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"Take a knee, America, for ALL our sakes."

Yes, ALL LIVES MATTER, but it's the Black ones that are being taken!.

Here is the video of the show from September 29th

A friend of mine, a black woman, posted this on her Facebook page  after Terence Crutcher was killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She gave me permission to repost it and get a dialogue started. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section here or on my Facebook page.
MY heart aches AGAIN and I HAVE to speak up AGAIN! 
Some of you are recent new friends but let me tell you this has become a F*cking NORM here in America. 
His NAME is Terence Crutcher. BLACK PEOPLE KEEP GETTING KILLED BY COPS THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT AND SERVE NOT JUDGE and EXECUTE US (there is a difference between a cop and a policeman)! 
Don't start with me that he should have obeyed this cop...HE WAS...HANDS UP heading to lean on his car BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN TRAINED TO DO even though he was the person needing help with a stalled car but this is the kind of HELP WE get in Americ…