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Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy UPDATED from Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy part TWO, for Season Two!
Thanks to everyone who joined us on our first show back for HERE'S A THOUGHT.  If you missed it, you can still watch it at this link:here's a thought video for 9.17.15. The first three segments were on Charlie's 3 plays he did this summer & the last segment is a little touch on politics & Charlie's LIVE streaming RFK Ride for Kids.  If YOU have THOUGHTS you want to share with the rest of the class about the show, leave them here on the blog!
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-------------------------------------------------------------- "Here's A thought with Charles Shaughnessy"begins season two, LIVE online on September 17th at 3 pm PST from the studios of TradioV, that's RADIO . . . in TV!
Cartoons by Janne
I am planning …

Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy SEASON TWO!!

"Here's A thought with Charles Shaughnessy" begins season two, LIVE online on September 17th at 3 pm PST from the studios of TradioV

TradioV? That's RADIO in TV!! 

I'm very excited about this opportunity to interact with all of you 'Thoughters' again and hope to have a whole lot of new people also joining in on the fun this season. This is the next obvious step in broadcast journalism, so come along on this season two adventure with me! We are hoping to have some fantastic guests this season so stay tuned for those exciting announcements that will be coming up. 
cartoon from our resident artist Janne

I will be talking about what I have been up to the last six months, what's coming up, my virtual ride for Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corp and how you can watch it live and donate to help me raise the rest of my pledge, and if there is time, what is in the news right now, on Thursday's first show.  

If you have thoughts to share, please post t…