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Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy October 15, 2015 on

Hey there thoughters!  My Thursday, October 15th show is going to be a continuation of our thoughts from last week's show and your comments on the blog, "I'm mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore!"and some more current topics.

Join us at 3 pm/pt on TradioV.comfor our LIVE show.  If you aren't able to join at that time, you can always watch the show in the Here's a Thought VOD archives afterwards.  

We won't have a guest this week, so I do plan on taking YOUR phone calls this time as I know you all have a lot to say!  

Once the show starts  the number to call in is: 855878-4652

We also will be announcing a contest, like the ones I used to have, where you will write about a topic that I will announce tomorrow on the LIVE show, then I will read all your entries and the winner will be getting a very cool prize!  I will announce all the details on the show tomorrow.  For all you new fans,  you can check out my PREVIOUS WEBSITE CONTESTSto see what …