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The Oscar picks Academy Awards show with Charles Shaughnessy & Valerie Azlynn on #HeresAThought 1.29.2015

We had the best time with Valerie Azlynn yesterday on our Academy Awards Oscar picks show on #HeresAThought with Charles Shaughnessy!  The show is now in the archives and you can listen to it by clicking on this link:
Here's A Thought - 1-29-15 - Valerie Azlyn - TradioV Los Angeles | TradioV Los Angeles

If you have comments about the show or the oscars or this adorable musical cartoon that Janne Nordvang made, put them in the comments here.

There will be more added to this later, including the links to all of Valerie's wonderful charity!

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's our UPDATED 2015 Academy Awards show on "Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" Thursday, Jan 29, 2015

Hey there Thoughters!  This is an updated version of the Academy Awards blog, but it still has your comments from the last one on it.  Keep posting your comments and thoughts and welcome our special guest, Valerie Azlynn! I'm so happy to announce that our special guest sharing her thoughts and picks for the 2015 Academy Award nominees, will be Valerie Azlynn from Sullivan & Son

What do you think about this OUTSTANDING drawing by Janne Nordvang for our 2015 Academy Award OSCAR blog for our LIVE show "Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on Thursday, January 29th 2015 at 3pm PT on

The nominated shows we are going to be discussing are all featured on the drawing & listed below. Anything that is nominated for a 2015 Academy Award is ok for you to comment on, or call in about.  

Click on the title of the movie to find out more information and see the trailers!

American Sniper                            The Grand Budapest Hotel

Boyhood                                        Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

The Imitation Game                       Selma

The Theory of Everything               Foxcatcher (Steve Carrell - Best Actor)

Into the Woods (Meryl Streep - Best Supporting Actress)

It has been a stellar year at the movies and we are excited to be talking about them.   What was your favorite movie this year? Who do you think should win the Academy Award?  Who do you think got left out?  PLEASE let us know your thoughts about the films you have seen in the comments section of the blog so we can include them in the LIVE show!! We know a LOT of people are watching the show, have seen at least some of these movies, and we want to hear from YOU!!!!!  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! If you are in the US, the Oscars air LIVE on ABC Sunday February 22, 2015 at 7E, 4P, hosted by the very talented Neil Patrick Harris!  Here are some more of the nominees. You can see all the nominees and trailers at this Oscar nominees link.

Steve Carell in “Foxcatcher”
Bradley Cooper in “American Sniper”
Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game”
Michael Keaton in “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”
Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything”

Supporting Actor
Robert Duvall in “The Judge”
Ethan Hawke in “Boyhood”
Edward Norton in “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”
Mark Ruffalo in “Foxcatcher”
J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash”
Marion Cotillard in “Two Days, One Night”
Felicity Jones in “The Theory of Everything”
Julianne Moore in “Still Alice”
Rosamund Pike in “Gone Girl”
Reese Witherspoon in “Wild”
Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood”
Laura Dern in “Wild”
Keira Knightley in “The Imitation Game”
Emma Stone in “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”
Meryl Streep in “Into the Woods”
Animated Feature
“Big Hero 6” Don Hall, Chris Williams and Roy Conli
“The Boxtrolls” Anthony Stacchi, Graham Annable and Travis Knight
“How to Train Your Dragon 2” Dean DeBlois and Bonnie Arnold
“Song of the Sea” Tomm Moore and Paul Young
“The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” Isao Takahata and Yoshiaki Nishimura
Adapted Screenplay
“American Sniper” Written by Jason Hall
“The Imitation Game” Written by Graham Moore
“Inherent Vice” Written for the screen by Paul Thomas Anderson
“The Theory of Everything” Screenplay by Anthony McCarten
“Whiplash” Written by Damien Chazelle
Original Screenplay
“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” Written by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. & Armando Bo
“Boyhood” Written by Richard Linklater
“Foxcatcher” Written by E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman
“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Screenplay by Wes Anderson; Story by Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness
“Nightcrawler” Written by Dan Gilroy

If you can, join us LIVE on Thursday January 29th 2015 at 3pm PT on or watch the show later on VOD at

Here's to the movies!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy 22 January, 2015

Cartoon by Janne

Did you miss today's LIVE show?  Not to worry.  You can see it by clicking here  and watching it in the Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy archives!
Post your comments and thoughts in the comments section here on the blog! Thanks to all who participated! Thought you might want to hear/buy the music from today, if so, it's all below!

Music on today's show
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a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research

                     Cat Stevens "Peace Train"
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a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research

  Click on the title of the song to buy it on amazon
a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research

  Click on the title of the song to buy it on amazon
a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research

Click on the title of the song to buy it on amazon
a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research

                              U2 featuring Bono “One"
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy for January 15th & January 22nd! Yeah . . two weeks of shows!

Thursday, January 15th
 "Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" will finally have our part two show with Oriah Mirza.  

If you want to refresh your memory with the discussion you all had before the show, go back and read the blog & the comments from December 16, 2014  or watch the first show in the archives here at this link.

In addition to the discussion on the show, we will be addressing the rest of your questions that we didn't get to & taking your phone calls.  

And for next week's show . . please read . . .

We do not want you to think that we are ignoring what is going on in the world & especially in Paris because we are not discussing it on tomorrow's show.   What happened in Paris recently illustrates, once again, how serious is the threat of extremist violence anywhere in the world. It also initiated a number of important conversations about freedom of speech, respect, blasphemy, belief and morality. On our LIVE show on Thursday, January 22nd we will be talking about the repercussions of "Charlie Hebdo" and where these important conversations go next. 

PLEASE use the comments section on the blog here to post your thoughts, concerns, feelings & questions & to discuss with each other. This will be what we talk about next week Thursday January 22nd on "Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" on 

You will have all week to post your feelings, concerns, comments, questions & beliefs here & on twitter.  If you can, tweet to me at @C_Shaughnessy on Twitter. Just use Hashtag #Jan22

You can watch the live show on the internet at 3 pm PT on but if you cannot because of prior commitments or time constraints, be sure and post here or tweet to me so we can include your thoughts too, then watch the show in the archives later on that day.

For any other questions or concerns, you can tweet my producer at @janelleglickman on twitter.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learn about the benefits of Water. . . Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy about Health & Fitness!

12 Unexpected Reasons to Drink More Water This New Year

With the holidays finally behind us and healthy habits on our minds, many are trading pitchers of beer for glasses of water. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to drink more H2O or you’re still fending off that January 1st hangover, we’ve uncovered some convincing reasons to knock back more water in the New Year.

Water It Down—The Need-to-Know

Water is the second most popular beverage in the U.S. after soft drinks. This is a scary stat, since sugary soda is a huge health hazard, upping the risk of obesity, stroke, and other heart problems   . However, these dangers can be avoided if people choose to drink water, which doesn’t have negative side effects. So help put the sugary stuff to the side and make water the number one drink of choice. The benefits really are endless. (Just take a look!)
  • Fluid balance. Roughly 60 percent of the body is made of water. Drinking enough H2O maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food, and more.
  • Calorie control. Forget other diet tricks—drinking water could also help with weight loss. Numerous studies have found a connection between water consumption and losing a few pounds . The secret reason? Water simply helps people feel full, and as a result consume fewer calories.
  • Muscle fuel. Sweating at the gym causes muscles to lose water. And when the muscles don’t have enough water, they get tired . So for extra energy, try drinking water to push through that final set of squats.
  • Clearer skin. Certain toxins in the body can cause the skin to inflame, which results in clogged pores and acne . While science saying water makes the skin wrinkle free is contradictory, water does flush out these toxins and can reduce the risk of pimples.
  • Kidney function. Our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood daily, sifting out waste and transporting urine to the bladder. Yet, kidneys need  enough fluids to clear away what we don’t need in the body. Let's drink to that!
  • Productivity boost. In order to really focus, a glass of water could help people concentrate and stay refreshed and alert.
  • Fatigue buster. Move over coffee—water can help fight those tired eyes too . One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is tiredness. Just another reason to go for the big gulp! (Not the 7-11 kind.)
  • Hangover help. If booze has got the best of you, help a hangover with a glass of water to hydrate the body and stop that pounding headache.
  • Pain prevention. A little water can really go a long way. Aching joints and muscle cramps and strains can all occur if the body is dehydrated .
  • Keep things flowing. Nobody wants to deal with digestion issues. Luckily, drinking enough water adds fluids to the colon which helps make things, ahem, move smoothly.
  • Sickness fighter. Water may help with decongestion and dehydration, helping the body bounce back when feeling under the weather. Just beware—drinking fluids hasn’t been scientifically provento beat colds in one swoop, so don’t swap this for a trip to the doctor or other cold remedies.
  • Brain boost. study in London found a link between students bringing water into an exam room and better grades, suggesting H2O promotes clearer thinking. While it’s unclear if drinking the water had anything to do with a better score, it doesn’t hurt to try it out! 

Bottoms Up—Your Action Plan

The amount of water people need per day is up for debate, but studies suggest adults need nine to 16 cups of H2O. However this number varies depending on activity level, age, and how much water people are consuming in coffee, tea, or water-rich veggies and fruit.
Here’s how to keep yourself hydrated: Begin by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and 30 minutes before eating any big meal. (This will help control appetite, too.) Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle on hand at all times. And if the taste beings to bore, spice up the taste buds with a squeeze of citrus to the glass! Before you know it, all the benefits of water will be right at your fingertips… and in your body.
Originally posted January 2013. Updated December 2014.

Discover close to 6,000 health and fitness tips by following my 2015 Health & Fitness Board on Pinterest!  Click on this link and read the instructions on the board if you would like to be a contributor!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corp with Charles Shaughnessy Advisory Board Member

“Justice, dignity, equality – these are words which are often used loosely, with little appreciation of their meaning. I think that their meaning can be distilled into one goal: that every child in this country live as we would want our own children to live.” Robert F. Kennedy
I am very proud to be an Advisory Council member and long-time supporter of Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corp. This is an organization that does so much to help Chldren in crisis.  For over 40 years, RFK Children's Action Corps has been a leader in child welfare and juvenile justice, operating a number of programs and services for at-risk youth and families, providing a safe haven for children who come to their door with nothing.Their work includes community based initiatives, residential treatment and juvenile justice programs, partnering with national organizations and state agencies to use proven methods and develop new ways to advance practices in the care of those most vulnerable. They help individuals and families overcome difficult challenges and situations by providing the tools and skills they need to heal, grow, and thrive. Everything they do is based on the belief that every child deserves the chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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