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He's Baaaack!!! Join Charles Shaughnessy for HERE'S A THOUGHT Thursday September 8, 2016 3 pm PT on

Charles Shaughnessy, Marie Pettit Gregson, produced by Janelle Glickman
Cartoon by Janne Nordvang

Everyone is SO upset by Trump, the economy, Hillary, ISIS, etc. but it's really not ALL bad. Let's see if we can identify some silver linings! 😉😊💕

What do you think is RIGHT with the world?
Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below. 

HERE'S A THOUGHT is live on at 3 pm PT this Thursday, September 8th, 2016 with hosts
Produced by Janelle Glickman

If you are not able to catch the show live, you can also watch the show at your convenience with all of our videos on demand & later in the day on the 8th, at this link: Here's A Thought Show Page 

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  1. This will be great to see again !

  2. Hope something good wii happen soon or we will be pushing daisies soon!

  3. Great to have you back Charlie will have to think long and hard about that question

  4. Welcome home! So good to have HAT back on the air. I really missed it!

    Now to the task at hand! What's right with the world! Actually there are a lot of pleasant, kind, nice things happening every day, but, for the most part, the media doesn't cover them!. It is partially due to the media that we do go around thinking how bad everything is.
    First off, let me say that my school. Carden Conejo, being saved from the chopping block, is a big "something" that is right with my world.
    Another good thing, is with all the social media outlets and the internet, it is so much easier to stay in touch instantly with family in other parts of the world. My family in England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Europe know what I am doing at any given time, can message me or Face Time whenever they want and it is almost like they are right here! It is wonderful and I just wish it was that way when my parents were alive. It would have made being on different continents so much easier!
    Another thing that is right with the world is the advancements made in the medical field. More people can be helped, if not cured, now then ever before. Of course, the cost of medications is ridiculous, but that is a topic for another day, and we are looking for good things!
    Another good thing is the number of children getting an education has increased dramatically world wide. This can only be something positive for the future.
    There is a lot of goodness in the world but it is always overshadowed by the bad. We have to look for the good and cut out as much negativity as we can!
    Looking forward to being uplifted by the show on Thursday!

  5. Welcome back Charlie! My question is can we still call in? What good is a live radio show if one can't call in?

  6. I like this topic a lot because I prefer to focus on the positive. Through all the craziness of this year's election I'm grateful we live in a country where we have a choice not a dictatorship. Social media can be daunting bringing out the worst sometimes in the posters but it also helps you reach out to family & friends far away. I'm appreciative that even though my 94 year old mom is still with us & that even though she has memory issues she knows who we are & converses with minimum difficulty. Mostly, Like Sharon, I definitely would say the strides in medicine & it's positive effect in helping my daughter deal with a lifetime condition is my biggest silver lining. Living in NC, the home of UNC Medical Center where breakthrough research for her respiratory illness is always making bigger strides & closer than ever before to finding a cure allows her a normal life in which to raise her boys. So these are all my silver linings.

  7. This is probably one of the easiest topics, in my opinion, to write about. Many positive things can be found all around us, we just have to look past the focus on the sensational and the negative so prevalent in the media to see it.
    For one, I find that it's really not that hard to find good people doing good things to help each other out in many of their needs. It's easy to get so mired in a focus on the negative and horrible things that people do to each other, but I wonder if the negative things keep making the news because they are out of the norm, and not what people expect every time they turn around. I see the good that people are willing to do to help each other out when people of various religious beliefs and backgrounds join forces and resources to help others who may or may not share the beliefs of any of the religious participants simply because they need it. I see a lot of good in the people around me, regardless of differences of opinion, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity or political affiliation. I see that most people genuinely want to reach out and connect with others around them, to overcome the differences that could divide them. I don't want to sound too Pollyanna-ish, but I do see a lot of good in a lot of people, regardless of how much the news media or social media tries to convince me otherwise. The key is to look at our commonalities, rather than our differences.
    As a teacher, I see some of the good that's happening within my school and my kids who work every day to battle bullying within the school. One of my classes is full of students dedicating themselves to make every student feel welcome and safe at the school. That, to me, is something very good that happens amidst a world of negativity and hatred. Add that to the good that I see every year as I get to watch so many of my middle school kids start off being derpy, bouncing balls of raging hormones and grow into truly amazing human beings, and I cannot quantify the amount of good I see within the rising generation.
    On a larger scale, I also see the advancement of technology as a huge silver lining. It allows me to maintain contacts with people I truly love and miss in a way that wasn't possible 20 years ago. I also look at technology as a way of providing jobs that didn't even exist ten years ago, with the promise of providing more jobs in the next ten that don't exist now.
    For me, there has to be opposition in all things: if we didn't have the negative things in life, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the positives. All the bad things in the world can really make us appreciate more the positive things if only we let our focus rest on the positive rather than the negative.

  8. I'll echo what the others have said: medical advances, social media friendships, and the goodness of others. I definitely agree that the media is feeding the 'us vs them' mentality, when it doesn't match the reality that I see in my daily life. Also very very thankful that my 2 favorite seasons(autumn and winter) are on their way.
    I can even find some "silver linings" in this crazy political season. My candidate(Gary Johnson) is getting more press than he ever has before, and is getting a lot of support. If he can get 5% of the popular vote, the Libertarians will qualify for federal funding for the elections and inch toward becoming a viable party. Having more parties is very important to me. People are at least taking a look at Johnson and Jill Stein, and that wouldn't be happening if we didn't have the 2 main candidates that we currently have.
    I also see a silver lining in that maybe, just maybe, this election will be the 'hitting rock bottom' that will bring changes to our system. When a situation becomes unmanageable, that's when we look for new ways to do things. One can hope.

  9. Tannia Zarrinnia07 September, 2016 15:42

    For me this is one pertinent topic to comment on and write about. While there is chaos in the political world as we speak there are many advancements and good things that we are not always aware of. One of the mains ones is the improvement in the vast majority of social media sites. Recently Instragram changed to allow individuals to take a video and share it. Instagram has become Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram all in one. Facebook makes it so teachers and students can communicate and class groups can be created. YouTube is allowing individuals to watch movies for free and even send them to friends. Movies that you typically have to pay for are readily available. Amazon, eBay, and more make it so an individual can purchase an item in the comfort of their own home. Application wise many new apps are coming out and a lot of them are either free or low cost. The apps make it so we can play a game, create documents, send a fax via our phone, and even video chat. An individual can video chat with a family member or friend on the other side of the world with ease. Fashion wise, new and improved clothing lines are coming out.

    Technology wise, every day there are media players, cleaning devices, and more coming out. As individuals we do not have to work as hard anymore. It can also be seen that we are moving away from DVDs and flash drives and advancing toward smaller devices to store a movie, an assignment for school or work, and photos on. More so now than in the past the medical world is changing and improving. New and improved researcher is getting released every day and helping scientists and even doctors come up with cures for illnesses such as a simple cold. New vaccines are being released. Recently new vaccines for Meningitis have been discovered. Due to the advancements for a low cost individuals in certain areas can request and have a doctor come to their house. Google and other search engines make it so we can find answers to our medical problems without stepping foot into a doctor’s office. Certain applications are also available so you can for free chat with a doctor from anywhere around the world. No longer having to go to a doctor’s office, individuals have more times on their hand to perform other tasks.

    As a student I can say that there are advances in the educationally field as well. One advancement has been available for a long time. This is one in which a student with a busy schedule can attend an online university. What better than being able to get a degree from an accredited online university? Teachers are now able to use Smart Boards instead of the usual whiteboard or blackboard. Instead of using chalk to write teachers are able to use their computer and project what they are typing on the screen. The teacher can also click on the screen and write. It is a touchscreen board. With Skype and other video chatting applications and websites students can now video chat with their teachers and fellow classmates. Bullying is also decreasing in certain schools.

    Equality wise minority groups are being treated with a lot more respect than in the past.
    Homosexuals and more are not afraid in the same way they once were. Certain states are allowing gays and lesbians to get married. Hispanics and other minority groups can go apply for a job and know that most likely they will not get rejected because of their ethnicity. Before we can get to the light sometimes we have to pass through the darkness. Right now we are walking through darkness politically. Sooner than later we will see the light. The candidate chosen is bound to make at least one positive difference leading to a silver lining. With the above mentioned, with every advancement there are positive results. These positive results are the silver linings that many of us see and deal with daily.

  10. First: Welcome back to the U.S. Charlie and Susan! It looks like you had a wonderful time visiting with your mum, from the pictures you posted. Second: Welcome back Charlie and Janelle to #HAT. We've missed you.

    This is so much right with the world. Although there has been so much pain and agony we've become accustomed to in France, Belgium, Turkey, and the U.S., to name a few, it's also the support of people worldwide.

    With the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL it's the people that came out and donated money, donated blood for the victims, and just showed up at rallies to show their support. It was announced a couple of weeks ago, that the Orlando hospital will write off the bills for the victims of the shootings. What a wonderful gesture! It isn't just all about money.

    For the police shootings (and yes, there were tremendous errors made), it was the support of the people to acknowledge the good work the majority of police do everyday in the line of duty. It's the writing of letters to the police, it's the support they show on social media, it's the gifts and goodies they drop off at the police stations, to show their support.

    From another view, it's just smiling and being nice to people, striking up a conversation in the supermarket. It's visiting a shut-in and offering to do something for them, like shopping or yard work or walking their pet. It's playing endless games of dominoes with a senior citizen, just because they enjoy the game and interaction. We CAN make a difference.

  11. gee that was fun today thank you both for showing my old photo with my mum and me .. looking forward for your new movies coming and very excited about you coming to days hope maybe charlie will do a new show somewhere in LA calif or in the northeast or south again i can go anytime I will be around here in the Las veges NV for good while thanks again for a fun show love ya both charlie & Marie by the way Marie that's my middle to :)


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