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It's our 2nd Annual Pre-Oscar show on HERE'S A THOUGHT!! Thursday, February 25, 2016

We are SO excited to have you join us for our 2nd Annual Pre-Oscar show this coming Thursday, February 25th LIVE on!  

We couldn't be happier than to have our very special guest, Marie Pettit Gregson joining Charlie & Janelle live in the studio!  You can watch the show LIVE on at 3 pm/pt or catch the video on demand later in the archives! 

Marie is a comedienne, actress, improvisor,  singer, hostess with the mostest, and all around really lovely, funny, sweet person.  She and her husband Christopher Gregson host a BIG Oscar costume party every year.  You may recognize Marie from behind the scenes as production manager on Charlie's episode of Dish it Out!  We are really looking forward to having her join us.  Check out Marie's YouTube channel & her website!

As always, we want to hear from you as well!  Please let us know what were your favorites in this stellar group of movies last year.  Here is a list of all the nominees

Is there someone who should have been nominated, but wasn't? What was YOUR favorite movie? Do you have an opinion about the controversy with the lack of people of color being nominated?  What do you think of Chris Rock as the host? Do you think it's unfair to have more Best Picture nominations than Best Director nominations?

Feel free to comment on any category that you want even if it isn't on the blog!  We are just putting a few up, with some links in the name to check out, but may update that with more during the week.   Read the questions above, and tell us what you think and please leave your comments,  questions & choices, in the comments section below. 
To see more information on all the nominees, go to this link on the official Oscar page.

Best Picture 

Actor in a Leading Role
Matt Damon, The Martian
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant
Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs
Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl

Actress in a Leading Role
Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn

Best Director
Adam McKay, The Big Short
George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road
Alejandro G. Iñárritu,  The Revenant
Lenny Abrahamsson, Room
Thomas McCarthy, Spotlight

Just added on Sunday February 21
Best Original Score
Thomas Newman - Bridge of Spies
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Sicario
Carter Burwell - Carol
Ennio Morricone - The Hateful Eight 
John Williams - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thanks for playing!  Let's go to the movies!  We look forward to reading your posts and including some of them in the show, and to all of you joining us this coming Thursday, February 25th and on the blog all week long!

Charlie and Janelle


  1. I'm exited to watch the oscars , all these movies seem to be brillant , Charles and Marie if you had to choose the best movie among all these movies , it would be which ? ( I know maybe It's a difficult choice)

  2. yes looking forward to the oscars its hard to chooses which on will win bridge of spies was my favorite Revenant i believe it will win the oscars & Leonardo DiCaprio all these movies looks great i still have to see them yet .

    1. Thanks for letting us know Janet! We appreciate it!

  3. Looking forward to the show Charlie and Janelle have only seen two of the movies and they were great but I'm a movies buff from way back

    1. Which two movies have you seen Christine and what did you think of them? We really want to know!

    2. Bridge of Spies and The Martian loved them both Charlie

  4. I do hope that Eileen-Rita will join in the blog like she did last year, she always has great insight(and is hysterically funny). Like Christine, I've only seen 2 of them so far, "The Martian" and "Bridge of Spies". The Martian was much better than I expected(I thought it would be more sci-fi and my husband's genre). I *loved* Bridge of Spies though! Hard to go wrong with Spielberg, but it was really really good. I was only 3 when the actual spy trade happened, but my husband was 9 and remembers it clearly. Feels nice to be "too young" for something.
    "The Revenant" seems to be getting a lot of attention at the various awards shows, but I suspect it will be a little too intense for me! I definitely plan to see "Brooklyn" and perhaps "Room".
    Looking forward to hearing from the others, especially those who are much more movie-savvy than myself. And PS to Charlie, the PaperMill's spring 2017 musical is "Mary Poppins". Mr. Banks, just sayin'.

    1. Oh I hope too! Will ask her if she have planned to share her thoughts about it here again ;-)

    2. oh yeesh, replying to my own comment, because I forgot about the diversity issue! I'm sure I just don't "get it", because I don't even notice the race of the nominees, but then I'm white so I'm not "looking". Having Chris Rock already chosen as the host before the nominations tells me that there is diversity, and the president of the Motion Picture Academy is a black woman. I guess for me, it's just the way the roles fell this year, next year it might be different with different movies. In other award shows, where television(and Shonda Rimes) are included, there are many nominees and winners of color. Often too, the big movies are historical dramas, and they must limit the choices to actors who look like the real person. "Bridge of Spies" was all white, because the real people were. "The Martian" which was fiction, looked like the United Nations LOL. It's hard to do historical films set pre-1965, and not have the big players be white(unless it's about slavery or civil rights, or the true story of a black person(such as Concussion). It's hard to think of the Oscars being "affirmative action" where performers are chosen not for their talent, but because they meet a quota. That's not right either.

    3. I totally agree with you Jo! (Yay!) Affirmative Action at the Academy Awards would be just wrong!

    4. I have to agree as well. I think if actors or actresses of color have Oscar worthy performances than they should be recognized. However if it is a year that happens to feature Oscar worthy performances that didn't include people of color than they should not be included just for the sake of diversity. I can recall many years of performers of different ethnic backgrounds being nominated and winning. I would like to see Spotlight, Room, Joy, Bridge of Spies. That is my goal to get to see those movies in particular this Oscar season.

    5. Charlie will definitely be bringing this up on the show Thursday & we will be discussing it. Thanks to those of you that gave your opinions to us. For those of you that are waiting for the movies to watch at home, they are quickly coming out now for rental. Janelle

  5. It has been an amazing year for the movies, with some very good films in release. I haven't seen all of the Best Picture nominees but I have seen 4 of them and all four were excellent. One thing I have trouble understanding is how a picture can be nominated in the Best Picture category without its Director being nominated in the Best Director category! To me, they go hand in hand! Case in point, Steven Spielberg being left out in the Best Director category.
    I have seen The Martian, The Revenant, Bridge of Spies and Room. They were all great, in different ways. I loved The Martian best, as I am really into Space movies! I thought Matt Damon was great in this. I also loved Bridge of Spies. Tom Hanks was wonderful, as usual. I enjoyed Room and The Revenant, though the latter is not really my kind of film. I have to say that Leonardo DiCaprio gave an amazing performance, as did Brie Larson.
    If it was up to me, I would pick Steven Spielberg as Best Director, but since that is not possible, here are my picks.
    Best Picture - Bridge of Spies
    Best Director - Aljandro G. Inarritu
    Best Actor- Leonardo DiCaprio
    Best Actress- Brie Larson

    I am hoping to get to see Brooklyn in the next week or two. It looks very good from what I have seen and Saoirse Ronan is adorable.

    I really think the controversy over there being no African American nominees this year has been blown out of proportion. Will Smith was very good in Concussion, but I just don't think he was as good as the actors who were nominated. It was a very strong field this year. I did not see Straight Outta Compton, so I can't really comment on it. If there is any problem with 6028 voting members of the Academy, I think it is a generational gap more than a racial issue.

    Looking forward to the show on Thursday and will be interested to hear what Charlie has to say along with Marie and Janelle, and Eileen of course!

  6. I haven't seen any of the films- but I'm very interested as to whether Leonardo DiCaprio will finally be acknowledged with an Oscar. He has a brilliant body of work- going back to Gilbert Grape- many of which were worthy of an Oscar. I do hope the Academy will finally respect and acknowledge his work.

    1. An interesting POV Bev. If he wins, do you think it will be for his performance in The Revenant or for acknowleging his body of work? What does everyone else think? Janelle

    2. I think it will be a bit of both. I think he was great in The Revenant, but I think it will be his body of work, together with his never having won before, that will push it over the top.

  7. So glad you decided to do another Oscar show, and that Marie will be your guest. Such a talented and sweet lady. As far as the nominated movies go, I`ve only seen one. The only thing that comes early in Norway re the long winters and the holiday candies…Most movies don`t come to the theatres until after the Oscars. Bridge of Spies was good, but then, in my mind, Steven Spielberg couldn`t go wrong even if he tried. Why isn`t that man nominated for best director??? Loved Tom Hanks in it, but he isn`t nominated either, so…
    The film I`m most excited about seeing this year is Room. I read the novel the movie is based on when it first came out and even though I usually get disappointed with a movie after reading the novel first I`m hoping it will be different this time. The trailer looks good, so I have my fingers crossed. As far as Leonardo DiCaprio goes, I`ve never really been a huge fan. (it has nothing to do with his acting skills, but everything to do with the 90`s boyband hairdo. He looks the same in almost every movie he does. Makes me want to put on a pair of stonewashed jeans, Buffalo platform shoes and lip sync to an old CD with “New Kids On The Block)
    Anyway, can`t wait to see you guys all dressed up for the show on Thursday. It is after all a pre-Oscar show, and I expect to see the host in his tux and the ladies in long dresses. Seeing as it will air at midnight here I`ll be drinking warm milk from champagne glasses and wear high heals with flannel pajamas.

    1. I'm with you on Leonardo DiCaprio, Janne! I have never been a fan of his. I have to say though, in The Revenant, he is really good! So, for the first time, I'm picking him for Best Actor! Michael Fassbender could sneak up behind him and grab it, but I think it is Leo's year!

    2. Two things...
      One. Thanks for another darling TOON Janne. We will be revealing that soon. You guys will love it!
      Two. Uhhh, don't hold your breath on the dressing up part! We will be in comfy clothes too. You can only see us from the waist up anyway :)

    3. Whew!! I was worried for a moment that I'd need to go to the dry cleaners... after buying a fancy dress that needs dry cleaning... :) ha ha! But high heels and flannels sound good!
      -Marie :)

    4. Oh please??? I live on the crumbs you throw me! Would you at least put on a tiara and make CS wear a bow-tie...even if it`s just a clip on!This is the closest I`ll ever get to Hollywood...just sayin`;)Anyway, the viking and I will be watching from the sofa, sipping champagne in our pajamas and Grannys knitted socks. Oh, the glamour...

    5. dear janne, janelle again. i tried to find my tiara, but i couldn't. i tried to borrow one, no one had one. sorry. i'm afraid it will just be my headset that sits atop my head. ;-)

    6. I like the idea! Classy! You still have time to find one no? Hihi :-P

    7. Fine,no tiaras... Watching The Martian right now,warming up for the show tonight with one of the nominated movies. Just realised Aksel Henie is in it,so as a Norwegian I guess I should keep my fingers crossed for an Oscar. ( not really seeing it happening though) Have fun today,we'll be watching.

  8. I am looking forward to the show on Thursday as well. It's good to have something less serious occasionally so we don't get bogged down with too much serious stuff. Of all the nominated films, I have seen three: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I still plan to see The Revenant and possibly some more. We just have to be able to set aside enough time since The Revenant is rather lengthy. We'll also likely see Creed at some point. I'll totally stick my neck out here and say that, of the three I have seen, Mad Max: Fury Road was probably my favorite. The cinematography was great and it was a great revisit to the Mad Max universe. The Martian was also a quality production and was just really well done. My husband read the book and said the movie was a decent adaptation. I plan to read the book at some point, as well. . .add another book to my already really long list of books to read. My rule for Star Wars was that it had to not be prequels for me to even consider it, and it did manage to do just that. Yes, it was basically geek eye-candy, but I enjoyed the story development as well the continuation of the Star Wars universe.

    I think Chris Rock could be a good choice to host especially in light of the whole white-washed awards accusations. Like many others on here, I'm white and therefore am having a hard time seeing the issue of the whole accusation of too many white people nominated and not enough black people. However, I'm trying to understand where the sense might be coming from. I know it's difficult to feel like you are equally represented when you are a minority, but I also think that, sometimes , that's just the way the cards fall. There shouldn't have to be an affirmative action type of requirement in the Oscars because then it becomes more about the numbers and a quota than about what pictures and actors deserve the nominations. Again, this is where the motivation comes into play. If the reason why many black actors were left off the nominations list was because they weren't the best of the best options, and their work is the only thing being looked at, then there shouldn't be a problem. If, however, they were left off the list because of their skin color, then absolutely there's a problem. Regardless, I do think that people are almost looking for a way to be offended nowadays and the fact that one race is under-represented in the nominations is an easy target for why someome could be offended. It's almost like people recognize that racism exists in the country today, therefore we have to recognize that it must be a part of absolutely everything that we do and if we don't see that, well then we are obviously participating in the racism. Then if we can't see the racism, we are obviously blind and refusing to admit that it did exist in the country's history at all, no matter how untrue that thought is. I will end by asking, if the roles were reversed, and the nominations list was filled with black representation among the actors, would we still hear the same kind of outcry about the lack of white people or would that somehow be considered presumptuous and racist in itself?

  9. I can’t believe it’s Oscars time again! *eek* How is this possible?! Like a giddy child I unashamedly look forward to this sparkly, shiny, celebration of the movies each year and that celebration wouldn’t feel complete without some murmur of controversy. Though I think people have got a little excited this year as racism is such a real issue, but I’m not convinced the Academy Awards is the right platform to fight the real issues of the world and I think if you want to battle equal rights in Hollywood you have to follow the white thread back to the writing and casting rooms and question the decisions being made there instead.

    At first I was outraged that Chris Rock was hosting, but only because I believe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host any and all award shows, but if it can’t be them (sob, weep) then he’s a great choice. Effortlessly funny and I’m sure he’ll use the controversy to his benefit as any comedienne would do. I'm no gambler but I'd bet a grape fruit burst on a 'white face' moment, and grape's my favourite.

    As for the movies, there’s nothing that really got me buzzing this year. ‘Mad Max’ was the most fun I’ve had in a cinema in a long time, and an excellent example of how to tell a story using minimal dialogue, but I think it’s too extreme for the voters, but might do very well in the technical pool.

    I really enjoyed ‘The Martian’ but laughed aloud when it was nominated in the Comedy/Musical category at the Globes! I predict it will miss out though. ‘Bridge of Spies’ was very good, as expected and I’m so happy Mark Rylance was nominated – he could be the dark horse in this category.

    ‘The Big Short’ bored the pants of me and I’m annoyed by its nomination. Great performances but I really couldn’t get on side with it. It may be that I simply don’t have the right brain to enjoy a movie about finance, and that’s clearly my High School math teachers fault. Another thing I get to blame her for!! *high five*

    Both ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Room’ were excellent but I don’t think there’s any escaping that it’s the year of ‘The Revenant’. Bleak, unforgiving, overly long and uncomfortable to watch but excellent. I hadn’t expected to like it and actually didn’t want to watch it but it sucks you in and doesn’t spit you out until the last flurry of snow licks across the screen. Leo is outstanding and deserves to win everything, and the bear scene will eliminate any fond memory you may have of that scoundrel Yogi Bear.

    My picks this year are –
    BEST MOVIE – The Revenant
    BEST ACTOR – Leonardo DiCaprio
    BEST ACTRESS – Brie Larson
    BEST DIRECTOR – Alejandro Inarritu

    1. i agree with u Eileen Leonardo is the better actor this movie will win i bet .

    2. Almost a clean sweep Eileen! Just missed Spotlight as Best Picture! Well done!

  10. woohoo! The comment I've been waiting for! You crack me up, and are so knowledgeable about the subject. "Minions" was shut out this year, but we have another chance next year with "The Secret Life of Pets", unless of course Pixar makes a movie LOL.

  11. Eva, yes it will be difficult!! And Eileen, you have some great insights! Looking forward to talking predictions with Charles, it's gonna be a good contest this year!!
    -Marie Pettit Gregson :)

  12. I am so excited for Thursday!! Talking Oscars makes me happy :)

    1. We are really excited to have you Marie!

  13. Best Movie I think was Room. Powerful, heartfelt, great acting, especially by Jacob Tremblay. Amazing!

    1. Thanks for joining in Dawn!! Good to hear from you! That kid is so adorable at award shows. A definite 'old soul.' janelle

  14. So looking forward to Thursday's show! Like some of the others here, I have only seen two of the movies nominated, "Room" and "The Revenant". Two totally different genres. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were wonderful in "Room"; that little guy can act! I loved Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Revenant", although it was such an intense movie (don't know if I would see it again). The cinematography and location shootings were amazing!

    You would think that Best Picture and Best Director would be synonymous with each other, one without the other seems unfair.

    Chris Rock will be okay as host (as long as he can keep it clean), and will certainly use the diversity issue to make a point. It will be interesting to see how he handles it. Obviously, he didn't feel it necessary to boycott the Oscars as others have said they will do. It's really sad that Hollywood has to worry about offending certain people, black/white, male/female, instead of making quality movies. There are so many good movies to see this year, as evidenced here, and there's something for everyone.

    My picks would be:
    Best Picture: The Revenant
    Best Director: Alejandro Inarritu
    Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Best Actress: Brie Larson

    1. I agree Marianne! Chris Rock will be fine as this year's host. I'm not sure if he will be able to keep it totally clean though! He will absolutely use his position to make a point, which is better than boycotting!
      I'm sure it will be a great show. I'm looking forward to it!

  15. I can't participate as I haven't seen this year's film selection :-(
    But my preference goes to Charlotte Rampling that I love and Di Caprio's talent.
    Also hope that John Williams will win.

  16. I'm a third generation cinephile, so the Oscars are important to me. Do I agree with all nominations or wins? Not all the time. But this is not why I tune in every year. The Oscars are a celebration. I love the tradition of it, the love of movies. That kid in 'Cinema Paradiso' watching with wide-eyed wonder and delight at the big screen? That's me then and now.

    I agree that there has to be reform in regards to the voting body of the Academy but for the love of God do not come and mess up the show. Fight before and fight after if you will, but not during the ceremony. When it becomes all about using the moment as a platform the spark dies out and makes everything bland and uncomfortable. And what about the nominees and the winners? I certainly don't want their moment lessened by the controversy.

    Chris Rock is not my favorite pick to emcee the Awards. If he turns this into a charged, aggressive soapbox moment, it ruins it for me. However, if he can be witty without falling into the pitfalls of bad taste which is always deplorable at any award show, then that sits well with me.

    Now as for predictions, I think Dicaprio will win, but I have to say I'd be sorry if he won for this one. I'll be glad for him and I'm a big fan of his, but 'The Revenant' isn't the best role to showcase what he can do. I wish it didn't feel like a consolation win, but that is what it will be. For Best Actress, Brie Larson or Jennifer Lawrence would make me truly happy. Best Supporting Actor I would have loved to have seen young Jacob Tremblay nominated. A very mature performance for one so young. Of the nominees in that category my favorite is Mark Rylance. He was brilliant in 'Bridge of Spies'. For Best Supporting actress I'd like to see Alicia Vikander win.

    I agree that all the best pictures nominated should have their directors nominated as well. In 2002 when Baz Luhrmann failed to be nominated while his movie 'Moulin Rouge' was, host Whoopi Goldberg quipped that the movie had apparently been made without a director. As for this year, I'd like to see either 'Spotlight' or 'Room' win for Best Picture. My Best Director nod goes to Lenny Abrahamson for 'Room'.

    And now, on with the show!

  17. Thank you for such a fun show tonight! Charlie, love the bow tie! Janelle, love the tiara. Marie, you were so delightful! Janne got her wish, sort of! So many good movies this year. Now I want to go out and see ALL of them! Can't wait to see the show on Sunday, and all the glamour and glitz on the red carpet! I can't say I've see all of the award shows, like you Janelle, but I have seen a lot of them. It'll be fun to see who actually wins! I'm looking forward to seeing Marie back on the show. More fun!

  18. Just watched the video, it was just delightful! Marie was a wonderful addition to the show. Now I'm anxious to see the films(well, except The Revenant, I'll just have to trust you all on that one). Marie's party sounds amazing, hope she brings photos with her next week. Thanks for an enjoyable show.

  19. Great show today. Marie was a delight and a great addition to the show. I think there was pretty much a consensus on the major awards, so we will see if we are all right on Sunday.

    Janelle mentioned she has never missed an Oscar broadcast. I have never missed one either. It was always so special to me, not my family so much! I remember as a young child in Zimbabwe, waiting for it to show on TV. We never got it live, usually a week or two after the event and we never got the 3 hour version, always the one hour version, i.e. The major awards! It nearly drove me crazy having to wait, when everyone else had seen it. I would write every award down and, until recently, had pages of Oscar records. Even now, I feel the need to have pen and paper ready when watching! Great memories!

    Well done everyone and I'm looking forward to the Post Oscar show with you all next week!


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