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THE MAN IN THE HIGHTOWER: Here's a Thought with Charles Shaughnessy

So, the American people have signaled a disenchantment with their form of government. The checks and balances that prevent one political ideology from overwhelming democracy and imposing it’s will on the  minority of Americans who did not vote for it, have been “weaponized” by Republicans, in recent years, to threaten the country with paralysis if not given their way. McConnell et al’s promise to thwart every proposal emanating from Obama’s desk in order to “forbid him a successful administration” EVEN if they saw benefit for the country as a whole, has de-legitimized this essential “brake” on executive power to the point that the voter simply rejected it. Trump’s campaign promise that “he alone can fix it,” was given short shrift by politicians and media alike, but was, in fact, THE fundamental promise of his entire campaign.
We already see the marginalizing of congressional Republicans. By choosing New York as his centre of power, Trump is doing more than declining to live in a draft…