randi. She would like to write on the blog but don't find the time to ;-)

  11. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to find out what I had asked, and to discuss that issue, after the phone mishap. That was really sweet of you, and it was really great to hear Charlie talk about my political frustrations and 'homelessness'. It's been a long 9 years on the blogs LOL.
    I do think though, that you(and others) see this whole political scene with VERY biased eyes. I'm sure I do too, I may have left the Republicans and am very disgusted with the way the primary is panning out....but I haven't lost my extreme dislike for the far left wing agenda, and for Hillary Clinton in particular. Yes, the GOP is a mess, and I'm not the only conservative who is jumping ship. Conservatives have tried to change the GOP from within(some pushing social conservatism, which I do not feel has any place in our government), held their noses and voted to give the House and Senate to the Republicans....only to have those we helped elect give us the "one finger salute". I'm done, as are many others. That said, the Democrat Party is a mess too. It has moved so far left, JFK would be a Republican. Your front runner is being coddled by the media, and is a corrupt DC insider who is currently under investigation, followed closely by a Socialist who looks and sounds like Statler and Waldorf, the 2 old guys yelling complaints from the balcony on The Muppet Show. Do you think moderate Dems are happy about that? I know they aren't. Most Dems I know are shuddering at the thought of voting for Hillary, but feel they have to hold their nose and vote. Once again, we are back to the "same old stuff", voting for the person we hate the least.
    What I see clearly, is my liberal friends trying to desperately to convince themselves that Hillary is just the perfect choice, the only sane voice of reason. They KNOW she's not, but that's their only option. Charlie, I nearly swallowed my tongue when you mentioned the baggage that comes with the Clinton name, and to focus on what she can do today!!! SERIOUSLY? I can't even process that into a coherent rebuttal. I also strongly suspect that Joe Biden will enter the race very soon, and all of those friends will abandon Hillary like yesterday's trash. She is everything we have heard liberals rant about for 8 yrs....old, white, rich, and a corporate/lobby/big bank political hog at the trough. To top Bernie, Hillary talked about reining in the banks and business...have you looked at her donation list? at who contributes to the CGI? We're not stupid. Or maybe we are.
    I will take issue though, with your very emotion-driven description of the GOP...and out came the race card. I do wish someone would explain to me how the GOP 2nd runner up(and rising daily) Dr. Ben Carson? Did they suddenly decide they're ok with a black man in the White House after all? Or was it, perhaps, some other reason for disagreeing with Obama? I don't think Carson will be the nominee(and while I think he's an amazing man, I'm not sure he is POTUS material), but I am enjoying watching a black man pretty close to the top of the list in the primaries.
    I'm sure I'll have more to say in reply to others LOL, but again...thank you for taking so much time with my question on HaT.

    1. You know, Jo, as I learn about where you're coming from, I realize that I've been "politically homeless" for so long that I take as normal all that you descibe about not feeling like you have any candidate who truly represents you and for whom you feel you can cast your vote. I've dealt with this struggle for so long it just seems normal to be at a loss because I know I will vote, I just have to work twice as hard in order to figure out for whom to vote. But, there again, I have often felt that too many people vote based solely on their political affiliation rather than on the candidates positions and policies. I admit that, having never actually been allowed to participate in any primary election at all, not being registered as either a Democrat or a Republican, it's just normal for me to try to figure out where every possible candidate stands so that when it comes to a general election, I'd have an idea of where my vote would best go. But as the GOP has become such a mess, and the Democratic party has seemed constantly filled with the same version of politicians that they so willing to actively insult and attack, it harder to figure out where I could cast my vote. This is something that's difficult for many who've always known where they fit politically because they've always had a good idea of how they will vote. I know I often feel left out because those who have always had a political home assume that I am just lazy or don't care about politics or that I won't vote so my opinion counts less than theirs. That particular sense of my opnions somehow being viewed as less valuable has often caused me serious trepidation in even posting political thoughts here, no matter how much it can help me develop my own opinions and thoughts It surprises me how much I've taken the homeless feeling as the norm, not realizing how frustrating it must be if you have been polarized out of your political home. (While this extreme polarization has been the most severe among the GOP, it still exists among the Democrats as well) I'm just so used to it, I've never actually thought about it.
      I have to agree with you that so many people who've never been politically homeless, like Charlie, tend to look at the opposition from very biased eyes. Of course, in my own (I admit) jaded view, I'm sure my own vision is pretty biased as well, my bias showing as I sit down to watch a debate, with my arms crossed, daring any of them to impress me or say something I can agree with. Much of this comes from the sense of looking at political candidates who blatently have bias. So now, Jo, it's my turn to say "what she said".

    2. thank you, Becky. I know I still have 'bias" because while I am no longer a Republican, many of my friends are, and I get upset when they are "accused" of being racist, xenophobic, etc. My brain knows the truth, but my heart reacts to "did you see the debates? The Dems are adults, the Repubs are crazy loons". I can't defend the R politicians, but I know how upset the registered Rs are.
      It's just so maddening, that the system "forces" people to be one of the 2 parties, as we can't vote in the primaries. I know many people who are registered Rs or Ds for just that reason. I realize that 3rd parties tend to have a "niche", but you'd think there could be one that fit the majority of us out here....fiscally sane, safety net for those who can not help themselves or are need temporary help, caring for our citizens FIRST, no "forced charity", equal rights for all. The "common sense" party. My Dem friends don't fit in with the move to the far left, my Rep friends don't like the shift to the far right. And we're all tired of the corruption, bribes, and lies.

  12. Well said Marianne! You hit the nail on the head when you said the candidates don't address the serious issues confronting our country. They never do! They mostly always go with generalities or things that will get them in the headlines and garner as much publicity that they can get! It would be so refreshing if that happened! I do feel that one party came a lot closer than the other, in at least trying to address some issues!
    As for Jo and Becky, I totally understand your frustration trying to find a party to identify with. I was always solidly in one party, but as the years went by, found it increasingly difficult to identify with it and was "adrift" so to speak. Then, awhile ago, I began to get involved in local politics here in California working for things I feel passionately about, which in turn, has lead me to identify more with a different party. It has not been an easy transformation, and there are still a great deal of things I don't agree with. Sometimes I wish someone could take certain ideas and philosophies from each party and make a third. A party in between the two we have, as they both have become extreme left or right!
    That being said, whatever we may personally think of the present candidates, they ARE the candidates. The next president will be one of them, unless Biden enters the race which I really don't think he will do at this point. So. our choice is either not to vote, which helps no one, or pick the one who you think will do the most good for the country as a whole. And to vote for Senators and Congressmen who are willing to work with each other across party lines, to move the country forward. No matter who wins the election, they have to work with Congress! It will take working together in a combined effort to fix any of the issues Marianne mentioned, as well as many others.

    1. I completely agree with you, Sharon. It does basically come down to having to having to choose whether we will vote or not. The primaries are difficult because we HAVE to pick between one of the two parties in order to vote in one of the primary elections. I do know some individuals who will change their registration each election year just long enough to vote in a primary election and will then turn around and change their registration back to what it was before. So I guess there's a loophole. However that takes a lot of time that I don't have. There is also a crowd who will say that we are choosing not to vote by choosing to not be affiliated with a specific party so we are merely the victims of our own choices. The only reason I've never voted in primary elections simply becauseI'm I'm not allowed to do so. I always vote in every general election as well as in every local election. Some very presumptuous people once asked me why I even care about the primary elections because they didn't understand why I'd care who represents whichever party I don't belong to. They then continued to tell me that I obvioisly don't care about the country because I haven't taken the time to pick one of the two parties that somehow represent every human being in the country. But it's as you've said, I want candidates who I truly believe are in it to help the country and who are willing to work with those holding differing opinions to make the country better. I want candidates from both sides who are willing to look beyond their own party lines, reach across the isle and try to find the solutions that the American people need. As both you and Marianne have stated, I want candidates from both sides who are willing to take on so many of the issues that affect us every day, not just what the most current hot topic is. That's why I still care about the primary elections, even though I'm not allowed to vote in them. In the elections in which I am able to participate, I'd prefer to choose between candidates who want what is best for the country and who are willing to work with everyone, even with those who have differing perspectives, to try to create the best possible outcome for the country. But I simply do what I can and vote in the elections from which I'm not excluded. The way I see it, I can be super negative and dwell on the problems within the system or I can try to find whatever positivity I can and then vote to try to keep that positivity alive. And I can still do the best I can to bring a positive attitude when dealing with a system wrought with negativity. For me, the negativity can be very taxing and very draining, so I have to find some positive part on which to focus.

    2. I used that "primary loophole" last time, I registered/unregistered as Republican to vote for Mitt Romney(who was tolerable to me, and I felt strongly about the election). I'm not going to do that this time, because they aren't worth the trouble AND by the time the primaries get to New Jersey, the candidate has already been decided! Why are Iowa and New Hampshire more important than the rest of us? Why can't we have one primary day for each party? I'm not sure how I feel about "open primaries" does give you a chance to vote for the other party if you particularly like one of them for POTUS, but more than that it gives people a chance to skew/tamper with the results of the other side.
      As for "not voting", I feel that's a mistake, though it is your right. Even if you feel the DC elections are a mess, there are also local and state elections, and referenda that need to be discussed(and are usually more important to your daily lives). Also, to me anyway, not voting sends a message that you don't care(even if you do, it looks that way). Go and vote for a third party or write someone in. It sends a message, and it will make you feel better LOL. By sticking with the 2 parties, holding our noses and voting for someone we can't stomach just because we REALLY can't stomach the other person.....sends a clear message to Washington "We are happy with what you are doing, please keep doing it". Not that they'd hear us anyway, as long as they get the lion's share of the votes, they've won.

    3. It looks like I need to clarify. I DO vote. I would feel neither qualified nor justified in participating in this kind of conversation if I did not. In fact, I am a proponent of making voting mandatory. The way it is now, too many people think of it as a mere right rather than a civic responsability. If jury duty is a mandatory civic responsability, voting should be too. I vote in every national and local election that I can. During the primary elections, I always go to the polls because there's usually something local on the ballots as well. But, because I am not registered as a member of one of the two main political parties, their primary elections are not listed on my ballot, meaning I'm not able to vote on them. I do, however cast my vote where I can in both local and national elections. That often some third-party candidate or a write-in vote. Yes, some people would say I am then "throwing my vote away" (insert Kang and Kodos reference from The Simpsons), but for me, when I do so, it's because I am casting a vote AGAINST all of the candidates I find dissatisfying and don't believe will actually try to do what's best for the people where I live or the country as a whole. When I vote for a third party candidate, I know the likelihood of them actually winning is very, very slim -if existant at all. But, as you correctly put it, it's a way for me to say I'm not happy with the way things are and none of the current candidates are showing me that they are the one to make the changes that need to happen. Often, that's because they haven't done anything to prove to me that they really want to stop only pandering to their side and actually reach across the isle and try to work together to solve some of the issues that we face everyday as a nation. I have never taken advantage of the "primary loophole" because I, up until now, have not seen any candidate for whom I felt so strongly- either positively or negatively- that it compelled me to do so. It's difficult when the options all come across saying the same things because it's what they believe we wants to hear. This current election is, however, getting to a point where I am considering registering then unregistering with one of the parties simply because I would want to vote AGAINST certain candidates in particular. Oddly enough, that description actually fits the candidate pools for both of the major political parties. I understand the reasoning behind closed primaries, and I really don't think that open primaries would be the solution simply because it could so easily be skewed by members of opposing parties voting flr the weakest candidate simply because they want their, stronger candidate to be to obvious winner. But, as I've said, I would never NOT vote at all as long as I am allowed. I've never felt like I have a political home, so to speak, but that doesn't stop me from voicing my opinion that I am not happy with the way things are. Uncorrected behavior is accepted behavior, and the way to correct what's happening now is through the vote. And, yes, for me that sometimes means voting against the current options to say I want something different. That's not necessarily always the case either. I do vote for candidates from both sides in various offices, based on who I believe will be the best candidate for that particular position. And if I can't find a best candidate, I vote against a) the bad candidates. But no matter what, I do still vote and will as long as I'm able. I apologize for my confusing words and hope this helps to clarify.
      I will agree, though, that it often seems like the votes against undesirable candidates go unheeded and unheard because, with the two-party system, one of the big candidates wins, proving that all the unheeded votes are just a minority, and not how most of the country voted.

  13. I love these conversations going back and forth. So many good ideas. I am registered with a party, and have always voted, but I am so disillusioned that these are the best candidates that we have. There has to be better ones in Washington, but maybe they are just too smart to get involved, or not get involved for that matter. I love your analogy Jo of the Muppets. It's always the Republicans against the Democrats, and vice versa, trying to get the upper hand in the House, Senate, Congress, etc. It's going to be a very long year until election time, listening to everything they have to say. will come down to hold your nose and vote, like Becky said. What must the other countries be thinking of us?! Not good I'm sure. Maybe when the candidates are narrowed down to two, we will start to hear some answers to the questions that are really important. We can only hope for the best!

    1. Absolutely, Marrianne. We may not have the best options to choose from, so we might just have choose the lesser of all the negative options. If all else fails, as Jo said, and whole heartedly agree with, we can always vote against the bad options to say we are not happy with the current sitation.

    2. Yes Marianne! We can but hope that when we finally get to the final two, serious issues will be discussed.

  14. It snowed today, *sigh* c’est la vie. And here we go again. Here in Canada we go to the polls tomorrow. The campaign lasted 78 days which is long for us (it's usually shorter) so I can’t even begin to imagine what it is to have one that lasts over a year.

    The political disilusionment most of you feel is a worldwide problem. I’m a Liberal, but that doesn’t mean that I’m blind to errors or bad decisions from my party. I can be critical and still remain a Liberal because for the most part ideologically we are simpatico. Having said that, come tomorrow night, if the Tories (Conservative Party) are unseated and the NDP (New Democratic Party) wins instead of the Liberals, I won’t be upset. Change is good.

    1. I see on the news that Canadians are getting "political dynasties/same old recycled names" too now! I'm old enough to remember his parents LOL. I hope this works out the way you all want, he seems like a very nice young man.
      BTW, I do hope you all saw the video of Larry David playing Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. It's just hysterical, he really nailed it. One pair of underwear, dried on the radiator!! LOL

    2. I also remember the parents Jo! I hope it works out for Canada. It should improve relations with the US at any rate, not that they were that bad before!

      So as I thought, Joe Biden has decided against running. Probably a good decision, considering what he has recently gone through. I think that his decision basically nails the nomination for Hilary.Now, we will wait and see who will win the nomination for the Republicans!

    3. We are very pleased being Liberal again, it's been a long time coming. Go, Justin, go, we believe in you!

      I did watch the SNL skit with Larry David as Bernie Sanders, and it was indeed hysterical. That's the one thing that you can always count on during elections: great comedy (intentional or not, lol)

  15. Hi Nadia,

    I am not "backwarddragon."

    I have been very ill with Crohn's Disease and in hospital; I have yet to even listen to a HAT this season though I hope to tomorrow, October 21, 2015.

    Hope everyone here is well, and hope to be able to start to participate on the blog, online and on TradioV. :)

    Randi L. Spiegel
    (aka randie lyn)

    1. Loooool I had not seen your comment and have just writen something about our conversation above! Arf :-p

    2. Wish you will be a bit better now you're home ! Xo


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