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VIOLENCE discussion on HERE'S A THOUGHT with Charles Shaughnessy

The topic for Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy that we are discussing is . . .

From the Bible to a movie screen near you,  Violence has always been a second language. 

Is the world getting more violent and is it ever justified? Is there a solution?

drawing by Janne Nordvang

If you missed the live show, you can watch it as a video on demand in the archives.

Our thoughts go out to the victims and families in Brussels.  

Let us know what your thoughts & questions are on the topic of Violence, and leave them in the comments section below.  

added on March 15th: Here is a great website, the histories of violence if you want to check it out before Thursday


  1. The society in wich we live is more and more violent. the violence is everywere , as well in the reality as in the cinema (the successes of the box-office is movies of murder , robbery.....

    A violence which is aslo present at the school (racketeering , moral harassment , injury....)

    The victim often keeps silent for fear of reprisals. She is afraid of the threats which she takes seriously.

    It's certainly hard but the people victims of violence have to speak about it has their family or a teacher if they are pupil, It exists institutes for speak about the violence or telephone number .

  2. i agree very violence more today world then ever or was it always like that sense the bible it tell you it everywhere so do one buy a gun that may help who want to go to school that all u hear about i'm just waiting for my time to go and i'm still around what up with that just joking but that's how i feel its a rotten world or i'm i wrong i always felt that way for yrs so i stick to watching the soaps it may help to forget but they not to good know a days but it make believe so much better then real life .

  3. so true violence is everywhere now a days give me the better days when i was growing up where i came from most everyone was happier back then thinking getting a gun to help me so i'll be safe .

  4. Yes Charlie I think it is a much more violent world we live in compaired to when I was growing up I just fear for my grandkids as I don't think it's going to get any better soon but I also don't know the answer to make it any better

  5. The apparent Republican nominee for President is doing all he can to encourage, or incite violence during his rallies in the name of .... free publicity, or to secure his tough-guy image? He just may be the leader of the free world soon, (God forbid) and this is who our children (and we) are supposed to look up to as a symbol of morality and strength of character? Violence is not justified for the sake of argument; only in self-defense.

  6. The more a child or adult encounters violence, be it through media, gaming, their career (military, sports, etc), or their personal lives, the more numb they become to it. It becomes the norm when it shouldn't be the norm. Psychologists have been studying the topic of violence for years, so has medical science. I do believe they are more qualified to respond to this type of question than the average person.

  7. Is the world more violent today? I actually don't think it is! There have always been violent acts, often extreme violent acts, all through history. It has been a way of life. I do think we 'see' more of this violence wherever it occurs in the world, due to the media bringing us instant, worldwide coverage, and prolonged coverage, and, if by chance, the media did not pick up an act of violence, you can be sure it will be on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other Social media sites. Seeing it on television or in the papers all the time make us feel as if the world is a more violent place now than it was before. Added to this, is the fact that the media get their best ratings when they are showing violent acts, which means, people like watching it! I guess people have always enjoyed watching violence since before the days of the Gladiators fighting in the amphitheatres.

    What has changed is the number of people affected by these violent acts. Because guns are so much more lethal now, and can kill so many more people with one burst, as well as the fact that in the U.S. they are still easily obtained, legally or illegally, we see so many more deaths from one act of violence. A person on a killing spree with a sword can hurt a lot but can never do as much damage as a man with a semi automatic rifle.

    Is violence justified? I would love to say it is never justified, but that is hard to do. Throughout history, violence has been a neccesary evil to move the world forward. Violence has worked very well for Europe, England and The U.S. Violent wars have been fought for the best reasons! Were they justified? Probably!
    Random acts of violence though, by perpetrators, or by the police are not justified. Inciting people to commit violence is not justified either, whether you are the leader of a gang or someone running for president!

  8. Sadly yes. I'm in my 40's now and I have seen many changes in NYC and my hometown located in southern NY. There's so many reasons for this but I feel the core of the problem is the breakdown of the family, and loss of faith and spirituality.

    1. I belive the devil is winning if there is one maybe we are in circle like watching Romen movie or is it history reaping again I. Use to say it's a in the pass but here it is in our times now it's the TV and maybe we should shut it off or chance the channels no. One cares anymore about this country it's hell in a hand basket we are all going down in to .

  9. It is very true that the more that we are exposed to violence, the more we become desensitized to it. We see violence in everything that makes our society what it is. The simple fact is that violence sells in the United States. We love it, and are willing to pay large amounts of money to see it in movies and in sports. Football is super popular because it is super violent. Hockey matches get the most cheering when a fight breaks out. Violence is everywhere within our popular culture. Yet, we seem to have a double standard because when we see real-life violence, it's appalling, and can't stand the idea that people could be so inhumane to one another. How do we distinguish between the violence that we deem acceptable in entertainment and that which we deem unacceptable in the world around us? How is alright for us to view extreme acts of violence in movies, on television and in a variety of versions of entertainment, and then appalling when the violence is turned to the real world? It's as though we believe that the violence is acceptable as long as it is in a format where we can separate the fiction from the reality. However, as soon as it creeps into the real world, then it's unacceptable, well, because it's real. I don't know if there is more violence today than there has been in history or if just seems like there is because we have more media covering it. History is always told by the victors and they are likely to tell the story in a way that paints them in a positive light. That means that the history we receive may or may not show the accurate amount of violence experienced throughout all the annals of history. But we do have more media covering it today then ever before in recorded history. We have more access to the violence through entertainment as well as in the media showing the real violence that makes us sick to our stomachs because it's more than just a momentary venture in entertainment.

  10. I have to agree with most of the previous posters. Yes, we live in a violent world, but we are also exposed to it through media, real and "pretend". Imagine if there had been 24-hr news coverage and embedded reporters during the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, both World Wars, etc? Is violence ever necessary? Yes, in cases of self-defense or when there is a threat to others. Sadly though, usually both sides feel that they are the "good guy" taking out the "bad guy". When people are passionate about a cause, they are willing to fight to the death for it, so trying to talk it out and come to a compromise doesn't work(not individuals, but through out history). Even if one nation/group WANTS to be peaceful, they are attacked and have no choice but to retaliate in self-defense, and a war breaks out. Almost, if not all, of the nations and people groups were forged by violence.
    We are "entertained" by violence too. In the past, violence was usually shown "off screen", now we see every act in all of its bloody, gory detail. In one sense, it is a way to show just how awful war can be, but does it also "teach" that war is the most effective option? But for the most part, unless it's a historical film, the violence is over-done and often gratuitous.
    Finally...Trump. Yes I agree he is saying very provocative things and I wish he'd just take his hair and go far away. BUT, at the same time, the people at these rallies are ADULTS! They know it's wrong, and do it anyway? I feel like a mom saying "if your friends all jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?".

  11. Hi everybody,
    this is a very broad topic, I'll try to sum up some of my thoughts.

    a very known statement of the Jewish Sages from about 2000 years ago is (in my simple translation):
    "A person who raises a hand on his friend is called evil"
    Raising a hand, even if you do not hit, only raise, why call the person evil?
    One of the reasons is that those who lifted a hand, even without hitting, just thinking of it, in his thought sabotaged the divine image in which a person is born with. that is considered a sin, even just thinking of it. Those who believe that man was created in the image of God, cannot think even to raise a hand to harm a person, even not by hitting, but by harming his image or his security.

    I believe the movie industry has a great effect on the amount of violence in the world,
    I can understand the creators and viewers of these films (catharsis, releasing aggression, etc.) but I do not justify it, there is no reason in the world to add to what already exists.
    I would argue the same thing about movies containing sex, nudity, crime, cursing, bad words, etc.
    Even if the films are trying to send a message that acting these ways is wrong, their effect is more like the effect of: Do as I say, not as I do. The external message and morals do not seep into the subconscious, but the film itself and it's contents.

    There is certainly much more violent world. I definitely think that one of the inducements is that.

    Another reason is that people just don't know how to communicate, interpersonal communication has become an unknown concept, technology and individualism turned the way of thinking into me, I and myself opposite those standing between me and my desires and wishes, this attitude also creates violence of one against himself and the surroundings, parents towards children and vice versa, teachers against children and vice versa, between husbands and wives and so on.
    I think there's a great need to add interpersonal communication studies from an early age and to limit the content and the amount of time that's permitted to broadcast watch these contents, not only children but also adults.

    In Hebrew, the words Violence (Alimut) and Dumbness (Ilmut) are very similar and not without a reason, not knowing how to communicate, to talk right, in a way is considered Dumbness. this can lead to violence very easily.

    one more point: as far as I can see, violence (national or individual), must not be treated indulgently, there's a need to eradicate the source of the violence, otherwise, the source of this violence will see the forgiving attitude and treatment as holding out the other cheek, and he will not hesitate to attack again and there is a necessity to act as firm as possible, even when it seems violent.
    an act of self defense, in my opinion is not wrong violence,
    As King Solomon said in the Declaration of Ecclesiastes:
    "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
    A time to .... kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
    .... A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; ..... A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. "

    According to my belief there is nothing in the world that exists for no reason, and wise thing is to know how to control and use everything in the right Measure.

    Today the world has more and more violence and we need to reduce it to it's right size until there will be no need to use it.

  12. Yeah. I think the world is getting more violent. And I'm honestly getting sick of hearing about it all the time. You look at the Trump campaign and his stops and you see him promoting violence, which in a way, is not what I'm supportive of. You see a person attack another person, and it's blown up to the point where we are having this war of humanity and self control. That's what we all hear on a daily basis, and I'm honestly becoming a bit more petrified. Here's a little example: last night, I had a nightmare where I was in church and then a person starts shooting a gun and people are running and screaming and someone starts choking my neck, and I woke up with my hand around my neck. I've seen violence so many times on the news, I'm starting to get nightmares.
    The violence, whether it's physical or mental has to stop. It has to stop.

    1. Hi Taylor,
      it's pretty disturbing to read what you feel, I'm sorry for you about your nightmares, it's hard to live in constant fear and even dream about it.
      I can only share from my experience, growing up with terror all my life and losing many people I knew to terror, that one way to cope is to add gentleness into your heart BUT keeping in mind the other options, even if they include violence. ignoring or tossing aside the harsher thoughts will just cause them to them push back into your thoughts. if there's somewhere I never experience thoughts of terror, is in my dreams, I also have a very strong feeling of purpose which helps to not give up hope ever, and not keeping fear around all the time. fearing violence, I believe, only makes it worse. dealing with it in mind and in action can help at least in the personal level.
      but that's only from my experience, not something professional.

      about Trump-
      I don't think he's less violent than Sanders for instance, he just never stops to think before he talks.
      I afraid of him for the USA just as much as I'm afraid of the other candidates, non of them neither the republican nor the Democrat's candidates are good in my opinion, each of them for a different reason and violence isn't only on Trumps side.

    2. i agree michal trump or sanders not a bad man just worry about what going on with the country and the world violence is everywhere know a days is nothing we can do no .

    3. Taylor, I am sorry that you feel so overwhelmed by worry and fear of the violence throughout the world. It is easy to get overwhelmed as it becomes so much more prevalent and pervasive in everything that we see in the media and all over the internet. The advice I can give is similar to what Michal said, set your mind to the positive things that you can do, and then proceed with a focus on the ways that you can be a positive influence in the lives of other people. Combat the violence you see bombarding the news by continuing to be compassionate and caring to the people around you. Adopt a mentality that you can promote peace and the good in the world simply by way of the good that you can do. Then put that mentality into action. I know, personally, doing just that helps me see that violence is not the only thing existing in the world. It also helps me keep a positive perspective concerning the people and the world around me that I can directly influence. The more I can try to fill my life with good, the more I can control my own thoughts and keep the overwhelming and overbearing nature of violence in the world at bay, no matter what part of my life it threatens to invade.

  13. all i can say is holy crap trump is not the only one they all are trouble people i get nightmares just thinking to much about to give up u may have to drag me to go vote gee even the soaps are getting much better meaning days i enjoy Magicians the other day wow was i shocked but it was really good just thought u like to know i wonder was more coming of you on the show ? see u on thurs 17th luck of the irish day !

  14. Just a thing to be said: the man is the worst predator of the planet, for him even and the nature.

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  16. I have to agree with most of what everyone has posted. Is there more violence in the world? I would have to say yes and no. The world has always had violence. However thanks to the media and internet we are bombarded by it on a daily basis. Are there cases where violence is warranted? I think so...especially in cases of self-defense. Have we as a society become jaded by it? I think that in some ways we have. We live in a world where violence shows and movies have become more violent and downright disturbing over the years and unfortunately our presidential election. As my husband has said we live in a Jerry Springer world. Which he has a valid point. Otherwise someone like Trump wouldn't have made it as far as he has in his campaign...and it's unfortunate! To be honest, if God forbid he becomes president...the violence will become worse.

  17. Cuckoo Mr Shaughnessy I Katy a French fan of you and yes I also got beat for years but these are my girls that I opened my eyes and I n never forget the evil that I have suffered the pain fear of wholes day as the fear of tomorrow these angry crisis to me but when he lay a hand on one of my daughter I left and now I have again another life but fears of men and humans in general thank you to share yet thousand thank you for your great issuance cordially Katy

    1. very interesting thanks for sharing your story !

  18. Lurdes Pereira17 March, 2016 07:37

    Charles,I think the society in which we live is more violent!
    The violence is everywhere!Last sunday in Paris,to see a concert of a Portuguese singer,(I'm portuguese but I live in Paris) the police closed the street!
    I will see and hear you at midnight, French hour!Kisses from France,Lurdes
    There were police everywhere ,whith guns
    It's so sad!After the attacks in Paris , we live in a climate of insecurity !
    It is very sad when we got the Trocadéro to see the Eiffel Tower , we can feel the insecurity that we live in this beautiful French city !
    we also see a lot of police armed with machine guns,everywhere!
    Even a simple visit to a shopping center, leaves us a feeling of insecurity,We live another life after this! Great question, and thanks for posing it, Charles!

    1. wow very interesting hope to hear more about how thinks are going in paris love know what is going on so we can keep up with u thanks .

  19. Violence is very real! It has been around since Biblical times. As just one example, "The Passion of the Lord", which will be read in churches tomorrow, Palm Sunday, depicts Christ's entrance into Jerusalem and his crucifixion when they nailed him to the cross.

    Sadly, there will always be violence for those that fight for superiority, for control of a country, in the name of religion, or are reaching out for help because they don't know any other way. As others have said, we have twenty-four hour media that brings us coverage from around the world.

    Gangs are fighting other gangs and killing each other, just for territorial rights. Nations fighting each other for control. We almost become numb to violence because it is an every day occurrence somewhere.

    Are we becoming more violent? Maybe so. I do think we are seeing violence on a greater magnitude.

    Is violence ever justified? Sure, if it is for self-defense, either as an individual, or as a country, being threatened by what we perceive as the enemy. But...not just because we don't agree with someone's views, or just for the sake of rioting for a cause or to make a point. We are supposed to be a civilized world, but somehow many are losing sight of that.

    1. Very good point, Marianne; violence often becomes the manifestation of attempts to force, coerce and oblige others to appreciate and accept a point of view. It stems from desires to force others into submission to one point of view and perspective, especially if the original recipient of the violence is dramatically opposed to the violent side. It happens in attempts to force the recipient to accept the point of view behind the violence. Even if it is not designed to force acceptance of a point of view, violence can represent attempts to gain the respect and fear of opposing viewpoints, at the same time trying to eliminate them. Gang violence is a solid representation of attempts to gain respect and completely eliminate the opposition. Often perpetuated by disaffected youth who don't feel they have a needed sense of security within their home life. It gains steam when those disaffected youth find groups that provide them with the sense of belonging and acceptance desired. Fueled by a desire to gain the respect and fear of any opposition, the gangs resort to violence in attempts to force others to accept their dominance.
      Outside of gangs, as well, violence can result in attempts to completely eliminate opposing views and perspectives, intermixed with the desire of people to get their own way. Why else would a presidential candidate tell his supporters to punch someone who disagrees in the face, simply because he disagrees? That violence is simply designed to force any opposing view into submission, eliminating any sense that anyone might disagree with the perspective presented. In this sense, violence is a manifestation of a lack of respect for any other point of view, regardless of how much respect it demands from opposing views and perspectives.
      As many have said here, violence is only ever justifiable if it is defensive. One of the pitfalls people can fall into, however, with regards to defense is the idea that they can be defending their own ideals, thereby justifying violence toward the opposition, since they feel the opposition threatens their ideals. Of course, that is not a valid justification, since other options exist for defending ideals, and violence can only enforce the acceptance of differing ideals, but can never enforce embracing them.

  20. Another attack today in Brussels. Nobody anymore is under cover and those this all over the world. Here is always of the violence and still the violence in .......
    I am wholeheartedly with our friends Belges.

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  22. here we go again i wonder who is next wonder fromm Easter to Passover will we all survive its every where now violence the sweet voice of people of peace is it not working to me time to fight back or we are all Done Happy Easter and Passover ( Israel ) may we fight with them !

  23. Once again, our world has been rocked by senseless violence. This time, the innocent people of Brussels, Belgium were targeted. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Belgium.

    We have been discussing violence in this blog the past two weeks and how there has always been violence in the world all through history. I think violence is in our DNA! Now, however, we have groups of people who have taken violence to a whole other level!
    What they have done is horrific! But the results of this violence will go far beyond the casualties of these bombings. It will spread fear among the people of Europe, many of whom will take it out on the innocent refugees fleeing countries where this type of violence is a daily occurrence.
    The challenge for all of us, is not to go after Muslims and Muslim refugees, though that is our gut instinct, and one that plays right into the hands of Trump, and Isis, who want the West to go after Muslims thereby proving that what they say about us hating Muslims, is correct. Instead, though we do have to be extremely careful about who comes into our countries and screen them as best we can, we also have to try to integrate these people into our countries as quickly as we can. We have to try to give them a reason to take our side against people who want to cause such violence. Easier said than done, but we have to keep trying.

    Violence begets violence, and I fear it will get worse before it gets better. We are fighting a war against terrorism with Europe as one of the battlegrounds. This act of terrorism will lead to more attacks on Isis bases, which has to be done, but is more violence. It's a vicious circle!

  24. Finally when one sees what can be done in the name of God, one wonders what is left to the devil as activity...
    That's my thought in regard of what is happening in Europe right now...

    I am so sorry to have no time to write on the blog as I used to but I am reading all your comments and listening to the archives... and trying to post some short tweets regularly here and there...
    Looking forward to see the show thursday.

    1. It does make you wander! It is very sad what is happening in Europe right now. My hope is that they will be able to stop it, but I fear, that won't happen for awhile! We have to unite to defeat this awful scourge in our world.
      I am just glad you get to watch the show and tweet!

    2. This *is* the devil's activity. Satan's biggest coup is to make God look bad. And it's working, because all faiths are being slandered due to the activity of an extreme radical branch of one faith. Yes, there were incidents of violence in the Old Testament, but they were needed in "that time and place". The only violence in the New Testament is Jesus' willing Crucifixion, and the torture of His Followers. Peaceful Muslims do not interpret their scriptures the way the jihadis do. Peaceful Muslims, Christians, Jews, and secular people must unite to eliminate this hornet's nest. And while we'd all love to sit down and negotiate with them, I think that's looking pretty unlikely, which then drags us into war that goes against everything we believe in. And they know that this war will devastate us financially, politically, and most important emotionally. Why do you think they hide their arms cache in the basements of schools or hospitals? Because they win both ways. We refuse to attack, and they've got their weapons and mock our weakness. We attack, and they have propaganda to use for recruitment and have psychologically damaged those who have to do the deed. No easy answers, but I suspect that soon we'll move the airport security out to the sidewalk, next to the skycaps.

    3. I'm right there with you, Jo. The biggest work of the forces of evil is to make it seem like it is done in the name of good. So many of the non-religious people I know use the fact that so much violence and hatred happens in the name of God to justify saying that all religion and spirituality is a horrible thing and that all religion, religious thoughts, spirituality and worship should be eradicated and banned throughout the world in order to prevent evil, violent works from happening in the name of God. Yet, for religious people like ourselves, that would come across as no different than the perspective of insisting that others should subscribe to any given religious perspective or belief. Peaceful people have to fight the violent people, but we have to find a way without escalating the violence. Responding through violence is only going to make the situation worse as they will then be able to use that as fuel for their recruitment and continuing efforts at instilling terror and freezing everyone in fear of them. But, as you said, it's not like we can sit down and talk about with them about our differences so we can come to a peaceful agreement, regardless how much we still disagree. There are no easy answers, and it will take the peaceful people of the world willingly looking past religious differences to overcome the hatred they try so desperately to spread. All of the peaceful religious people in the world need to cling to the good that we believe comes from whichever God we follow, and use that good to continue to try to make the world around us a better place. In this way, maybe we can use the good and peaceful parts of our religious beliefs to combat the idea that such acts of violence and hatred in the name of God are the only ways we can battle the bad perpetrated in the name of God. We need to work together to keep track of the people around us and spread the good they need to help them battle the bad and the evils in their lives. There are not easy answers, but we can start within ourselves and the good that we can do individually. It may not solve the problem in the grand scale, but it can help provide a foundation for what's required to overcome the negativity and hatred.

  25. Violence, to some point we all have it in us. Put two 10 month old babies in a playpen together with just one toy and see what happens. They will most likely fight for that one toy. They will hit, push or pull the other ones hair to get their hand on that colorful treasure of plastic ;) It`s instinct. Here is where the learning begins. There will be two kinds of parents. Those who will gently take the toy away from their kid, telling them not to hurt their friend and comfort the other child, sending both kids a message that violence does not pay off or give you what you want. Then there are those parents who will proudly look at their little prince or princess, thinking “way to go kiddo, you fight for your toys!” Repeat this over the years to come, and that kid will in fact learn that violence will pay off.
    We learn from the people closest to us, we repeat patterns passed down by the generations before us.
    I`m not sure the world is getting more violent, but yes, it is more visible than it was 10 years ago. We are all, people of all ages, exposed to it on a daily basis. News, movies, videogames…
    Another tragedy happened in Belgium Tuesday morning, violence at its worst, terrorism. As I was watching the news with my kids, once again having to explain why this happened, who would do such a thing ect. , I was actually shocked at my own reaction to the whole thing. As sad as it was I actually found myself thinking “it could have been worse!” “Only 36 people lost their lives” Only 36????
    WHY would I think that? Am I getting immune to this kind of violence because I`m getting used to seeing it? It scares the heck out of me that I could even allow myself to think that, before the tragedy finally began to sink in! Am I the only one thinking “this is awful, but nothing I haven`t seen before!” ?
    Is there a solution? Violence of different kinds will always be a part of this world, but there are ways to prevent it. I know I keep repeating myself but education, knowledge, tolerance and a much higher focus on mental illness will certainly make a huge difference!

    1. I couldn't agree more Janne! I too, found myself thinking that the terrible happenings in Brussels could have been worse, before stopping myself, because one life is too many!
      Education and knowledge are absolutely part of the solution but most important of all is tolerance. Without tolerance, I don't believe we can all live together in peace. Unfortunately, it is not something taught everywhere!

    2. Very good points Janne, especially with the two babies. There ARE those parents that will intervene and try to explain that "we" can't always have what we want, or what someone else has. There are those too, as you said, that will let their children fight it out. Is that the kind of message we want to teach our children, that it's okay to fight or steal, for our immediate gratification? You are so right when you say that we learn from the people closet to us. Just look at youth sports. The kids are in it for fun, but the adults are the ones cursing out the coaches and physically fighting because their kid wasn't picked for a position, or didn't agree with a call. What kind of example is that expressing to the kids?

      As Janne and Sharon have said, we need education, knowledge and tolerance. We definitely need more focus on mental illness, but unless it effects someone personally, people don't give it much thought. Having worked in the mental health industry, I know first hand how unimportant funding is for mental health. When our CEO went to the capital to plead for more money for mental health, it was always at the bottom of budget, and more than likely cuts were made.

      I don't think that all these terrorists have mental health problems. The heinous acts they are committing are more than mental health issues; they are pure hatred for anyone that goes against their thinking, whether it be for religious reasons or otherwise. These terrorists are out to cause death and destruction for whatever sick cause they are advocating.

      CNN had experts on from every government agency you can imagine, and they all said the same thing. The terrorists are getting smarter and more sophisticated in their bombs. They are targeting young adults in coffee shops, colleges, etc. and, for lack of a better word, brainwashing them into believing that what they are doing is justified. These terrorists have such hatred for any country that wants peace. They are told to target areas that can do the most damage.

      As JoAnn has said, we may see airport security outside the terminal. Again, CNN had experts on that said the outside is the most vulnerable because luggage and carry on items are not checked until at the security checkpoints. And where the bombs left?

      Is there a solution? How can there be when there will always be those that want to hurt us for their own sick, demented reasons? All we can do is to protect ourselves the best we can, be aware of our surroundings, report suspicious activity if something or someone doesn't look right.

      It's a shame that we need SWAT, the National Guard, dogs, and extra security at our airports, subways and train stations, but if it's going to keep us safe and prevent more tragedy, I welcome it.

  26. The attack on Belgium, combined with the other attacks that have rocked a variety of locations throughout the world, illustrate the violence and terror seen in so many parts of the world. These acts of violence and terror make it easy to feel at a complete loss for how we are to react because they fill us with such a wide range of emotions, from terror and fear to frustration, confusion and outrage at the perpetrators. Throw in the senses of pain, sadness and empathy for anyone who suffering from the ills perpetrated and directed at them and it becomes a cocktail that can so easily overwhelm us and leave us feeling helpless. That is the design of such acts; induce fear and horror at the fact that so many bad things could be perpetrated in the name of God and religion, and therefore create a sense of hopelessness and fear that something similar can, and probably will, happen again, potentially affecting us directly. With all that emotional baggage associated with the attacks and terrorism, the ultimate purpose is to instill a sense of powerlessness in the face of those who seek power and favor with God because the only option they want to leave is stand by and watch.
    As with many others here, I have found myself asking why I can catch myself thinking that it could have been worse instead of feeling horrified and outraged that it has happened at all, much less yet again. Are we becoming so numb to consistent and horrific acts of violence and hatred that we are willing to accept that it's just a part of life now? Are we just accepting that the violence is pervasive and there is nothing we can do about it? That's hard to say. A part of it comes to the fact that we recognize that extremist groups seek to violently force their way of thinking onto the rest of the world while they try to bully their way into a position of power. The trick is to not allow complacency to keep us from striving to end the violence and pain so many seek to inflict on others. Sadly, that means that the violence has to be fought with more violence in a defense against a force that seeks to destroy anyone who opposes it.
    On a personal level, we must not allow ourselves to be completely paralyzed by fear and helplessness. The terrorists seek to do just that as they try to force powerlessness on all opposition. We can still go forward, generating as much positive energy and love as we can. We can battle the negative recruitment by creating a safe and tolerant environment for everyone, regardless of whether or not we agree on anything. Again, I refer to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that." We can't let ourselves fall into a trap of hating those who commit violence and acts of hatred because that will do nothing more than fuel the reasons they have for what they do. We don't have to stand for violence and attacks against our safety, but we have to recognize that a sense of tolerance to others, no matter how fundamental our differences, will be the ultimate battle against hatred and intolerance. We aren't without hope. We aren't without power. We have the power and the hope that comes from within us. We have to use the good that is within us to battle against the bad that is found throughout the world. That is the biggest battle we can fight.

  27. The posters here have expressed much of how I feel on the subject of violence in today's world. The latest casualties in Brussels have made this topic all the more poignant.
    It's a very scary time when so many random acts of violence, domestic and internationally make us question if this constant downward spiral of violence can ever be rectified. How dismal that it's not shocking anymore when we hear of these constant acts of violence on people and groups. Appalling yes, Disheartening and disgusting-Yes filling us with angst,fear and rage but not shocking because it's sadly become so commonplace.
    I thought about Sharon's comment & others who have expressed that perhaps we always have had this level of violence in the past but the media and their oftentimes one-sided reporting brings it front and center nowadays. They give the perpetrators of these horrific crimes the fame and notoriety they achieve through exposure from the media.
    I don't know the answer but I do know in order for us to move forward as a nation & world , a solution must be found. I just hope when and if it happens our children and grandchildren will live in a world where peace and freedom from worry and fear will be the norm again.

    Hello Charlie...........
    Sadly our world just seems to be getting worse and worse. I've never known so much violence. Things are so out of balance. Some people have lost their way. There just doesn't appear to be any end in sight for violence. Gun violence, knife crimes, suicide bombers, wars that have no end. People displaced from their homes and things are so bad they've had to seek refuge in other countries. ..............................................................................................................

    A man called Jeremy Brett once said in an interview in 1991 in America that he'd hoped that the gulf war then was the last of it's kind but sadly some 25 years later we've seen many countries torn apart by violence both against the individual and against whole societies, ethnic cleansing and many different wars........

    Our world now seems to have reached a stage where it has seen more violence and wars than any other time period.....................
    I think some people have forgotten that what they do affects so much more that what they just see when they commit violence. They have forgotten who they really are and that we are all One. They have forgotten about love, kindness and respect for each other. They have forgotten that everything is connected................

    I don't know what the answer is Charlie.....

    Maybe this can only be resolved by all world leaders getting their acts together and not being greedy for money and power. ( yes there are a few who are only in it for these) OR maybe this can only be resolved by every single one of us reporting crime and any suspicious activity that we might come across .....................................

    People who commit violence and any other acts of terror do need to be stopped . It will take a very large effort by those groups such as the different law enforcement groups around the world such as the police, Mi5, CIA etc to share what info they already have gathered about those individuals and groups who present a threat to others. We should all make an effort to intervene when we see something wrong such as an act of violence or abuse........ ..................................

    What happened in Brussels yesterday 22nd March was just absolutely bloody awful..... and it will effect much more than just those who have been murdered and maimed.

    1. this makes more sense hope many will look out for one another and keep eye's open if we see anything strange hope one day there will be answer great idea !


    Hi Charles damn that Isis they are going to attack us in the UK saying darker days are coming I wish peace in the world its not the same world anymore


    I'm so sad and afraid after this attack Pray for Belgium


    We will not let fear take over our lives! We knew this would happen and we know we will win this war of terrorism! They will burn in hell!!!


    How is it possible the 7 billion people all want the same ( Peace , freedom, security ,Prosperity , love, happiness ) and yet apparently there are unable to obtain!!

  33. I think that violence is something children learn from the people they grow up with and that violence against children is the worst kind of violence. Children can not defend themselves against grown ups and they will grow up thinking that it is normal, and maybe even be violent themselfs. The older the children get the harder it is for them to trust people after living in a violent home.
    From when I was very little my parents have had children staying here for a night or a few days or a week. It is children that was taken from their home because of violence or alcohol and drugs. They stay here until they go to a permanent family that will take care of them.Almost everytime children come here they are scared and react with hitting and crying.They are violent even if they are as young as a year old because it is all they know. But it does not take long before we can teach them to speak instead of hitting and fighting because all they need is for someone to explain how to act and to learn from what they see us do.
    My oldest fosterbrother is my age and a teenager now, and he is very nice when he is here, and a little different when he is at his home with his parents.It is because the two families expect different behavior from him. He is a very nice boy he just had some hard times when he was much younger.
    I think that it would be less violence in the world if everyone grew up in safe homes. And if grown people would understand how big impact they have on children.
    From Petter

    1. Thank you for posting that Petter. It's Janelle here. Such an important topic, violence against children.Everything you say is so true, and you know that from all the kids you see firsthand that have been through this & come to your home. Domestic violence does tend to have a cycle. I have seen it over and over as a nurse, especially when I worked in a hospital in an area where violence of all kinds, was the norm. If you were abused by people you trusted, it is easier to become an abuser yourself. Then when drugs and alcohol and hunger and poverty are involved, it will escalate. The more it goes on, the older a child gets, the more they will act out and go down paths that could have been avoided with, as you say, education, learning by good example, and Love.

      If only aLL children could grow up in a place where they feel they are safe. That's why families like yours are SO important in the foster care system, to give kids a safe place in hopes of them being placed in a permanent home where they will be loved, and not abused. To see first hand the way a loving family works.

      Thank you so much for giving us another perspective and a solution, into another type of violence. You are a smart kid :)

    2. You are so right Petter. Children learn violence from the people around them and respond the same way. My girls, like you and your brothers, have grown up where they never had to worry about violence in their own lives. My eldest now is a Social Worker who works with and helps children, who live with violence in their lives every day. People like her, and your parents, are so important in the quest to change the outlook of so many children and hopefully, make a difference in our violent world.
      It is wonderful to hear the point of view of a young man like yourself, and really great that you take the time to think about and respond to these issues.

    3. Great analysis, Petter. Some children learn that violence is the only way that they can get anything in life. They learn from what they see and then imitate it because it's how they have seen adults trying to get what they want. The more that we can teach people while they are young peaceful methods for problem solving. We also need to teach young people that they may not always agree with people, but they don't have to resort to violence simply because they don't agree with someone or with some aspect of their life. Too often, we assume that kids know what it's like to be good to others and how to approach problem solving peacefully without actually teaching them how to do so. But, as a teacher, one of my favorite sayings is that we need to teach kids the behaviors we expect from them, not punish them for the behaviors they come in with. We can all try to spread and demonstrate tolerance and peace while we show the examples of such to the people just learning how to do so. The example we set can help us overcome the effects of the instinctual reactions of violence. I truly believe that example, as much as direct instruction, is the most effective way to teach young people to deal with disagreements and negative emotions in peaceful ways.

    4. Oh Petter, what an amazing and articulate response. Your family is so special, and I'm glad these kids have you to look up to as a role model. It is such a blessing for these boys to see your dad too, as an example of what a dad SHOULD be. Love you all xoxo

  34. Another stimulating and thought provoking show. I have just been on a long walk and was watching the show again on Livestream. It was a show I wanted to see again, in case I missed something the first time. I didn't call in, as I don't want people to think , "Oh no, her again!" Also, I get nervous and what I plan to say in my head, doesn't always come out like I planned it! This is one of those topics I want to think about before responding.
    That being said, I have thought about it a bit now and have a response.
    First of all, I do see how people are willing to die for what they believe in. That isn't anything new. People have been doing it for one reason or another all through history, and depending on which side you are on, they are either heroic or despicable. One thing that differs slightly, is that these people want to kill as many people as possible at the same time.
    I agree that there are different kinds of violence. The four labels you gave them work well. I am going to talk about what you called, Institutional violence. I agree that a lot of what is happening now is, in part, due to the West's involvement in the Middle East, but I think that it might have happened anyway, maybe not as quickly! I feel that these Islamic extremists did not then, and do not now, want to share the world with people of other religions. They are intolerant of different beliefs and I think, sooner or later, would have turned to violence against us whether we were involved in conflicts there or not.
    I also feel that by focusing their attention on the Infidels in the west, they are taking the focus off the differences among their own people. By inciting violence against Christians and Jews, they are trying to stop violence between each other.
    My Dad always used to say that nature had a way of keeping the population in check, which is why we have outbreaks of various diseases every now and again. I just don't think that nature has anything to do with wars of any kind, and I do think we are presently involved in a war.
    The events in Belgium and France are horrific and shocking to us. But violence like this happens all the time in the Third World, and as you said Charlie, it barely gets a mention. When I was young in Zimbabwe, innocent people, men, women and children, would be rounded up from their villages, tortured horrendously then murdered either by being shot or burnt alive. This would be done by their own people who had been radicalized. It would happen all the time and is still happening in South Africa and many other countries. I agree, that when it happens in the Third World, it does seem so far away and not as connected to us. Also, violence in Africa has become the norm, and something we are used to. It doesn't affect us in the same way as these attacks in Brussels.
    It is a violent world and all we can do is to try as best we can, to make a difference! Thanks for the discussion. It was as always, illuminating. You have a way of making us think about these different topics and try to look at them from different perspectives! Which is exactly what the show is meant to do!

  35. Well, now I know why my ears were ringing while I was at work during show time ;). No one will EVER get "in trouble" for asking a question about a spiritual issue I've shared. It's a very common question in a Satan stronger than God, and why didn't God intervene? I can only explain it they way I understand(and I assume the questions were directed at me, along with others). Janelle was right, the answer is "Free Will", but Charlie was right too. It's the "inner struggle" between the voice of good and the voice of evil, and CHOOSING to do the wrong thing. But ultimately, God is in control, none of this is a surprise to Him, and He will use human screw-ups to weave His Plan. Now, do I question it all when terrible things happen to good people? Of course I do. But I also see the prophecies coming to fruition in all of this mess. I know that makes no sense to many, and you're hearing Twilight Zone music right now. But yes, I believe that Satan is active and wreaking havoc in our world, even in ways that "seem right" to people. And to further complicate things, often decisions that were made long, long ago did not happen in a bubble. Poop rolls downhill, and generations later are still bearing the consequences of the original mess. Look at Adam and Eve, and their disobedience! And "if only" Abraham and Sarah didn't decide that the "promised son" wasn't from their marriage, but from a non-Jewish concubine!
    I do disagree with the "Jesus and the New Testament reinventing God" idea. The OT is complicated, it's a history book AND a spiritual book. There is a constant theme of totally screwing up(sin) and a blameless atoning sacrifice. There are prophecies about the Messiah who would come. Then we move, after 400 years of silence, to the New Testament, and the fulfillment of those prophecies. It's not a reinvention as much as a continuation of the story, with a new focus. Even then, the Jews, who do not believe that Jesus was Moshiach, are not going around destroying cities that they feel would offend G-d! They are an extremely peaceful people with a very high regard for life. The stories need to be taken "in context" just like any other war.
    Now..the ugly stuff. The violence and vengefulness in the Old Testament. It's very hard to grasp and reconcile, and has had much study by experts much more educated than I am. We are looking at it from a 21st century perspective, and the times were different. The "tribes" that were massacred were their ISIS...violent, raping, child-sacrificing evil people. It also only occurs when God sees that there is no hope. Do I understand it? Not all the time. But I accept that I don't understand. Again...cue the Twilight Zone theme.
    Charlie, I was very, very pleased to see that you focused on the different kind of violence, and the issues behind ISIS, and didn't just throw the "religion baby out with the bathwater". Thank you.

  36. I was planning on tuning in to the show live, especially since both of my jobs are on spring break and, theoretically, I was going to be in a position to tune in. Well, life got crazy and that couldn't happen. Teach me to try to plan on things. Maybe I would have been able to call in with regards to the whole religious people attempting to justify violence. You know, everyone could have used hearing the nerves that inevitably overtake my voice when I do call. Oh well. Better late than never, or some other appropriate platitude that anyone picks to include.
    Anyway, I do understand where the frustration of the answer comes down to religious people saying that God allows people to have agency and that's supposed to justify all the bad things that people do. I understand the question of how people can believe in an all powerful God that doesn't stop people from making bad decisions that cause so much death and destruction. I have had similar questions myself. I have also had non-religious people openly mock my belief in God because I accept the fact that people are allowed to make such negative decisions, regardless of how all-powerful I believe God to be. Yet I merely use the agency that I believe God gives as a reason for why the bad things happen because I believe that the agency is given to every human being to choose the path and the energy we generate and put into the universe by way of that path. Some people use that agency to decide to follow a path with a lot of negativity. God is still all-powerful, but will not intervene in ways that would take away the agency from anyone, no matter which path they choose to follow. Part of the reason why I believe this is because the way that we respond to the negative actions and energies define us and the ways that we want to follow God.
    I agree with Jo that we need to be careful not to dismiss anyone from any religious or spiritual perspective. That causes more of a sense of irrelevance and injustice discussed previously. The more we dismiss any perspective, religious or not, the more we push people into that sense of injustice. Thank you, Charlie, for the thoughts on how we need to focus on the reasons behind why groups like ISIS do what they do. That's the only way can find to fight the terror and pain they seek to spread.

  37. And today, Resurrection Sunday, there is an attack on an Easter celebration in Pakistan. Not that all of the victims were Christian, I'm sure they didn't take a census before blowing themselves up. The suicide bomber attacked a children's playground, almost all of the victims are women and children. This time it was Al Qaeda, such depraved indifference to life. I feel guilty if I hit a squirrel with my car.
    One thing I did notice though, was what you mentioned on the show. I quickly turned on CNN, and it wasn't even the current story. They spent more time on interviewing the folks in Brussels who were returning to the airport to fetch their belongings. Now they're talking about Trump. Sigh. #WeArePakistan


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