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Let's wrap up this summer on Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy Sept 15th, 2016

“Where DID this summer go?!”

Politics, the Olympics, Brexit and summer movies, blockbusters and the duds….it was nothing if not entertaining!!!!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 at 3 pm/pt on the internet at this link:
or later in the day posted on our show page.

We also want you to tell us something memorable that happened to YOU this summer so we can read some of them on the show this week. You can post more than once, but just tell us about one event per comment, ok? 

Post your answers here in the comment section of the blog or the comments section on FB once this is posted.
Janelle in Santa Monica with her cousin

Marie at the lake with her family

Charlie with his brother on a pedalo


  1. Well Charlie the best thing that happened to me in the last month or so was the greatest surprise birthday party that my family gave me who would of thought turning 70 would be so good

  2. The summer really did go so fast! It seems to go faster every year! Last year, I did a road trip through New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, but this summer was a staycation for me.It was a great sporting summer. It started off with a bang, with Euro 2016! So exciting for us soccer fans, though it was a bitter pill to swallow to have to watch my team being knocked out by Iceland!! Then, of course, we had the Olympics in Rio which are always so much fun to watch!
    For us here in the U.S., there are the elections, which is an ongoing drama!
    For me, a big junk of the summer was taken up with teaching Summer School and Orientation classes. This tends to make the Summer go even faster!
    My sister from South Africa was coming for a visit, but had to cancel her trip. Though this was disappointing, another visit from a friend turned the summer into a really memorable one for me!

    My friend Madeline, whom I met through your Gratitude project and we have become good friends, came to spend a week here in LA with me. We had a wonderful time. It is funny, but it takes someone visiting you from out of state, to get you to enjoy the things that are right here on our doorstep! We had a blast! We saw a lot of the LA attractions, including the Getty Museum, went to the theatre (Grey Gardens, which was very good) and to the Hollywood Bowl, among other things. Great fun! Madeline, spending a week here this summer, made it a memorable summer for me!

  3. not much going on with me this pass summer just getting ready for a new kitchen so i had move out of my place so i'm in LAS VEGES NV staying with my sister till Dec she going to china this fall so i'll be here minding miss kitty and house sitting i'll try to get photos of the city from back of her home .

  4. Tannia Zarrinnia12 September, 2016 22:49

    Memorable moments are ones to treasure . It is nearly impossible to choose only one moment however , I did. A two day local family trip to a resort and indoor waterpark Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California become the most memorable summer trip and memory for me. The experience was rewarding . During those two days I was able to push my stress aside, smile, relieve my childhood( be a little girl again) , and enjoy quality family time that many are not able to have . Yes my parents and sisters are the most important people in my life and the ones who are my life ! Although we could not take photos the mental ones I took and the memories we created will be with me forever :) Summer 2016 is over however , the many memories are here to stay!

  5. Hi, long time no see...
    in the past few months since I haven't heard from you since March, a lot has happened.
    my younger sister got engaged and is getting married in a week and a half and I got engaged a month and a half ago and getting married in a month and a half from now! thank G-d.

  6. oh, and I found a job as an arts teacher in Jerusalem.
    so...nothing special happened this summer...
    thanks for asking :)

  7. So glad to see you back on HaT, Charlie and Janelle(and Marie). I'm really enjoying the 'upbeat' topics. We need that, or we'll all go insane.
    I had a really fun experience this summer. Thanks to Facebook and a marching band/drum corps reunion, I have reconnected with my group of girls from high school. I've been friends with 2 of them for FIFTY-TWO years! We met in kindergarten. One of the girls has an 1800's farmhouse with lots of room and a built-in pool, so we all headed to her home outside Philly for a 4-day weekend in July. Not only did we have a wonderful time laughing(and eating, and laughing, and eating) while we floated in the pool....but we went to see Billy Joel in concert at the Phillies' baseball stadium. What a wonderful entertainer(gee, he should write a song about that...the idol of his age, he makes all kinds of money, when he goes on the stage ;) ). It was one big sing-along, and we had a blast. So amazing how it only takes a few minutes before all of the years melt away, and you're as close as you were back then...when Nixon was President LOL

    1. Sounds like a wonderful reunion Jo. How awesome that you got to see Billy Joel in concert

  8. That's so great Jo! That is the best thing about Facebook! It reconnects us with our friends from way back when! I bet Billy Joel was amazing!

  9. This summer 2016 was particularly pleasant because it was the first real one for my son Jeremy, the one that he really could enjoy, and because we are living 50m from the beach, he made his first steps there, so that's a memory to remember!

  10. Hello :)
    This is Petter. The best thing about this summer was that I bought an old moped (a veteran) for my own money and my dad and brothers and friends spent almost all summer in the garage fixing it up. I have been working and saving for two years so it was so great to finally get it :)

    hello janelle and mr shaughnessy.this is mattis.I am 12 soon but I was 11 this summer. The best thing was that my brother got a girlfriend and I spyed on they and took a photo when they kissed and now I can blackmail him with it forever. from Mattis Nordvang
    PS the brother is not Petter but the other brother Martin.
    from Mattis

    1. Mattis, you did exactly what my little brother used to do to me!! I am sure you had a lot of fun!

    2. I just LOVE my Norske-nephews! Love and xoxo,Auntie Gingerbread

  11. Most of this summer was pretty occupied as I worked at a summer job cleaning windows. It's not glamorous by any stretch, but, meh, it's some additional money when school's not in and it's how I helped work my way through both a bachelor's and a master's degree. And I will admit, I got the best tan lines IN THE WORLD! And, hey, at least I avoided too many inappropriate comments from weird guys while I was working this summer.

    When I wasn't working, I was visiting my parents and helping my dad deal with my mom being in a care center for the first half of the year and then working on their house to help get it ready for her to come back home in the beginning of July.

    Other than working like an insane person, though, I my husband and I did get to go on an awesome (maybe crazy) road trip that took us to go visit some of our relatives who are aging and whom we don't get to see all the time. We got to visit two of my aunts who are in their 80's as well as my husband's grandparents, one of whom turned 90 this year. It was a long trip, with a lot of driving, but it was enjoyable and a needed vacation after not being able to have an actual vacation for eight years.

    Like so many others, I am really enjoying the topics that can help lift us as well as make us think. Thanks to all of you for putting the show together whenever you can.

  12. Another memorable event this summer was my husband's family coming for a reunion in NC where we are located. They traveled far & stayed at a local hotel where we swam, ate, grilled, & they threw a surprise 75 th Birthday for my husband, very memorable


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