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"Take a knee, America, for ALL our sakes."

Yes, ALL LIVES MATTER, but it's the Black ones that are being taken!.

Here is the video of the show from September 29th

A friend of mine, a black woman, posted this on her Facebook page  after Terence Crutcher was killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She gave me permission to repost it and get a dialogue started. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section here or on my Facebook page.

MY heart aches AGAIN and I HAVE to speak up AGAIN! 

Some of you are recent new friends but let me tell you this has become a F*cking NORM here in America. 

His NAME is Terence Crutcher. BLACK PEOPLE KEEP GETTING KILLED BY COPS THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT AND SERVE NOT JUDGE and EXECUTE US (there is a difference between a cop and a policeman)! 

Don't start with me that he should have obeyed this cop...HE WAS...HANDS UP heading to lean on his car BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN TRAINED TO DO even though he was the person needing help with a stalled car but this is the kind of HELP WE get in America! Why was a gang of police dispatched for a F*CKING STALLED CAR??!! 

Don't start with me that the cop felt threatened (because we know that will be the excuse that will get them off). She felt threatened because he WAS BLACK!! 

How can a guy murder 9 people in a church and be taken ALIVE?!! 
How can a guy murder 12 people and injure 70 people in a movie theater and be taken ALIVE?! 
How can a guy place bombs and shoot twice at a policeman and hit him and be taken ALIVE?! 
How can a guy murder 3 people and injure 11 at Planned Parenthood and be taken ALIVE?! 

BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT BLACK!! BECAUSE THEY ARE AFFORDED JUSTICE THAT WE BLACK AMERICANS ARE NOT. It's so sad that JUST LAST WEEK I was explaining to new friends how it is like Russian roulette if I ever have to call a policeman, even if I'm calling about the wrong doings of others (like that young white girl that hit my car and had no proof of insurance and I HAD to stay very calm even with her fake crying and screaming crap at me) because the wrong cop could KILL ME. I COULD DIE. 

Let me repeat that, your friend ME, I COULD DIE BECAUSE I'M BLACK if I get the wrong COP. Now, maybe you understand that, even though I have such respect for police and have had police as friends in the past,  

I am fearful when I see a police car. 
I am fearful that my car will stall or break down and I will be KILLED just like Terence Crutcher.
That fear is not that far off, no matter WHERE I AM IN AMERICA! 

I will have my HANDS up and will obey orders even though I have done NOTHING WRONG and I will DIE. 

#BlackLivesMatter #BigBadDudesLivesMatterTOO #NoEXCUSE #SoFingTiredofthisShit  #thisiswhywekneel

The discussion on my FB page, seems to be the most robust.  Sorry that we have it in so many places, but I am trying to reach as many people as possible. This important discussion will be featured on an upcoming episode of my internet show on HERE'S A THOUGHT. I have been addressing some of the posts on the FB page. I invite you to PLEASE join in there as well with your responses and comments. We may try and consolidate this as well. Thank you for your participation. I have copied & pasted Sharon's & Becky's comments from here, onto the FB discussion. Thank you! Charlie


  1. We all matter black and white yellow red most of all me and you family friends I have seen so many things in my lifetime maybe I can tell my story one day to

  2. What a powerful post! These shootings seem to be happening on a daily basis now. I am a white person, and don't generally have to worry about being shot if I am pulled over for a traffic violation or anything else. I can't imagine living with that fear! The situation has reached critical mass and it has to be addressed. Police are trained to use Deadly Force. That seems to mean to some, not all, that if someone makes one small move they need to be killed! My question is, why shoot to kill. Unless the person is pointing a gun directly at you, I don't understand why they have to be killed. It's crazy! If they have to shoot, then shoot to disarm, not to kill! The way the police officers are trained needs to change.
    The fact that most of the officers who are involved in a suspicious shooting get off, doesn't help the situation. I understand that a lot of the shootings are justified, though I still don't think they have to result in the death of a person, but a lot are not. These officers need to face hard consequences . Perhaps, then, it might dissuade them from using deadly force.
    Body cameras help but they don't always tell the whole picture either! The video from the body cams needs to be released, no matter what it shows. It cannot only be released when is proves the police right. It must be released no matter what!
    That being said, not every officer is trigger happy. Not every officer shoots first then asks questions. The vast majority have to go to work every day never knowing if the next stop they make, could be their last! These shootings put the officers and the black men they confront in danger!
    Rioting and the destruction of property is not the way to deal with it either. I understand, well, I can imagine, at least, the frustrations and fear but a peaceful demonstration, like the one in Charlotte on the second night, can be very powerful! It was an amazing sight, after the senseless violence the night before, watching demonstrators giving officers hugs and flowers! Those actions make lasting impressions!
    I have faith in our country, and believe that things will change. They have to! We all have to work for that change, the police and the public. Stronger gun laws would help. Less violence on the streets can only lead to less police shootings.
    At least, we can hope!

  3. Here we are again, facing the confrontation and ever widening gap between two groups who both feel their own lives are not considered as valuable as the lives of the opposing perspective. The arguments are the same as we have heard so many times before. From one perspective, we have the real, justifiable and substantiated, fear from black members of the community that they will be judged by harsher standards than white people. From the other side, the argument that the victim should have been more cooperative with the police and shouldn't have been breaking the law. Yet, the evidence here seems to support the victim, his compliance with the police officer, and the lack of threat to the officer's safety. Sadly, we know what arguments from both sides are going to be the same as those we've heard before. From BLM, the argument that police simply can't be trusted because it's too big of a crap-shoot for black people. From the police perspective, the argument will be that the officer must have felt threatened due to some circumstance blocked from view in the video.
    Perhaps the saddest part of all, however, is that the arguments from both sides are going to fall on deaf ears. Many of my friends who are black fear that it doesn't matter what they do to cooperate with police, if they have bad luck with the police officer they happen to deal with, they could be killed. In light of the number of recent incidents, receiving national attention, in which black lives have been lost at the hands of police offices, some of them simply will not allow themselves to believe that a large number of police officers don't dis-value black lives, and don't instantly have a distrust of them. On the other hand, many of my friends who happen to be police officers, go to work every day wondering if they need to hesitate if they see a black person actively endangering the life of the police or of other people and then have to decide if they should act on a definite danger or if they should not react, because a suspect is black and they fear their actions could be interpreted as racist, and cause increased anger and riots.
    Both perspectives are legitimate; both arguments are based on recent incidents, and both seek understanding. The repeated arguments from both sides put us in a rut that we can't seem to climb out of. It's like everyone wants the same thing, but the two factions are caught in a face-off. BLM insists that most black people are not criminals and the innocent ones should not be treated by the many police officers, as though they are dangerous criminals. Police officers insisting that most police officers are not bigots and are not going to kill anyone, regardless of race, without having a legitimate cause. The only solution is going to be the middle ground in which police officers can do their job and keep all the people safe from crime or danger presented by any member of any race, at the same time that black people can feel that they can trust what the police to protect them in the same way as they do with white people. This kind of compromise, however, will require both sides to recognize that there will be the bad eggs who will reinforce the negative stereotypes. But it also will require both sides to realize that those bad eggs, from both sides, are the exception rather than the rule.
    My heart is saddened by the loss of an innocent life, but it is also saddened by the hatred that can keep those who truly seek to do nothing but good from doing their job.

  4. Becky's comment was so AMAZING!! She said exactly what I've been thinking! Brava! I can only add one thing, as we go into the weekend....the riots and looting. Ugh. I can't even fathom having something important to 'protest', wanting to participate in a peaceful message, then having others act like idiots/criminals(especially when many of those idiots travel TO the rally like some vacation!!). It is so damaging to the message. The media then focuses on the activity instead of the original problem, and those watching at home say "well, good Lord, no wonder why the cops are hypervigilant!". Nothing says "Stop treating us like criminals" like looting, rioting, setting fires, and harming innocent people. And I'm not just talking about BLM here. It happens every time a group tries to send a message peacefully. Totally inappropriate behavior happens, and the media is on that like white on rice. Tea Party rally? Someone shows up in a Nazi or KKK outfit. Occupy Wall street? People defecate on police cars. And those are the images people remember, and it dilutes the original serious issue. It's frustrating and heartbreaking to watch, we get overloaded, and tune out. And nothing changes.

  5. It's so true the black folks have everything they want today they can vote anything they run the police force Washington DC most whites do agree with them but I wish they stop fighting with us and stop killing each other and move forward together anyways have a good time in Boston it's the best place to be this time of year enjoy!


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