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Here's A Thought Join us for two full hours with Charles Shaughnessy & Corey Jenkins!

Thursday April 9th, 2015

It's the final "Here's A Thought" in this format, for awhile now! Charlie will be on the East Coast doing plays until September, 2015, so please join Corey & Charlie for two very interesting hours of conversation!

Thursday, April 9th, at 3 pm PDT - 5 pm PDT on your computers, LIVE at

It will be TWO FULL HOURS with Charles Shaughnessy and Corey Jenkins!
Corey will be Charlie's special guest on #HeresAThought 

Then Charlie will be Corey's special guest on Life With Awareness.  They will be discussing all kinds of topics like sex & intimacy to health, money, love, inspiration, relationships, family & happiness. 

Please post your comments and questions in the comments section below on the blog for Corey with #Corey & for Charlie with #Charlie. All of your questions posted elsewhere have been noted, so you don't need to ask them again.

If you are planning to attend, let us know on the FB event that Corey created, c…