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Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on YouTube VLOG Episode 2

Have you noticed how angry everyone is these days? Sweet, little old ladies are cussing you out in the frozen food isle because you parked your cart for two seconds to get a bag of mixed nuts; drivers seem to be even more “take-no-prisoners” than usual; no one’s smiling anymore; even at the checkout the expected “ Have a nice day!” is more muted, more perfunctory and hinting of venemous resentment! Yup! We’re all experiencing The Trump Effect.
Those that support him are angry that their electoral victory is being undermined, their joy and vindication is being derided and delegitimized by kill-joy, whiny, sore-loser Democrats.

Those that oppose him are feeling angry because….well…let’s just say: I feel your pain!

But the truth is that life does have to go on. We do all live on the same planet. It’s not like having an annoying room mate that you can banish to their own separate side of the Yellow Tape that dissects the living room. We HAVE to learn the art of “compartmentalization.” The Master of this Art is our last President, Barack Obama. Do you remember how, at one of is last Washington Correspondents’ Dinners he cracked jokes, was his his wittiest, most charming self while, at the very same time, half his mind must have been a few thousand miles away with the members of Seal Team Six that he had moments earlier sent off on one of the most critical, dangerous and momentous missions of his entire Presidency. We only discovered this after the fact and looked back at video of the dinner to see if we could spot a hint of the pressure he must have been feeling…..not a hint. Not one twitch or bead of sweat. Now THAT”S compartmentalizing!! It’s not about denial or not caring, it’s just being able to put those emotions aside and getting on with the job at hand.
We need to learn this skill. 

Whatever your political bent might be, you should absolutely continue to make phone calls to your Reps, continue to be engaged, continue to argue, debate, support and resist as is your right and duty as an American citizen. But you must also be able to get along with each other on a day-to-day basis. It’s not as if we are all roommates who can be separated by yellow tape to stay on our own side of the living room. We have to be able to go grocery shopping without forgetting the eggs or running someone over in the Parking Lot. We have to do our daily exercise (I would recommend iTunes on the stationary bike rather than Fox or MSNBC.) We have to be productive at work and have fun at play. Compartmentalize that frustration, anger, resentment and express it where it can make a difference, not where it clouds our ability to think, enjoy, participate or socialize. America has been here before. We have withstood momentous social, technological, economic and political changes. 

There is little doubt now that a hostile State actor has been using sophisticated psy-ops against our institutions, core beliefs and social fissures in order to weaken us economically, politically, socially and culturally. If we allow these fissures to become chasms we will be handing them an historic victory. They will have, in effect, won World War III. We have to be vigilant and make sure that events play out to a conclusion and that our elected officials never forget that they work FOR US; hold them to account; resist any attempt to seize or exercise more power than is Constitutionally granted. But let’s not devolve into paranoid obsession either and instead make time to enjoy the privileges and benefits of living in this extraordinary country.


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