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"Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Here is the link to the Video from today's show, Thursday February 18th's HERE'S A THOUGHT with Charles Shaughnessy & Janelle

IF you want to give your comments or questions to Charlie, please post them here in the blog in the comments section & they may be included in this weeks show! He will NOT be taking phone calls this week, so if you want your voice to make a difference, please post your comments or questions here!

Here are some of the current United States events that might be discussed!

1.   The death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia on February 13th and the Constitutional impact. President Obama confirms he will be nominating a replacement, as is his right, and the Republicans vehemently object.  Where do you stand on this issue?

2.  The Republican debate on February 13th which was probably the most aggressive and cutthroat Republican primary debate yet.  Did you watch it?  Do you have an opinion on the way they behaved toward each other or what was said and fought about? Do you think the debates are a useful look at the candidates or a sideshow horror?

3. CNN announced it will have back to back Republican Town Halls hosted by Anderson Cooper on Wednesday & Thursday nights this coming week where the candidates will be answering questions from the voters before they go to the polls on Saturday, the 20th. Carson, Cruz & Rubio will be in Greenville on Wednesday. Trump, Bush & Kasich will be in Columbia Thursday.

4.  The Porter Ranch Gas leak in Southern California, the toxic water in Flint Michigan. Who takes responsibility, how should this be regulated and is a punishment in order? 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about any of the news events of the week, that have been mentioned, or still might happen between now and Thursday, so we invite you to participate here!  


  1. I'll reply here, with the assumption that others are in the queue and that Becky and I have typed almost identical replies LOL. I've never been as thankful to have left the Republican Party than I was this weekend! Two debacles in less than 24 hours...grrr. The topics:
    1)Antonin Scalia. I know he wasn't popular on the left, but I was really unhappy with the level of vitriol coming from the liberals. Not the LEAST bit tolerant or accepting of diverse opinions!! That said, I think that the Republicans really made asses of themselves, coming out before the body was cold, to announce that they will block any nomination, and to 'let the people decide'? WHAT? First of all, why would you say that before hearing who the nominee is? And secondly, the Constitution gives the President the power to nominate the SCOTUS! They have just made themselves look even more obstructionist. I don't want a left-wing justice any more than they do, but for goodness sake be smart. I don't know how this will play out. Will Obama appoint Kelly or Srinivasan, who have already had unanimous approval by the Senate, or will he put in a far-lefty knowing full well that the R's will say no? I hope it's the former.
    2. The Debate. Oh my, how embarrassing!! Kasich looked like the sane one in the room, Carson was sweet and polite, and the others were like a cage fight! I was very disappointed that Rubio and Cruz got into it(I speak Spanish, no I speak Spanish!), and Trump v Bush was utterly ridiculous!! I also didn't appreciate the obvious stacking of the audience with Bush and Rubio supporters, pretty obvious who the RNC wants in. The whole thing was painful to watch.
    3. Not much to say about the Town Halls, except that it will be nice to hear Cruz and Rubio without that bombastic horse's rear end in the room, though I feel sorry for Kasich having to deal with the continuation of Trump v Jeb! for an evening. I hope he gets to speak.
    4. Not very informed, so I'll leave that to the others.

    Looking forward to this discussion!

    1. Jo, it looks like you beat me to punch this time. As much as I am entertained by the parts of a brain we seem to share, I must say that I am truly sorry if you share any of the warped ways in which my brain thinks. The moderate part's not so bad, and keeps me from identifying with any one political ideology. The rest of it. . .I'm sorry. No really. I'm sorry.
      But I do agree, nominating a Supreme Court Justice is the President's responsibility, according to the Constitution. It's not the people's. The Republican party is being childish and throwing a tantrum because they don't like the current administration's political party. When it comes down to it, political party should not have any bearing on determining if something is Constitutional or not. This should not be a demonstration of party over policy politics, no matter how much they try to turn it into one. The President needs to be allowed to do his job, not be impeded just because he holds a different political ideology.

  2. this should be good can't wait

  3. Very good show last week, and I am looking forward to another "passionate " show this week! The topic of the nomination of a new Judge to the Supreme Court is going to be a hot one, and I'm sure, people's opinions will depend on their political persuasions. I will leave that to last, but want to address a few of the other topics in the news.

    First, the Republican Debate! I can't say too much about it, as I had to turn it off not long into it. I dislike the tone of these debates, and the rudeness and disrespect the Republican candidates demonstrate toward each other is a huge turn off for me. Therefore, I can't watch it!

    The Town Hall meetings with the Republican candidates should be better. Hopefully, they will get a chance to answer voters questions calmly, without being insulted and being called a liar! Not sure it's a good idea to have Trump and Bush together though!

    Now, the Porter Ranch Leak! This is a terrible situation, and it's not that far from where I live! This should never have been allowed to go this far! If the gas company had done something right away, as soon as people started noticing the smell, it would have saved them millions! Instead, they chose to ignore the people and deny everything. Now, it is costing them millions and will go on costing them, in law suits, for years to come! Once again, we have a company refusing to act in order to save money! They put their 'bottom line' over the health of the public. I'm not sure what they thought the 'end game' would be! Did they think it would all just go away??? Unbelievable! The Gas Company needs to take responsibility and should have from the very beginning. I think their should be a committee made up of state officials, environmentalists and members of the gas company who investigate any reports of leaks or anything. They could help regulate the company. I'm not sure about punishment! Maybe the loss of millions is the best punishment, since money means so much to them!

    Now let's get back to SCOTUS. The passing of Judge Scalia was very sad. He was a good man who took the Law very seriously and his role as a Supreme Court Judge. His passing has thrown the political arena into turmoil. The question is should the President nominate someone to take his place, or should everything be put on hold for 10 months until the new President makes a nomination. Once again, I think it depends on which way they lean politically. If one is more Conservative, then they would rather wait till a new president is elected, in the hopes that person is a Republican who will then nominate a conservative a Judge and keep the Supreme Court conservative. However, if one is more liberal, they would prefer a nomination now in the hopes of making the court more liberal.
    I truly believe that 10 months is too long to have only 8 Justices, especially when, as it stands right now, they are split four and four with no one to break any deadlock on any question they may be tackling, if they are deadlocked. It is the President's constitutional duty and right to make a nomination and I think he should. The average time for an appointment, once a nomination has been made, is two to three months. Plenty of time. That being said, I am sure the Senate will try their hardest to block any nomination! So, I guess, politics as usual!

    On a personal note, I am so glad HAT is back and we get to talk and discuss our different opinions here. It is always stimulating and very helpful to hear other points of view! Thanks Charlie! Looking forward to Thursday!

  4. I am looking forward to another good show as well. I won't be able to catch it until it's up on the archives, but it is a high point of my week.

    The death of Justice Scalia is sad, he was a good man who thought very highly of the law. However, the situation created by the vacancy now left is a clear manifestation of the problem of the extreme polarization between ideologies within the country. While both sides have been historically guilty of dragging their feet and trying to impede the other side until they can get what they want, an announcement that Republicans actually plan to do so is nothing but a childish measure to try to ensure they can get what they want. I'm reminded of a little kid who tells his mom that, unless he can have cookies for dinner, he's just going to hold his breath until he gets his way. And it's all because the members of the Republican party insist that whoever fills the position HAS to be someone from the same side as them. But the thing is that, the law is the law. It should not matter which to which political ideology a Supreme Court Justice falls because their job is to interpret the Constitution and determine if laws and actions fit within it or is contrary to it. That should not be associated with a political ideology. I know that's a bit of idealistic view from my end, but I political affiliation should not be considered as a part of determining if something follows the constitution or not. The Constitution clearly puts the responsibility of nominating Supreme Court Justices into the lap of the President, and it does not give time restrictions on how long that president should have remaining in office. But, with the polarization the way it is now, it wouldn't have surprised me if the Republicans would have done something like this had a similar situation occurred at the beginning of Obama's term. So they say that they will simply drag their feet and impede the process until they get a Republican president, but what if that doesn't happen? How long will they drag out the process? Are they going to keep holding out? I'm fear that, even if the President were to nominate a rock star moderate who doesn't fall completely to either ideology, they would still try to impede simply because that person would be nominated by a Democratic president. While both sides have been known to drag their feet and try to impede the other side from doing anything, this is clearly obstructionism beyond measure. This is proof positive that compromise is not found in politics.

    Like Sharon, I was only able to watch the debate for a short time because it was all about attacking and insulting the other candidates. There was no respect shown at all between the candidates. I couldn't deal with the negativity oozing from the debate this week, so I had to turn it off. I don't think that the debates are helpful like they should be, anyway. I don't think they are a useful look at the candidates or their policies. I often feel that all of the debates are a sideshow horror of election season. In theory, they are supposed to show how the candidates do under pressure, but I don't even see how they show that anymore. There are other ways to learn about a candidate's policies, especially in today's age of technology.

    I don't know too much about the Porter Reach leak, but from what little I do know about the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the individuals responsible for denying that there was a problem or that drastic measures were required to solve the problem and keep it from getting as out of hand as it did. Each person along the line of not getting things done should be held responsible for any part they had in allowing the situation to get out of hand.

    1. I agree Becky, that the law is the law. Quite often, a Justice may not side with the President or party that appointed him! Both parties should be eager to appoint a new Justice, so the Court can get on with what it is supposed to be doing. To prevent this from happening, is total obstructionism!

  5. What a week for news!
    1) Antonin Scalia -- I think with 10 months left until the election, and another 2 months after that until a new President is sworn in in 2017, I don't see any alternative but to appoint a new Supreme Court Judge. Of course, the Republicans are doing to prevent it, but the Democrats would too if the shoe was on the other foot. Let's face it, both parties want someone who is sympathetic to their cause. Good or bad, it needs to be done, or they may remain deadlocked without anyone willing to compromise.

    2) The Republican debate was the most aggressive and cutthroat one yet. Why didn't the moderators step in to stop the tirades? It was like one of the reality shows gone wild; the attacks were vicious. Trump attacking Bush and blaming the senior Bush for the 9/11 attacks; Rubio and Cruz attacking each other; Rubio trying to impress Cruz that he knows Spanish. Carson was trying to be the perfect gentleman, not giving in to the antics, happy he was being asked to answer more than one question (his words). Kasich was the only rational one urging them all to stop the negative comments and ads and concentrate on what their agendas really are for the country.

    I like watching the debates, and they can be useful to a point, but NOT if they are going to be a spectacle like Saturday.

    3) It will be interesting to see if the smaller town meetings this week will be more civilized, giving the voters in the respective towns a chance to ask questions people really want answered from the candidates. Although, who decided on the pairings of the candidates? Trump/Bush was not a good idea. I think the fighting will continue, even in the smaller setting, and Kasich will be overshadowed unless he stands up for himself.

    There is a quote on Facebook this week from John F. Kennedy that reads, "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." This is so relevant for today, more than ever. Both parties need to heed this advice. Democrats and Republicans alike are not working together for the common good of the people. It is very evident by what is going on with this election.

    Looking forward to Thursday's discussion!

    1. Great quote Marianne, and one that is perfect for the present situation!

  6. Just a comment from a European women (so, probably of no importance (and in bad English!) but I wanted to react on your question. Because even though we are an ocean away; the election of your new president is also important for our nation/ continent).
    1. I think Obama has an obligation to do his job during his whole presidency: so he has to appoint a judge over there.
    2. O… I really hope Trump will win the Conservative elections? Am I a fan? Hell no! But let’s say he will become the candidate for the Conservatives… then I really believe the next president is a Democratic! I mean… if the people of the USA have to choose between Trump or Hillary / Bernie (they are both fine…)… come on? I cannot believe that more of 50% of the people of the USA will voite for Trump. With another Republic candidate the Democratic has to fear perhaps. But with Trump?? No… you people are smarter than that!
    So let the shows on TV be so dumb as they are today… the Republics are digging their one grave.
    That is my opinion and from what I hear around me.. from a lot of other Dutch people as well.
    Kind regards, Esther

  7. Looking forward to tonight ( for me ). As I 'm not uptodate with all US current politics , I can only make a comment about MI and Ca . Those responsible should go to jail , but as always money has to do with these things and I ' m sure amounts were " donated " from the respective companies to oversee these things .It ' sad . However i'm glad to hear that Erin Brokovich is involved in MI . She may not do it for nil, but I think those " Up there " will be alarmed to have to fight against her . It's a sad world so much corruption going on .

  8. Hi Charlie, I go and look at your broadcast this evening. But I would not answer your questions; I do not know enough the politics of the USA.
    Just say hello for your fans of France.
    Kinds Regards.

  9. all i can think of is wow i enjoy your show to night hope may will watch you from many places we sure know how to shake things up here but it still the best place to be looking forward to next week nice to see janelle back she looks great thanks for sharing with us all take care hope the gas leak in cailf will be fix keep fight it for us charlie !

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. i agree tess wow hope that don't happen dividing the country we are heading to hell and the rest of the world will follow maybe were are and we don't know it yet maybe the end is near !

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Firstly, my apologies for triple posts--I deleted my earlier comment which did not successfully cut/paste.

    1 -Although I am a fan of Mr. Shaughnessy (he was my first celebrity/actor crush), I'm a little disappointed. I take no issue in Mr. Shaughnessy calling out Mitch McConnel with regard to his response in appointing a new justice in Hon. Scalia's spot. However it was the president also exercising poor taste and bad timing. There was no need for Obama to bring up appointing a new justice just a few hours after the announcement of Hon. Scalia's death. It would have been more appropriate to bring up appointing a new justice AFTER Hon. Scalia's funeral (which the POTUS declined to attend the funeral--which is pretty unprofessional in my opinion).

    It bemuses me that no one upholds the sa me standards to the Democrats. While I am no fan of the GOP (today's version of that party), the Democrats are just as divisive. My fear is that after this upcoming election, the US will move towards separation. Both sides of the political coin have no respect for the other. I'm only 39, but I can't recall either party refusing to cooperate with the other for the sake of the US.

    2- With regard to the GOP debate, thankfully Gov. Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson took the high road during that debate. I have yet to determine who to support (unfortunately, Sen. Rand Paul dropped out) however the town halls were great and massive respect to Anderson Cooper in doing a fine job moderating them. The debates are becoming long winded and I hope to see more townhall meetings conducted instead. As far as some of the comments here regarding hoping for a Democratic POTUS, frankly this current administration has been disappointing. I have been deeply affected by the passing of ACA that the thought of Clinton and especially Sanders being elected further complicates my healthcare. I have an eye disorder and it has been difficult to find an affordable healthcare plan which my specialists accept. I could go on a tangent of how Obamacare has become more costly for me, but that's not part of the topic here.

    Question for Charlie: I have friends and family in England and my dream is to return to the UK to live there, I was wondering about Mr. Shaughnessy's thoughts regarding the EU, and a possible "Brit-exit" from the EU?

  13. Great to have you on the Blog Tess! Always nice to get different opinions. I don't agree with you over President Obama's talking about appointing a new Justice. He was just responding to the Republicans when they brought it up so soon after Justice Scalia' passing.

    I do agree that it would be interesting to hear Charlie's opinion on whether the UK should remain in the EU. Having lived there myself awhile and having many family and friends there, it is of interest to me.

    I hope you will join in the discussions again. Always interesting!

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome Sharon! I'm a big fan of Charlie and although I don't agree with everything he says, he is very respectfull--something which most radio and television presenters sadly lack today. I am interested in hearing Charlie's opinion regarding Cameron's pitch of the updated EU Referrandum. I have roots in England too, and my friends and family who live there plan to vote no to the new Referrandom and want Great Britain out of the EU completely.

      With regards to Obama, I respectfully disagree and you are not correct on the timeline of events. The President made his remarks regarding Hon. Scalia's death at 10:02 EST, on Saturday 13 February (I saw obama's live statement on CNN). Two hours later, Mitch McConnell released his response to Obama's remarks at 12:03 AM EST, Sunday, 14 February. Although I agree McConnell should have allowed time to pass, ultimately it was Obama who brought up replacing Scalia just a few hours after Scalia's death was announced. I copied and pasted a link from the NY Times which outlines the press announcements following Scalia's death.

  14. Great show today.Loved the personal touches like your tiara Janelle & Charlie's bowtie. Marie was a great addition she knows her stuff. Very introspective points of view from all of you. Will be interesting to see what develops Sunday. Have a great week till next time❤️


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